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Cosmology 247: Introduction to Temporal Mechanics

Written by Dan Carlson

Prerequisites: Cosmology 101, and 164 or 205. (3 credits)

An introduction to the study of individual temporal incursions, focusing first on the causes (or effects) of these incidents, and then analyzing specific examples of these phenomena. Topics include the Guardian of Forever, wormholes, the Bajoran Prophets, and contacts with Starfleet temporal patrols from the future. This course is required for those cadets interested in a career with the Department of Temporal Investigations.

Offered Third Term.

(From the Starfleet Academy catalog, 2377-2378)


Welcome to Cosmology 247. I am Commander Carlson, and I’ll be your professor for this term. Blah blah blah... (I’ve been through this stuff too much recently) This course is designed for those cadets who are interested in temporal phenomena or are considering a career with the Department of Temporal Investigations. For the first three weeks, we will review some of the important foundations of the field, including basic temporal phenomena and concepts. For the rest of the term, we will analyze and discuss some of the most notable (and notorious) temporal incursions in Starfleet history. This course will also prepare those cadets interested in a career in the Department of Temporal Investigations by considering alternate timelines and the effects of an officer’s actions in the past (or future).

Course Topics

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