Expanding the Cafe

Written by Dan Carlson@minutiaeman@tenforward.social

Published April 13, 2005

In conjunction with the grand redesign of “Star Trek Minutiae”, I’ve also decided to make a change in how I run The Subspace Cafe. I’ve been thinking about this issue for several months, because one of the main difficulties that I’ve come across in writing for the Cafe is the difficulty in coming up with topics that I feel are “weighty” enough for serious discussion. But this site isn’t always supposed to be serious — heck, the Humor Archive is proof enough of that!

Anyway, I’ve decided to change my approach towards writing articles. First, I’ve decided to broaden the focus a little bit, and added three major “supercategories” under which all of my articles can fall. I’ve moved over the relatively few articles from the short-lived “Web Kit” section into the Cafe proper, and put them under the label of “Web Design”. Second, I’m adding a category for more personal-oriented articles. And third (for now), there’s of course the usual science fiction commentary.

Now, I can hear you guys groaning, “Wait, personal-oriented articles? This means yet another actual blog, doesn’t it?” All I can say is, though I agree that the appearance of the new attitude seems to match the approach of most other blogs out there, my intent isn’t to turn the Cafe into some clichéd, blow-by-blow account of my everyday life. I’m still going to be selective about what I’m going to blog about. (And who knows? Maybe I’ll just back off and decide the whole thing was a bad idea.)

As usual, if you’ve got any comments, complaints, or suggestions, my inbox is always open. (Well, open to everyone but the spammers. You guys suck.)