The Declaration of War

Secretary-General Christopher Thorpe’s Address to the General Assembly

Six days ago, the United Earth Stellar Navy base at Tarod IX was suddenly and savagely attacked by the alien race known as the Romulans.

Using horrifyingly destructive weapons of unknown type, the Romulans launched surprise attacks on Station Salem One and several nearby Naval vessels. More than three thousand men and women were killed in this cowardly attack. The distance to Salem One from the suspected Romulan military base at Cheron proves beyond any doubt that this attack was planned and launched several weeks ago.

The United Nations of Earth have not initiated any hostile action against the Romulans. We have repeatedly attempted to open a dialogue with the alien government, but all our attempts have been forcefully rejected. Previous violent encounters between our nations might have resulted from cultural misunderstandings, but the vicious attack upon Salem One proves the Romulans’ intent to wage war against the people of Earth.

We have not sought war, but when we find ourselves under attack by an unreasoning alien foe, we have a sacred duty to defend our Earth with every means at our disposal. The Romulans will soon discover the indomitable will of the Human race. We refuse to retreat in the face of such naked aggression. We will resist these attacks with all our strength.

As Commander-in-Chief of the Stellar Navy, I have ordered that all measures be taken to provide for our defense.

I am certain that I echo the sentiments of this Assembly and of the people of Earth when I say we will defend ourselves from this alien menace and will insure that such aggression will never endanger our worlds again.

I hereby ask the General Assembly to formally declare that as of this date, March 13th, 2156, a state of war exists between the United Nations of Earth and the Romulan Empire.

Resolution UEGA/RES/72/41 (2156)
Adopted by the General Assembly at its 36th plenary meeting, on 13 March 2156

United Earth emblem

The General Assembly,

Whereas the forces of the Romulan Empire have launched numerous unprovoked attacks against the outposts and starships of the United Nations of Earth,

Bearing in mind its primary responsibility under the United Nations Charter for the maintenance of interplanetary peace and security,

Having considered all possible diplomatic alternatives,

1. Declares accordingly that the that a state of war exists between the United Nations of Earth and the Romulan Empire;

2. Authorizes and directs the Security Council and the Secretary-General to employ the entire naval and military force of the United Earth and the resources of the government to wage war against the Romulan Empire, with the goal of bringing the conflict to a successful conclusion.

Adopted by a vote of 135-2-6, 13 March 2156, 1610 Earth Standard Time