Written by Dan Carlson


The Road to War

ca. 250 CE
The Time of Awakening on Vulcan.
ca. 300 CE
The Great Schism splits the Vulcan people.
ca. 450 CE
Romulus and Remus settled by the Romulans.
World War III erupts on Earth.
2063 (5 April)
Zefram Cochrane successfully tests Earth’s first fusion-powered warp drive aboard the Phoenix. The same day, a Vulcan scout ship makes First Contact with Earth.
The United Nations of Earth is founded in Paris, Europe.
The first permanent Mars Colony is established.
The Toliman Colony is established in the Alpha Centauri system.
Humans make First Contact with the Andorians.
Humans make First Contact with the Zakdorn.
Tau Ceti III is settled by Earth.
Humans make First Contact with the Tellarites.
The colony on Cor Caroli is established.
Romulan scientists develop a fusion-powered warp drive.
Deneva Colony is established.
A small colony is established by Romulan settlers on Chaltok.
The Andorian colony on Beta Hydri is established.
Sotarek is settled by the Romulans.
The colony on Qualor II is established.
The UES Carrizal surveys star systems in the eastern galactic frontier, including the Tomed, Zeta Reticuli, and Cheron systems.
The Richardson-Tachikawa method of producing mass quantities of antimatter is developed.
The Andorian colony of Pvarto is established on Gamma Virginis IV.
The Vulcan explorer T’sannu is shot down by Romulan patrol ships in orbit of ch’Rihan.
The Romulan Star Empire is founded with the “imperialization” of the colonies on Chaltok and Sotarek.
The first Bison Class starship is launched by United States Rocket and Spacecraft Corporation.
The Romulan military establishes an outpost in the Zeta Reticuli system (Tranome Sar).
Colossus, the first practical matter/antimatter reactor, goes online at Argyre Planitia, Mars.
The Commonwealth of Australia joins the United Nations of Earth, the last nation-state to do so.
The Sahara Colony is settled on Galorndon Core.
The Romulan military occupies the Cheron system, establishing it as a forward supply base.
UES Phoenix conducts a follow-up survey of the Zeta Reticuli system, and finds unidentified alien starships in an area previously known to be unoccupied.
Devron is occupied by the Romulans, and is established as an advance outpost for the Romulan military.


22 February
The Kursk Incident. A chance encounter between a UE scouting force and a Romulan patrol results in the first shots fired in the Earth-Romulan conflict.
18 April
Station Aurora Seven is established in orbit of Qualor II.
17 September
An unidentified alien starship appears in orbit over the Sahara Colony. No contact is established.
The Romulans establish a military base in the Tomed System.


13 January
The civilian freighter Nakajima Maru, transporting supplies from Qualor II to Draken IV, detects three alien ships shadowing the convoy near the Barradas System. No contact is established, and after a week of silent observation, the ships break pursuit.
8 March
The UE Joint Chiefs of Staff issue a report on the numerous sightings in recent months, dismissing the claims of alien infiltration as “alarmist” and “inflammatory.”
Classified report UESN-31-Q-9 (issued on the same date) recommends a quiet buildup of ships in the Qualor region and attempts to contact this mysterious race.
19 May
The ground-based subspace transmitter/sensor array on Qualor II goes online.
21 July
UES Roddenberry detects sensor ghosts following them while on a survey mission in the Kratona Expanse.
4 September
The testbed UES Little Nell performs the first antimatter-powered warp flight near Jupiter.
18 October
UES Balboa is sent to investigate reports of an expanding alien race in the eastern galactic frontier. The ship disappears.
9 November
The Andorians establish a colony on Yadalla Prime.


19 January
The private scout Shoalhaven, on a mission to survey the Cheron System, is confronted by a squadron of alien ships and chased from the system.
31 January
Alien starships appear in the Gamma Virginis system. They appear to survey the region but ignore all attempts at contact before leaving again.
15 February
Officially acknowledging the alien incursions for the first time, the UE announces the deployment of patrol cruisers to the Qualor region to defend against this unknown threat.
28 February
The United Earth Intelligence Agency (UEIA) issues a report on the recent incursions. The term “Romulans” is first used to refer to the alien threat.
5 April
The Andorian Sovereignty sends a delegation to Earth, requesting an information exchange regarding the alien threat.
25 May
Ships of the 10th, 12th, 13th, and 17th Task Forces arrive in the Qualor Sector and begin patrols along the frontier.
1 June
The UESN Joint Chiefs announce intentions to establish direct contact with the Romulans. A small task force led by the UES Valiant is sent to the Zeta Reticuli system, a known center of Romulan activity.
3 September
Station Salem One is established in the Tarod System as an advance outpost to guard against the Romulan incursions.
28 October
The Battle of Zeta Reticuli.
17 December
The Battle of Devron IX. Romulan warships attack an Andorian survey fleet.


