Sector Alpha (Sample Answer)

Scenario by Mark Nguyen, Answer by Dan Carlson

Question One

  1. Starfleet’s priorities in Sector Alpha should be as follows:

    • To encourage interstellar peace and diplomacy between all races and planets in the sector.
    • To defend Federation members and Federation allies from foreign threats.
    • To explore unknown space, and to make peaceful contact with new life and new civilizations.

    War has been no stranger to this sector, mainly in the form of the unknown aliens who apparently originate from the “north.” Starfleet’s goal is to defend the local civilizations from any aggression by these foes. However, attempts should be made to contact this alien race and attempt to establish peaceful relations there as well.

    • Tekanan III is likely to be the hub of Starfleet activities in this sector, as an applicant to Federation membership. The planet is on seriously weak footing, given that its population was practically wiped out by these unknown aliens. Other than that, it appears to be a stable, peaceful civilization that would be a good candidate for Federation membership.

    • Lysara also appears to be a stable and peaceful. A monarchy, though generally perceived as an outdated form of government, is nevertheless most likely a reasonable form of managing planetary affairs. Furthermore, it seems that Lysara is an excellent candidate for a close diplomatic and commercial partnership with Tekanan. Tekanen has lots of raw materials and an industrial base, while Lysara is low on natural resources and has a large commercial fleet. It’s a prime match.

    • Kestu IX is the planet that worries me. Though apparently peaceful, historically, totalitarian regimes have caused nothing but trouble. The presence of their large “defensive” fleet is also quite disturbing, and has the potential to upset the balance of the sector if deployed in a hostile manner. However, the planet is low on natural resources, and therefore could also benefit from a partnership with Tekanen, which has plentiful resources.

    Therefore, the best possible method of promoting peace and prosperity in this sector would be to encourage trade between all three planets. Make them interdependent on each other, and they’ll come to realize that peace is the best possible option.

  2. Tekanan III is a planet that has applied for Federation membership, and therefore already has a fairly close relationship with Starfleet. Furthermore, it is the planet most lacking in defenses, and has the most potential to become a major trade hub for the sector.

    Starbase 574 will be located in orbit of Tekanan III.

  3. From: Rear Admiral Dan Carlson, Sector Alpha
    To: Fleet Admiral Mark Nguyen, Sector 001
    Re: Fleet Assets in Sector Alpha

    After reviewing the current political and historical background of Sector Alpha, and considering the current environment of the region, I hereby request that the following ships be assigned to my command:

    • 1 Galaxy-class explorer
    • 1 Nebula-class heavy cruiser
    • 1 Excelsior-class cruiser
    • 3 New Orleans-class frigates
    • 1 Cheyenne-class fast frigate
    • 2 Springfield-class scouts

    I believe that these vessels are necessary in order to patrol the space lanes between the three planets of the sector, to provide for the defense of Federation allies, and to explore the various scientific phenomena in the region. I would also remind the Admiral of the currently unknown alien race (classified as Threat Alpha 9-5) which in the recent past caused vast devastation on Tekanan III, and has been known to operate in the sector adjacent to Sector Alpha.

    The Galaxy-class explorer would be used both as a diplomatic embassy to promote peaceful relations in the sector, and to explore the region adjacent to Sector Alpha to the galactic north. Should hostilities break out, the ship will also serve as the primary defense flagship.

    The Nebula-class heavy cruiser will serve as the primary patrol ship in the sector, alternatively monitoring the Tekanan-Kestu trade route and the northern border of the sector.

    The Excelsior-class cruiser will serve as an auxiliary patrol cruiser, monitoring the Tekanan-Lysara and Lysara-Kestu trade routes, as well as the region south of Lysara.

    The three New Orleans-class frigates will patrol the space lanes and protect trade vessels from any pirates in the region, as well as be on hand to provide assistance as necessary. Should hostilities break out, these three ships will for the primary tactical wing (along with the Nebula heavy cruiser).

    The Cheyenne-class fast frigate will serve as a quick-response vessel to any emergency situations which develop.

    One Springfield-class scout will monitor the northern border with the Threat Force, while the other will be detailed to scientific analysis of the Really Big Nebula along the southern frontier.

    Proposed Deployment Chart

    Rear Admiral Dan Carlson

Question Two

  1. I’m going to go with a general critique:

    For those Admirals who placed their stations in a location other than Tekanan III, I really don’t see the benefit of locating a major starbase in interstellar space, unless that location provides an important tactical advantage. The starbase is likely to become important to civilian trade as well as providing for defense, and in both those cases, Tekanan III is most in need of those services.

    For those who commented that Tekanan isn’t a Federation member yet, I really don’t see how that makes a difference. DS9 was operated by Starfleet for years before Bajor joined the Federation. We can still help out withou requiring planets to join the Federation.

