Major Battles of the Dominion War

When I helped start the Memory Alpha project in 2003, part of the attraction for me was the opportunity to explore individual topics in much greater depth than was possible in the Star Trek Encyclopedia (which was necessarily terse in order to fit as much content on paper as possible). To help illustrate the potential for how a long-form article would be written, I composed a series of five articles summarizing the circumstances leading up to, and the events during, the five major battles of the Dominion War (as seen in Deep Space Nine). Written from the same in-universe perspective as most articles on Memory Alpha, these articles read more like historical accounts than simple recaps. Furthermore, these articles set the example for many other rich and detailed articles about the Star Trek universe, from other notable battles seen on the shows, even to obscure one-time holodeck characters like Hippocrates Noah.

Although Memory Alpha keeps records of all changes to every article, I decided to archive these five articles on my own website, because of their notability in the important early days of what would turn out to be an extraordinarily important website for all Star Trek fans.

Note: Due to an unfortunate incident involving the deletion of the entire Memory Alpha database in early 2004, the exact authorship of each article is not entirely known. Most passages in these articles were written by myself, but I am certain that there were notable contributions from other members. All Memory Alpha articles are reproduced under the Creative Commons by-nc license.