Legal Statement

Revised February 4, 2024

Scope and Applicability

The following disclaimers, rules, and notices apply to Star Trek Minutiae (STM), which is accessed via the URL <>. This website is owned and operated by Daniel Carlson, hereafter referred to as the “owner” or “publisher”.

Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, and Star Trek: Discovery are all registered trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. No copyright infringement is intended through the display of content on this site. All copyrighted material is included under “fair use” principles. Star Trek Minutiae is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc. or the Star Trek franchise.

All other original copyrighted content obtained from other websites (for example, content in the Humor Archive) is, to the best of the publisher’s knowledge, used with the expressed consent of the respective copyright owners. The sole exception is content that was published anonymously. In cases of objections, or incorrect or missing credit, please contact the publisher.

Terms of Use

Please note that almost all of the text and many of the images contained in this website are original works (though based on the Star Trek universe), and the copyrights of those works are retained by the original authors. This content is not in the public domain! However, it is freely available for reproduction by anyone under the following terms:

  1. Material must be published in the form of excerpts. Reproduction of whole pages or the copying of HTML code is expressly forbidden.
  2. Credit to STM must be given in the form of a hyperlink. This hyperlink must appear on the same page as the content used from STM, and preferably adjacent to the included content.
  3. In the case of content which STM has published with the consent of a third party, primary credit should be given to the original author. (An additional link to STM would be appreciated as well!)
  4. Image hotlinking is expressly forbidden. (See Links and Hotlinking below.)
  5. All content must appear in an appropriate context. Improper contexts may include, but are not limited to: anti-Star Trek websites, websites promoting illegal activities, and misquotations or distortions of content from STM (whether deliberate or accidental).
  6. Content may not be displayed on sites that use such content for commercial purposes (i.e. financial gain — advertisements on your site are acceptable!).

I would appreciate advance notification if you wish to use STM’s content on your website. I have always agreed to use (under the above provisions) in the past!

The right to retract permission to display STM content on another website is reserved, but will only be exercised in cases where any of the above rules are violated.


STM is intended solely for personal and non-commercial purposes. This site is not affiliated with, sponsored, or funded by third parties in any way.

Operational Policies


STM does not use cookies to identify visitors to the site, and does not collect any personally identifiable data (name, address, or email) from visitors while browsing. Unless you choose to contact us directly, it’s none of our business to know who you are or how often you visit!

Some pages include embedded content from other services; examples include inline YouTube videos. Wherever possible, the embedded content uses flags to limit tracking or personalization; YouTube videos are linked from In potential cases where tracking cannot be limited, if your browser allows third-party cookies, the cookies are set by the corresponding third-party site and are governed by their own privacy policies.

Content Submissions

All material submitted to STM remains the sole property of the original author. No exclusive rights for publishing will ever be required. By submitting material for inclusion on STM, you grant the publisher the right to publicly post it indefinitely and irrevocably, provided that STM includes proper credit. Once posted, submitted content will only be removed at the discretion of the publisher (copyright issues notwithstanding, of course).

Links and Hotlinking

With the exception of image hotlinking, anyone may create a link to STM without direct permission. However, no link to STM will imply an obligation on the publisher’s part to create a reciprocal link. In addition, sites which link to STM in order to distort, disfigure, or replace content, or open STM inside an HTML frameset are forbidden (in many cases through a server-side script).

Image hotlinking is expressly forbidden. All images copied from STM must be saved to a different server if they are to be displayed on another website. (This restriction is enforced with an Apache server script, and may be updated without notice.) The only exception to this rule is STM’s banner image.

Links to external websites do not necessarily imply any endorsement or guarantee of content. The publisher does not assume any liability or responsibility for the operation of, or content at, any of the linked resources.

Robots and Spiders

STM uses the standard robots.txt and robots meta tags to establish the level of access that automated programs (known as “robots” or “spiders”) are granted to the website. However, because many bots are programmed to ignore the robots.txt protocols, a server-side script enforces the restrictions for those bots which attempt unauthorized access. These restrictions are implemented and updated without notice.

Automated scripts for downloading STM content may be used to archive individual pages for offline viewing. However, because of the potential strain on the server and the bandwidth costs involved, the publisher reserves the right to block mass downloaders at any time.


STM reserves the right to change this statement to match the content and services we provide. If we make any material change to this statement, we will change the date at the top of this statement to reflect the effective date of the change. (For reference purposes only, previous copies of this legal notice may be found at The Wayback Machine: [2007-present] [2003-2007] [2001-2003].)

However, regardless of how this Legal Statement may change or evolve over time, STM will not collect or maintain your private and personally identifiable information without your consent. Further, if you consent to give us your personal information, we will keep it confidential and will not sell, license or disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent, unless we are compelled to do so under the law or to comply with a court order.

Contact Information

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