20 January
Contact is lost with the Sahara Colony. Ships sent to investigate months later report that the colony was destroyed, and there were no survivors. Reports suggest that the colony was subjected to a massive orbital bombardment.
13 February
The subspace sensor/transmitter array on Qualor II is activated.
7 March
A Romulan fleet attacks and destroys Station Salem One. The entire crew is killed in the raid, and nine nearby ships are destroyed.
13 March
The UE General assembly declares a state of war to exist between Earth and the Romulan Empire.
18 March
Samantha Clark replaces Bradley Yi as the UE Minister of Defense.
29 March
Romulan warships attack the Andorian colony on Gamma Virginis IV. Hundreds are killed in the raid.
3 April
The UESN 12th Task Force is sent on a scout and attack mission into Romulan space to determine enemy strength.
16 April
Little Nell is destroyed in an onboard accident during her tenth flight.
Romulan forces launch numerous raids into UE space, targeting commercial transports, patrol vessels, and poorly-defended planetary outposts.
12 May
Governor Niazi institutes martial law on Qualor II in the face of Romulan attacks.
6 June
UE General Assembly opens hearings regarding the possible mishandling of contact with the Romulans.
21 August
The Earth-Andor Alliance is established.
5 September
A Tellarite convoy is attacked by Romulan ships near Qualor II.
17 September
The Andorians evacuate the Pvarto colony in the Gamma Virginis system. It is subsequently occupied by Romulan forces.
14 October
Little Nell II is launched.
5 November
The Battle of the Vargot Expanse. The UE 12th Task Force is ambushed by a Romulan fleet outside the Cheron System.
1 December
An internal UESN report warns of several glaring deficiencies in fleet combat readiness. Among the conclusions is that the UE would be unable to sustain an offensive into Romulan space for more than seven months. More alarmingly, the report questions the UE’s ability to respond to Romulan incursions within a reasonable time period.
5 December
The UESN Joint Chiefs approve production of the Krechet and Tannhäuser classes, Earth’s first antimatter-powered warships.


15 January
The Tellarite Alliance formally joins the war effort.
3 February
Romulan warships attack the Qualor II colony. Several hundred civilians are killed in the attack.
4 April
The UES Krechet, Earth’s first AM-powered warship, is commissioned at the San Francisco Fleet Yards.
17 May
Station Babylon Four is completed near the Deneva System.
12 June
Romulan forces raid Dulisian IV.
4 August
The Battle of Andor.
29 August
UES Krechet reports the discovery of a Romulan invasion fleet on course for Deneva. UESN Command scrambles to pull together enough ships for defense of Deneva.
21-23 October
The Battle of Hell’s Gate. UE defense forces attack the Romulan invasion fleet, bringing the largest UE casualties for a single engagement.
7 November
Amid calls for retribution in the wake of the Hell’s Gate invasion, the UE General Assembly orders the fleet to prepare for an offensive into Romulan space.
19 November
The Second Battle of Qualor II.
27 November
The Battle of Tarod.
14 December
UESN combat readiness assessment concludes that the UE is ill-equipped to conduct effective offensive operations at this time.


3 January
The UESN Joint Chiefs release their “Three Phase Plan” for an offensive into Romulan-held territory.
14 January
Ambassador Michael DeSantis makes his famous “Delenda est Romulo” speech before the General Assembly.
28 February
Launch of Project Milk Run, an attempt to establish a fast and reliable supply network inside UE-controlled space.
13 March
The UE Command approves Operation Sidestep, an advance into the southeastern galactic frontier in an attempt to outflank the Romulan lines.
8 April
Battle of Krakowski Void.
19 May
Andorian forces reoccupy the Pvarto colony.
26 June
Romulan forces launch an attack on Miridian Colony.
1 August
Launch of Operation Lancer, also known as the Minotaur Campaign.
19 August
Task Force 37 is equipped with Ares antimatter missiles, the first of their kind.
11 September
Battle of Topaz.
20 September
The UESN Joint Chiefs approve the sale of 40 Minotaur attack fighters to the Andorian government.
30 November
Romulan forces attack Relva VII.


24 January
Battle of Barradas V.
21 February
UES Vicksburg is destroyed during an accidental detonation of an Ares antimatter missile in its launch bay, killing all 1,200 officers and crew aboard. The UE Command subsequently withdraws the Ares missile from service pending a more reliable missile containment system.
1 April
Launch of Operation Pigeon Shoot.
5 June
Battle of the Kratona Expanse.
8 July
Battle of GC-114.
17 August
Battle of the Kratona Expanse.
10 September
UE Task Force 25 launches a raid against the Romulan colony of Sotarek.
1 October
Battle of GC-114.
3 October
Beginning of the Seige of Rhei’ilhne.
9 November
The Battle of Gamma Hydra II.
13 December
Task Force 28 is battered by a Level-9 ion storm in the Kratona Expanase.
26 December
UE Task Force 31 destroys the Romulan subspace transmitter/sensor array in the Devron System.


