Star Trek: History (A Video Project)

Filmed May 24, 1996

Published September 1, 2007

What you are about to see is a high school video project that was filmed in 1996. The final project for our freshman year World History class was to summarize the entire semester’s material in a filmed skit between five and ten minutes length. (Yes, our teacher was widely considered to be a sadist!) Our assigned theme was theology and religion in each of the covered societies and eras.

After much thought, my friends and I hit upon a framing story: researching ancient history by beaming back and forth to the different time periods. (Yes, it was a shameless ripoff of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure...) And so, the crew of the USS Breger took off!

Sure, it may be incredibly cheesy, and yes, the story was incredibly ridiculous, and yes, we oversimplified a lot of historical elements to fit them into our skit. But I’m still quite proud of the work, in a way, because of the effort involved in filming the skit... not to mention the editing! My father and I must have spent about six or eight hours on the project after “principal filming” was done; we filmed our computer monitor with a special screen saver for the chapter transitions, paper printouts taped to the wall for opening and closing credits, and finally spliced together all the clips by repeatedly transferring the clips from our VHS camcorder to the VCR. (Remember, this was done some four years before iMovie made home movie editing a reality!)

Once I finally got a computer capable of digital video editing in 2005, I decided to start learning how to use iMovie by starting with the old footage of Star Trek: History. It took a while to clean up, but it’s in reasonably good form. And if it’s in digital format, then why not share it with the world?

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