You’re the Admiral!

“You’re the Admiral!” is a technology-oriented, partially-guided discussion and role-playing game. Based on the old “What Starship Would You Send?” threads on r.a.s.t., participants assume the role of a Rear-Admiral in Starfleet. They are given authority over a sector of space, with orders to demonstrate and enforce Federation policy as best they can. Starting from a map of the sector and an outline describing the planets, inhabitants, and interested governments in the region, the Admiral must assemble a fleet of ships, and then deploy them according to circumstances that develop. It became a great platform for discussions about technology, politics, and even philosophy in Star Trek.

The games are still occasionally in progress, too! Hop on over to the Flare Forums and feel free to join the fun!

Sector Alpha (by Mark Nguyen)
Expand Starfleet’s presence in the region, foster a new Federation member candidate, keep the locals from ripping each other to shreds, and make sure you don’t get caught by surprise by the unknown alien threat in a nearby sector!
Sector Beta (by Mark Nguyen)
Klingons and Romulans and Borg, oh my! (No Borg, actually — really!) Rebuild the Ulian infrastructure, patronize local anti-technology colonists, and keep abreast of Klingon internal politics. The neighboring Driian Empire is rumored to possess weapons of mass destruction — should you send in weapons inspectors, or launch a massive invasion?
Sector Gamma (by Mark Nguyen)
Cardassian renegades, potential Prime Directive violations, and personnel management. Isn’t being an Admiral fun? (Incomplete)
Sector Redux (by Dan Carlson)
A shorter scenario to introduce SCN members to the “YtA!” format. Foster a new Federation member and face down arrogant Tholians.
Sector Epsilon (by Dan Carlson)
A quiet, out-of-the-way sector is in the process of rebuilding after the Dominion War. Nothing exciting happening here, right? Bwahahaha!
Sector Zeta, Part I (TOS) (by Dan Carlson)
Face down with the Klingons in this historical scenario set in the year 2265. Let’s see whether hindsight really is 20/20!
Sector Zeta, Part II (Movie) (by Dan Carlson)
A precarious balance of power has developed in a new era of peace. Can you preserve the peace, or will there be a new war with the Klingons...?
Sector Eta, Part I (pre-TNG) (by Dan Carlson)
The year is 2350. Pioneer a new frontier for colonization by the Federation, but watch out for the Cardassians on your back doorstep! (Incomplete)
Dorza Sector (by Chris St. John)
Take control of a sector where everyone wants you to do things their way. Oh, and have you ever played chicken with a Gorn?
Sobchak Sector (by Chris St. John)
Take a trip through history! Stare down Klingons across the border, fend off annoying pirates, and keep track of your starship assets. Did I mention there’s a nebula that leaves a big blind spot on your doorstep, too? (Incomplete)
Kedmar Sector (by Dan Carlson)
A quiet, out-of-the-way sector with a new Federation member, a bourgeoning colony, some xenophobes... and a natural disaster just waiting to happen.
Valten Sector, Part I (by Dan Carlson)
Get your Conestoga-class wagon transport prepped, it’s time to start planning for some new colonies! Just make sure to scout out the neighbors first...