Documents of Surrender, Cardassian Union (2375)

Adapted by Dan Carlson

Act of Military Surrender

  1. We the undersigned, acting as representatives of the Cardassian Provisional Government and the Cardassian Central Command, hereby surrender unconditionally to the Allied Supreme Commanders (or their representatives) of Starfleet Command, the Klingon Defense Forces, and the Romulan Guard, all forces on in space or on planetary surfaces which are on this date under Cardassian control.
  2. The Cardassian Central Command will at once issue orders to all Cardassian units under their control to cease active operations on Stardate 52916, to remain in all positions occupied at that time and to disarm completely, handing over their weapons and equipment to the local Allied commanders or officers designated by representatives of the Allied Command. No warship is to be scuttled, or any damage done to their hull or equipment, and also to machines of all kinds, armament, apparatus, and all the technical means of prosecution of war in general.
  3. The Cardassian Central Command will at once issue to the appropriate commanders, and ensure the carrying out of any further orders issued by the Supreme Commanders, Starfleet Command, Klingon Defense Forces, and the Romulan Guard.
  4. In the event of the Cardassian Central Command or any of the forces under its control failing to act in accordance with this Act of Surrender, the Allied Commanders will take such actions as they deem appropriate.

This Act is written in English, Klingon, Romulan, and Cardassian. The English, Klingon, and Romulan versions are the authentic texts.

Signed aboard the Federation starship USS Bellerophon in orbit of Cardassia Prime, Stardate 52915.8,

In the presence of:

Section I: The Occupation of the Cardassian Union

  1. The Cardassian Union, within her frontiers as they were on Stardate 50536.8, will, for the purposes of occupation, be divided into three zones, one to be allotted to each power as follows (see related map):
    1. A zone containing the following star systems and the surrounding regions, to be allotted to the United Federation of Planets: Aschelan V, Atbar Prime, Chin’toka III, Kora II, Omarak, Simperia;
    2. A zone containing the following star systems and the surrounding regions, to be allotted to the Klingon Empire: Avenal VII, Regulak IV, Sarpedion V, Seeba II, Septimus III, Trelka V;
    3. A zone containing the following star systems and the surrounding regions, to be allotted to the Romulan Star Empire: Adarak Prime, Gilora, Kelvas Prime, Quinor VII, Rondac III, Soukara.
  2. The occupying forces in each zone will be under a commander in chief designated by the responsible power. Each of the three powers may, at its discretion, include among the forces assigned to occupation duties under the command of its commander in chief, auxiliary contingents from the forces of any other Allied power which has actively participated in military operations against Cardassia.
  3. The Cardassian System, including Cardassia Prime, will be occupied by forces of each of the three powers. An inter-Allied governing authority consisting of three commandants, appointed by their respective commanders-in-chief, will be established to direct jointly its administration.

Section II: Control of Equipment and Technology in the Cardassian Union

  1. In the period when Cardassia is carrying out the basic requirements of its unconditional surrender, supreme authority will be exercised, on instructions from their Governments, by the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan commanders-in-chief, each in his own zone of occupation, and also jointly, in matters affecting Cardassia as a whole. The three commanders-in-chief will together constitute the Control Council. Each commander-in-chief will be assisted by a political adviser.
  2. The Control Council, whose decisions shall be unanimous, will ensure appropriate uniformity of action by the commanders-in-chief in their respective zones of occupation and will reach agreed decisions on the chief questions affecting Cardassia as a whole.
  3. Under the Control Council, there will be a permanent coordinating committee composed of one representative of each of the three commanders-in-chief and a control staff organized in the following divisions (which are subject to adjustment in the light of experience): Military; orbital; transport; political; economic; finance; reparation, deliveries and restitution; internal affairs and communications; legal; prisoners of war and displaced persons; reconstruction and recovery. There will be three heads of each division, one designated by each power. The staffs of the divisions may include civilian as well as military personnel, and may also in special cases include nationals of other governments appointed in a personal capacity.
  4. The functions of the coordinating committee and of the control staff will be to advise the Control Council, to carry out the council’s decisions and to transmit them to appropriate Cardassian organs, and to supervise and control the day-to-day activities of the latter.
  5. The administration of the Cardassian System will be directed by an inter-Allied governing authority, which will operate under the general direction of the Control Council, and will consist of three commandants, each of whom will serve in rotation as chief commandant. They will be assisted by a technical staff which will supervise and control the activities of the local Cardassian organs.
  6. The arrangements outlined above will operate during the period of occupation following Cardassian surrender, when Cardassia is carrying out the basic requirements of unconditional surrender. Arrangements for the subsequent period will be the subject of a separate agreement.

Section III: Assumption of Supreme Authority in the Cardassian Union

The Cardassian armed forces have been completely defeated and have surrendered unconditionally, and Cardassia, which bears partial responsibility for the war, is no longer capable of resisting the will of the victorious powers. The unconditional surrender of Cardassia has thereby been effected, and Cardassia has become subject to such requirements as may now or hereafter be imposed upon her.

There is no central government or authority in Cardassia capable of accepting responsibility for the maintenance of order, the administration of the country and compliance with the requirements of the victorious powers.

It is in these circumstances necessary, without prejudice to any subsequent decisions that may be taken respecting Cardassia, to make provision for the cessation of any further hostilities on the part of the Cardassian armed forces, for the maintenance of order in Cardassia and for the administration of the country, and to announce the immediate requirements with which Cardassia must comply.

The Allied forces recognize the extreme suffering of the Cardassian people in the final hours of the war, and pledge to assist in the reconstruction of Cardassia’s industrial base in order to provide for the basic needs of its people.

The representatives of the supreme commands of the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire, hereinafter called the “Allied representatives”, acting by authority of their respective Governments, accordingly make the following declaration:

The Governments of the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire hereby assume supreme authority with respect to Cardassia, including all the powers possessed by the Cardassian Government, the High Command and any state, municipal or local government or authority. The assumption, for the purposes stated above, of the said authority and powers does not effect the annexation of Cardassia.

The Governments of the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire will hereafter determine the boundaries of the Cardassian Union or any part thereof and the status of Cardassia or of any area at present being part of Cardassian territory.

In virtue of the supreme authority and powers thus assumed by the three Governments, the Allied representatives announce the following requirements, arising from the complete defeat and unconditional surrender of Cardassia with which Cardassia must comply:

The Cardassian authorities will release to the Allied representatives, in accordance with the procedure to be laid down by them, all prisoners of war at present in their power, belonging to the forces of the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire, and will furnish full lists of these persons, indicating the places of their detention in Cardassia or territory occupied by Cardassia. Pending the release of such prisoners of war, the Cardassian authorities and people will protect them in their persons and property and provide them with adequate food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, and money in accordance with their rank or official position.

  1. The principal Cardassian leaders as specified by the Allied representatives, and all persons from time to time named or designated by rank, office or employment by the Allied representatives as being suspected of having committed, ordered or abetted war crimes or analogous offenses, will be apprehended and surrendered to the Allied representatives.
  2. The same will apply in the case of any national of any of the Allied powers who is alleged to have committed any offense against his national law, and who may at any time be named or designated by rank, office or employment by the Allied representatives.
  3. The Cardassian authorities and people will comply with any instructions given by the Allied representatives for the apprehension and surrender of such persons.

The Allied representatives will station forces and civil agencies in any or all parts of Cardassia as they may determine.

These Documents of Surrender are jointly approved by the Supreme Commanders of the Allied forces or their designated representatives:

Drafted aboard the Federation starship USS Bellerophon in orbit of Cardassia Prime, Stardate 52915.3.