  2. Frell. This is an interesting little twist...

    Starships assigned to Sector Alpha
    • USS Fredrickson, Excelsior-class, NCC-42111
    • USS Agincourt, New Orleans-class, NCC-65183
    • USS Thomas Paine, New Orleans-class, NCC-65530
    • USS Champion, New Orleans-class, NCC-57476
    • USS Delaware, Cheyenne-class, NCC-71019
    • USS T’sao Chan, Springfield-class, NCC-57284
    • USS Asimov, Springfield-class, NCC-57311

    Current Fleet Deployment, Version 1

    I lost a Galaxy and a Nebula. These were going to be my two heavy-hitters, and I’m left with only one cruiser-type starship now. After this little cost-saving reduction, my total fleet tonnage is reduced by about half! This is a major cutback, here. (Thanks, Mark!)

    I’m going to have to cut back on my general patrols of the sector, and eliminate the plans for sending a ship to explore the sector to the north. The Excelsior will become my flagship, though I could often hitch a ride aboard the Cheyenne (the fastest ship) should my personal presence become necessary.

    1. My three New Orleans-class frigates would be assigned to patrol the space lanes. To add a bit of firepower, my Excelsior would also pitch in whenever it can.

    2. With the unknown Threat Force to the north, perhaps the Kestu got some kind of indication that there’s some kind of activity going on nearby.

      I’d send the Asimov and the Delaware to perform some sweeps of the border, in cooperation with the Lysarans if they’re interested. I’d keep clear of the Kestu, but try to snoop around a little and figure out what they’re up to.

      I’d also try to reassure the Tekanan government that things are under control, and encourage them to re-open the trade route to Kestu. Peace won’t come without learning how to weather some of the bumps along the way.

    3. I’d send the T’sao Chan into the nebula to try to track that probe. Assuming that there’s no communications-jamming characteristics in this nebula, I’d order them to keep open comms and make regular reports — I don’t want any ships to go missing. The Fredrickson and the Delaware would be assigned as backup.

  3. The Kestu fleet begins stopping some of the Tekanan and Lysaran ships as they enter Kestu space. The Kestu insist that it’s just a formality for improved planetary security, and the Kestu inspectors aren’t pushy, violent, or especially troublesome. However, the Tekanan government takes exception to the boarding and searching of their ships, and asks Starfleet for some assistance in this matter.

Question Three

Starships assigned to Sector Alpha

Current Fleet Deployment, Version 1

  1. Originally posted by David Templar:

    The redistribution of naval forces in the sector has left the trade routes all but unprotected. Despite the increased tension, races like the Lysaraian still maintain a good deal of trade to support their economy. That trade is now being threatened like never before. The Lysaraian Monarch is faced with the tough choice of either guarding the nebula-facing region, or the trade routes. He chooses the nebula. As a result, the powerful trade guilds of Lysara began actively challanging the Monarch. Civil unrest ensues, and there is much division inside the Monarch’s court. All in all, the government of Lysara effectly grinds to a halt. Fearful of negative opinion from the Federation and the reprecussion from the trade guilds of using force to quell the unrest, the Monarch has asked for your help.

    Simple. I tell the Lysarans that there’s no cause for a full-fleet alert, and tell them to send their ships back on to commerce patrol duty. Just to keep them happy, though, I send the Delaware and the Thomas Paine out to keep an eye on the nebula for a week or two.

    Originally posted by Harry:

    Kestan resistance groups, controlling a few countries on the planet, have united and now call themselves the Freedom Alliance and demand recognition and humanitarian aide by the Federation. The totalitarian regime warns the Federation that they will not tolerate any interference in what they call ‘internal affairs’ and threaten to attack Tekanan if necessary. Still, the rebels seem to have strong support networks around the Kestran globe.

    Hmm, this is a difficult decision. However, the Prime Directive must remain paramount — this qualifies as a planetary civil war, and is by definition an internal affair. I won’t get involved directly... but I will put some diplomatic pressure on the Kestu government to initiate some reforms, and acknowledge the democratic movements.

    1. First, I’d call the Kestu on the fact that they just told the Federation to keep out of their civil war, but now they’re getting involved in the Lysaran’s...

      The Delaware and the Fredrickson would be diverted to Lysara. (The Thomas Paine is already in the vicinity.) However, their orders would not be to provide assistance to the Lysaran countries... but instead to prevent the Kestu from providing theirs. Should that be impossible, only then would they provide support to the Lysarans.

      However, they are to make all attempts to avoid a direct confrontation with the Kestu.

    2. I don’t feel the need to ask for help... at this point, the conflicts are largely internal. I have no intention of fighting the Kestu, and I don’t think they have any intention of fighting me.

