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Star Trek Starship Size Comparison

Prerequisite: None. (1 credit)

An informational course in the basic methods of identifying the starships of Federation, friendly, hostile, and unknown powers. Key characteristics of all Starfleet and Federation vessels currently in use are discussed, along with the general design features of known friendly and hostile forces. Basic hull designs and configurations, propulsion systems, and weapons emplacements are also considered.

Offered First and Second Terms.

(From the Starfleet Academy catalog, 2377-2378)

Starship Comparison Charts

There are plenty of fans out there who have worked up all kinds of comparison charts on their own. From Jeff Russell’s fantastic interactive comparison chart and Graham Kennedy’s venerable configurable comparison list to Bernd Schneider’s definitive size reference table and annotated list (which most others — including myself — cite as the primary source), there’s no shortage of choices out there.

But the one thing that very few of those charts has ever done is to include non-canon fan designs alongside the original canon starships. I decided to create one all-encompassing chart that would include many (if not quite all) of the ships that are out there. The charts available below include those created by the Advanced Starship Design Bureau, Masao Okazaki at the Starfleet Museum, and Star Trek: Renaissance, the fan fiction series of which I was once a part.

Enjoy, but beware! These images are rather large!

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Comparison Charts
Chart Preview Scale
Last Updated
Pre-Federation Starships
(to 2161)
1:1 2015-05-11
Federation Starships
1:1 2015-05-11
Federation Starships
1:1 2015-02-25
Alien Starships, Part 1 1:1 2015-02-25
Alien Starships, Part 2 1:1 2015-02-25
Alien Starships (Large) 1:5 2015-02-25
Space Stations &
Very Large Starships
1:20 2015-02-25
Shuttlecraft &
Small Starships
10:1 2015-02-25
Alternate Timeline 1:1 2015-02-25
Alternate Timeline
(EAS Sizes)
1:1 2015-02-25

I’m also currently working on a bibliography for all of the artists who created the various starship images featured in these charts.

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