There’s Still Hope!

Written by Dan

Published March 11, 2005

I can’t tell you just how unhappy I was to hear that Disney was the company that was producing the cinema version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Considering how the corporate giant has an annoying tendency to over-sanitize, over-commercialize, and generally dumb-down any story within arm’s reach, my opinion on the outlook for this movie was quite low.

In fact, how could Hollywood do a faithful adaptation of such a classic science fiction novel in the first place, after such spectacular dreck as I, Robot (to name just the most recent example)? In the past year or two, I’ve feared that the incredible The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy was more of a lone exception rather than a new trend.

All I could do was hold out the hope that, since Douglas Adams had been directly involved in the project before his death, and had even written entirely new material for the movie (to muddle even further the continuities between the novels, the radio programs, the TV show, and so on), that the movie could still stay true to the original spirit of the books.

But after seeing the most recent trailer for H2G2, how can one not get excited about a movie with such an awesome trailer? As an avid fan of the original novels, I now eagerly await the premiere of the film once again!

(Hat Tip: Malnurtured Snay)