5 January
Romulan forces attack Galorndon Core. It is the last Romulan offensive of the war.
13 February
The evacuation of Thierrull (Hellguard).
8 April
Andorians attack Devron IX.
29 April
UE Task Force 21 raids Tranome Sar. Romulans debut a new class of defensive ship dubbed CLAVICLE, apparently intended to confront the powerful Minotaur- and Powhatan-class warships. It is also the only direct fighter-to-fighter engagement of the war.
5 May
UE Task Force 39 destroys the Romulan subspace transmitter/sensor array in the Cheron System.
17 July
The Andorian Second Fleet destroys the Romulan outpost in the Devron System.
13 August
The Battle of Cheron.
2-15 September
UE Task Force 41 breaks through Romulan lines and drives towards Romulus itself.
15 September
The Romulan Senate sends a subspace message to Vulcan, requesting immediate talks to negotiate a truce.
1 November
Truce agreements are finalized over subspace radio.
16 November
The UE General Assembly approves a resolution proposing an interstellar Federation of planets. Despite the somewhat hesitant reception of the idea, all local planets agree to send delegates to the Babel Conference.


29 January
The First Babel Conference convenes.
18 June
The Federation Charter is approved by the First Babel Conference.
11 October
The United Federation of Planets is founded in San Francisco following the ratification of the Charter by five planetary governments.


Warp Speed Chart: Cochrane Scale (WF³ / c)
Speed Approximate Time to Travel
Factor Velocity Earth to Alpha Centauri (4.3 LY) Earth to Vulcan (10.5 LY) Earth to Deneva(12.3 LY) Deneva to Qualor II (5.9 LY) Alpha Centauri to Andor (11 LY) Cheron to Qualor II (6.5 LY) Cheron to Galorndon Core (4.1 LY) Romulus to Cheron (3.6 LY)
Warp 1 1 c 4.3 years 10.5 years 12.3 years 5.9 years 11 years 6.5 years 4.1 years 3.6 years
Warp 2 8 c 196 days 479 days 561 days 269 days 501 days 296 days 187 days 165 days
Warp 3 27 c 58 days 142 days 166 days 80 days 149 days 88 days 55 days 49 days
Warp 4 64 c 24.5 days 60 days 70 days 33 days 63 days 37 days 24 days 20 days
Warp 5 125 c 12.5 days 30 days 36 days 17 days 32 days 19 days 12 days 10 days
United Earth Stellar Navy Combat Strength, 2153-2160
Ship Type Units Built 2153-12-31 2154-12-31 2155-12-31 2156-12-31 2157-12-31 2158-12-31 2159-12-31 2160-11-01
Heavy Cruiser (CH) 57 8 10 14 20 24 23 30 33
Cruiser (CC) 46 16 17 20 24 30 20 16 13
Escort Cruiser (CE) 71 - - - - - 34 57 60
Light Cruiser (CL) 109 37 37 42 49 36 34 45 54
Carrier (CV) 49 3 3 3 1 - 24 35 41
System Patrol (PC) 132 25 30 40 46 52 52 53 57
Other 83 - - - - - - - -
Total 547 - - - - - - - -
Romulan Star Navy Combat Strength, 2153-2160**
Ship Type Units Built 2155-12-31 2156-12-31 2157-12-31 2158-12-31 2159-12-31 2160-11-01
CABBAGE (CH) 105 50 75 62 53 41 24
CHOWDER (CE) 112 - - - 24 44 28
CLAVICLE (CC) 15 - - - - - 4
ELBOW (CL) 145 85 92 96 81 67 43
Others 113 15 30 42 20 18 17
Total 490 150 197 200 178 170 111

Many Romulan strength values are only approximate, based on units observed in the combat zone, intelligence gathered by various UESN assets, and additional estimates of Romulan industrial capacity and projected vessel deployments.


Primary Sources and Historical Surveys

Additional Articles (Unpublished)


Special thanks to Masao Okazaki for providing the impetus for writing this article in the first place. His excellent articles on the ships of the Earth-Romulan War gave me the foundation upon which to build my story. Furthermore, this project would not have been finished without his invaluable suggestions, advice, and encouragement.

Also, thanks to Bernd Schneider for his help with some of the technical issues of the 22nd Century and other excellent suggestions. Bernd is also the host of the Starfleet Museum.

And finally, thanks to Thomas Pemberton, Fabio Passaro, and Nick Porcino of the 3D Gladiators Art Forums for their excellent renderings which illustrate these pages.