Submissions to You Can’t Do That On Star Trek!

Created by Dan Carlson, aka “MinutiaeMan”

Many Trek fans who have been on the internet for a few years fondly remember “You Can’t Do That On Star Trek!,” one of the funniest websites around. The basic premise was to humorously alter images to combine Trek with other entertainment icons and other things. Unfortunately, YouCan’t had to shut down after a few years.

This image was accepted and placed on display at YouCan’t:

The Doctor and Beaker (from The Muppets) look at a deactivated Borg drone on the biobed in Voyager’s Sickbay.
The Doctor’s new assistant preps for surgery...

I put together a number of other images — some inspired, most not. Anyway... 😉

Artist’s Note: I apologize for the poor quality of these images... these were made way back in Fall 1999 before I gained any worthwhile image-editing skills... or a decent image-editing program, for that matter!