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Command 420: Fleet Asset Management II

For Command Track cadets only. Prerequisite: Command 419. An introduction to strategies of starship asset management on a sector-wide scale. Includes standard operations strategies as well as native political scenarios. (2 credits)

Offered First Term.

(From the Starfleet Academy catalog, 2377-2378)


This "fleet management course" started as a game called You’re the Admiral! in the Flare Sci-Fi Forums in September 2001. The game’s intent was to present a roleplaying scenario for interested Treknologists. It opened up simple enough, by asking what ships should be sent for certain tasks, and how to keep two planets from getting into a bloody war. As more people joined the game, it got more interesting (and more complicated).

The original games are still occasionally in progress in the Flare forums, but the idea has since caught on and spread. The scenarios in this section were written by Dan Carlson and played at the Subspace Comms Network.


Scenario 1: Sector Redux
A shorter scenario to introduce SCN members to the “YtA!” format. Foster a new Federation member and face down arrogant Tholians.
Scenario 2: Sector Epsilon
A quiet, out-of-the-way sector is in the process of rebuilding after the Dominion War. Nothing exciting happening here, right? Bwahahaha!
Scenario 3, Part I: Sector Zeta (TOS)
Face down with the Klingons in this historical scenario set in the year 2265. Let’s see whether hindsight really is 20/20!
Scenario 3, Part II: Sector Zeta (Movie)
A precarious balance of power has developed in a new era of peace. Can you preserve the peace, or will there be a new war with the Klingons...?
Scenario 4, Part I: Sector Eta (pre-TNG)
The year is 2350. Pioneer a new frontier for colonization by the Federation, but watch out for the Cardassians on your back doorstep! (Incomplete)
Scenario 4, Part II: Sector Eta (TNG/DS9)
Not yet started.
Scenario 4, Part III: Sector Eta (post-DS9)
Not yet started.

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