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Assorted Sci-Fi DVD Covers

Updated July 15, 2010

I’ve been collecting various sci-fi DVDs for years. But sadly, it’s kind of hard to find good cover images for all of them—especially for television shows. Although Google and Amazon provide good resources to track the images down, they’re unfortunately of rather low quality. (I considered myself lucky to find 500-pixel images!) The Apple TV where I watch all my shows prefers a 600×600 image. But rather than put the lower-quality covers out there, I decided to finally knuckle down and scan all the covers that I could. After all, graininess does show through more on a HD televisions screen. (Yes, I finally broke down and got a high-def screen.)

These images are all 600 pixels high (usually 427 pixels wide, proportional to the packaging). I chose to save them as JPEGs so that they would copy quickly over the wireless connection to my Apple TV. (I tried using high-quality TIFFs, but I found that there was a lag of several seconds, even on my 802.11n network.) So I figured that I might as well make them available for download.

Webmaster’s Note: Please don’t send me any requests for more covers! I can’t scan a DVD that I don’t have...

Selected DVD Covers
Series Covers
The Original Series TOS Season 1 (Remastered) TOS Season 2 (Remastered) TOS Season 3 (Remastered) TAS
The Next Generation TNG Season 1 TNG Season 2 TNG Season 3 TNG Season 4 TNG Season 5 TNG Season 6 TNG Season 7
Deep Space Nine DS9 Season 1 DS9 Season 2 DS9 Season 3 DS9 Season 4 DS9 Season 5 DS9 Season 6 DS9 Season 7
Enterprise Enterprise Season 1 Enterprise Season 2 Enterprise Season 3 Enterprise Season 4
Babylon 5 & Crusade B5 Season 1 B5 Season 2 B5 Season 3 B5 Season 4 B5 Season 5 B5 Movies Crusade B5 Lost Tales
Battlestar Galactica BSG Miniseries BSG Season 1 BSG Season 2 BSG Season 3 BSG Season 4 BSG Razor BSG The Plan Caprica BSG 1978
Stargate SG-1 Stargate Season 1 Stargate Season 2 Stargate Season 3 Stargate Season 4 Stargate Season 5 Stargate Season 6 Stargate Season 7 Stargate Season 8 Stargate Season 9 Stargate Season 10 Children of the Gods Stargate: The Ark of Truth Stargate: Continuum
Stargate Atlantis Atlantis Season 4 Atlantis Season 5
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