Star Trek Minutiae’s Hilarious Search Terms

Last Updated August 9, 2001

One of the features of my site counter is the list of web pages that refer visitors to my site. Many of them found “Star Trek Minutiae” through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Altavista, and others... usually with search terms like “Romulan war” or “star trek starship”. But there have also been a large number of stranger search terms. For instance, a bunch of people seem to be looking for nude pictures of various Star Trek characters, but end up at my site instead. Others seem to be looking for something else entirely. Listed below are some of the weirdest search terms that I have found. (Beware: some mild adult language here.)

  1. gigantic penis
  2. Torros pictures
  3. pig-shaped food
  4. jellyfish pantyhose
  5. five AND minute
  6. NCC+1701-Z
  7. “Brannon Braga” gay
  8. evil spock
  9. grosskin
  10. “picture" + "shaved her head”
  11. Star Soldier
  12. “Let them eat static”
  13. “death of joan crawford”
  14. Panty Raiders Bbs
  15. string bikini contest
  16. market share of tag heuer
  17. “two all beef patties”
  18. cook barney the dinosaur
  19. brain dead jesse helms
  20. “amelia earhart” plymouth
  21. “practical joke” “cement” “stuck”
  22. screamer movie sound
  23. spiked heels
  24. “carol anne crespo”
  25. bikini voyager
  26. hole scans
  27. Chakotay’s pregnancy (ACK!)
  29. drunk species 8472
  30. star trek, spock’s grandmother
  31. hairdo alert
  32. Grapthar Hammer
  33. evil squirrel cartoons
  34. doublemint twins audition
  35. froody ford
  36. “chatty kathy doll”
  37. +babylon +5 +season +six
  38. How do i stop Windows illegal operation
  39. Locutus beavis
  40. into the fury rick
  41. string bikini contest pi
  42. wonder woman catfight
  43. borg regis philbin
  44. how-to-build satellite dish -cover
  45. seven of nine and bill gates
  46. CH 37 MOJAVE
  47. federation starship USS Spot