The Big Bird of Prey

By Michael Bartel

In a recent conversation of the Flare sci-fi message boards, we were discussing Brannon Braga’s comment that they had “accidentally” referenced a “Klingon bird-of-prey” or “Klingon warbird” in Enterprise, and he apologized to continuity-minded fans. Braga has previously stated that he hates continuity. While we were discussing the vast difference between Romulan ships (which have always been based on birds) and Klingon ships (which took on some birdlike characteristics after they allied with the Romulans, about 100 years after Enterprise takes place), someone mentioned that Romulan ships have big birds on their hulls. Someone capitalized “Big Bird”, and we moved into hilarity. This is my take.

Klingon Big Bird of Prey
The Klingon Big Bird-of-Prey
Design Variations on the Big Bird of Prey
Design variations of the Big Bird-of-Prey