1999 Called...

Written by Dan Carlson@minutiaeman@tenforward.social

Published March 23, 2008

Three iMacs in a row: Bondi, Flower Power, and Strawberry

...And I think they want their colors back.

It’s a beautiful thing when two or three geeks can get together and do something crazy with technology “just because we can.” In this case, my roommates and I all share an obsession for Apple technology. Some people buy artwork or unique furniture as conversation pieces for their living rooms; we’ve set up our very own turn-of-the-millennium Internet café! (From left to right: a Bondi Blue, a Flower Power, and a Strawberry iMac.) All three of these machines are fully functional and up-to-date, and connected to the Internet, to boot.

For my next trick, I’m thinking of taking an old SE/30 with System 7.5.3, hook up a SCSI-to-Ethernet adapter, and cruise the Internet in glorious 9-inch monochrome. (Laugh, do you? I’m serious!)