      I would check to see if the Kestu had any involvement in the assassination of the Lysaran monarch.

    3. If that were the case, then I would conclude that the Kestu had attacked a Federation ally. And then, I would use offensive measures to drive them away from Lysara, and do all I could to maintain order there.

  2. I’d recommend that the Tekanan should gear their ships towards patrol and defense. They don’t need to pack heavy offensive weaponry, but they need good defensive staying power and a fast warp drive.

    Five Excelsior-equivalents would certainly be a welcome addition. It would free up my forces to perform more border sweeps, perhaps even send a ship to explore the northern frontier.

Question Four

Starships assigned to Sector Alpha

Current Fleet Deployment, Version 3

    1. Okay, so I’m basically helping the neutral countries to stay neutral. That’s reasonable enough.

      New Additions to Task Force 114
      • USS Truxton, Akira-class, NCC-64901
      • USS Banff, Istanbul-class, NCC-38562
      • USS Glacier, Istanbul-class, NCC-38715
    2. Damn those Kestu. I’ve lost the Thomas Paine thanks to their imperialistic meddling. They seem to be trying to cause plenty of trouble.

      Current Fleet Deployment, Version 4

      The Thomas Paine was unfortunately destroyed before the Captain could make a final report, so I have no information on her actions at this time. However, if the Kestu attacked the Paine, then she certainly would have counterattacked... and probably took out a Kestu cruiser or two in the bargain.

    3. Well, we haven’t heard a peep from the mysterious Threat Aliens in quite a while... not even when the Kestu were on military maneuvers. So if there was indeed a claim on the Class-L planet, it’s apparently been abandoned.

      I’d instruct the Champion, the Agincourt, and the Asimov to patrol the refugee alley, and keep an eye on those transports to make sure they’re not harmed. The Asimov would stay closest to the Class-L planet and keep some sensors peeled on the northern frontier, to make sure that the Threat Aliens don’t make a sudden appearance.

    4. What the hell???

      Oh boy, this is going to be a nasty political mess. The end result is amenable, but the means of getting that result are horrific. Just how the hell did the Kestu resistance get their hands on some Federation antimatter charges?

      I’m going to have a hard time proving that the Federation didn’t have anything to do with the bombings. The Kestu are going to have to deal with the fallout of their planet getting nuked for decades to come, and even if their regime is benevolent, that doesn’t help much.

      The Lysarans are going to be pissed, too... I wouldn’t help one side, and effectively fought against the other. And the planet’s been hit hard by the war... just wonderful.

      The two Istanbuls (plus any other available transports) would be immediately dispatched to carry relief and reconstruction supplies to both Lysara and Kestu. I’d offer to help patrol their territories now that their forces have been eliminated, to help keep the peace. As for internal resolutions... I’ll try to help where I can, but ultimately it’s up to the natives.

    1. I’d first try to verify the information, and make sure that it’s not a ruse of some sort. If I can convince Starfleet to send a scoutship into Saalit territory, that’d be great.

      As soon as I get some indicators, though, I’d make a public announcement. The disappearance of a major threat force would seriously ease tensions in the sector — nobody would have to keep looking over their shoulders any more.

    2. Exploration program? I seriously doubt that. I can send my two Springfields in to do a preliminary long-range survey, but that’s about it. With twenty sectors, I’d need at least a Galaxy-class starship to handle that much territory, and probably several other support ships.

      However, I can try to maneuver Starfleet into making Sector Alpha the “gateway” to the ex-Saalit territory. Having more Starfleet ships heading through would be a great boon for the sector, especially for fostering trade and exploration.

    1. Um... why did the Lysarans purchase the Tekanan fleet, when it was supposed to be absorbed into Starfleet?

      To answer the question, I would certainly recommend that Starfleet sell the base, if only to please the Lysarans. With the ground-based facility, the heavy orbital base becomes slightly less important. Letting the Lysarans have it gives them a chance to expand their influence in the sector, and bring them into the fold as well. After the beating their planet took in the recent civil war, any little bit helps. The station would also make a great stopover for Starfleet ships that are heading out towards Saalit territory.

    2. Starfleet’s main priorities now are to maintain the fragile peace. The locals tried to break each other’s heads and caused a real mess, but they seem to be gradually learning the value of cooperation. The Lysarans would make good Federation members in a few years, in fact. The ex-Tekanan fleet should make a good foundation for a native sector patrol force, combined with the remaining Kestu ships. With that in mind, the day-to-day patrol aspects aren’t as important.

      The hard part is over. The differences have been mostly overcome, and the outside threats have disappeared. Now, all you need to do is foster the growth and bring the other two planets into the fold.

    3. In the interests of continuity, I’m going to ride out of town on the USS Fredrickson (Excelsior-class).