What’s New for The Subspace Cafe

Written by Dan Carlson@minutiaeman@tenforward.social

Published July 5, 2004

You may have noticed some slight changes to the appearance of The Subspace Cafe today. Or, if you were stopping by early this morning, you might have caught a glimpse of the site in its rough, default-colored appearance. Yes, I couldn’t resist fiddling with a good thing, and decided to take some time to convert the Cafe to use a different blogging application. Although Simplog (the previous software) was pretty good at what it did and was a great way for me to get my feet wet in the world of blogging, it really doesn’t have all of the features that I’m looking for. (I’d definitely still recommend using it if you’re just starting out, though. It’s good for familiarizing yourself with the basics of running your own application.)

Now, The Subspace Cafe uses Movable Type 3.0, a more complex and robust blogging engine that offers a wider range of options, not the least of which is static HTML pages that are automatically generated when a new article is submitted. This makes the entire site much more attractive to search engines (especially Google).

Some of the major changes with Movable Type include:

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