Incidents, USS Voyager (NCC-74656)

Written by Dan Carlson

Effects of a Quantum Singularity (Date: 2371)

“Parallax” [VGR]


Time Bomb (Date: 2371)

“Time and Again” [VGR]


Micro-Wormhole (Dates: 2371, 2351)

“Eye of the Needle” [VGR]


The following reprimands were inserted into Captain Janeway’s permanent record for his actions during the mission:

The first reprimand was dropped in light of the fact that Janeway was not aware at the time that the wormhole was in fact a temporal vortex.

Time Stream (Date: 2372)

“Non Sequitur” [VGR]


The Aeon Incident (Dates: 2373, 1967-1966, 2873)

“Future’s End, Parts I & II” [VGR]


The following reprimands were inserted into Ensign Kim’s permanent record for his actions during the mission:

The following reprimands were inserted into Lieutenant Paris’s permanent record for his actions during the mission:

After the timeline was repaired, Captain Braxton was reintegrated with his temporal “clone” who had spent 30 years on Earth. He received a reprimand for initating a temporal incursion without authorization from Starfleet Command or the DTI. He was forced to undergo rehabilitation after his experiences in the 20th century, and was also required to review DTI protocols concerning temporal incursions.

Bio-Temporal Chamber (Dates: 2370, 2371, 2373, 2374, 2375, 2378, 2379)

“Before and After” [VGR]


The Krenim (Date: 2374)

“The Year of Hell, Parts I & II” [VGR]


The Voyager Incident (Date: 2375)

“Timeless” [VGR]


USS Relativity, under the command of Captain Braxton, was assigned to

Because this timeline was excised, it was not possible or advisible to enter reprimands into Ensign Kim’s record for actions he did not take in either the past or future.

USS Relativity (Dates: 2371, 2372, 2375, 2875)

“Relativity” [VGR]


Captain Braxton was arrested for attempting to assassinate an individual in the past and for causing a temporal causality loop. The latter charge was dropped when he provided information which allowed the loop to be broken.

DTI Addendum: Following this incident, the three “temporal clones” of Captain Braxton were not reintegrated as planned, but were only held in the Relativity’s brig for an undisclosed period of time before they escaped from the ship and caused temporal havoc across the Federation, aided by the displaced crew of the USS Excelsior.

In the Blink of an Eye (Date: 2376)

“Blink of an Eye” [VGR]


After review of the events, DTI officials concluded that no reprimands were necessary.

Kes’ Fury (Dates: 2376, 2371)

“Fury” [VGR]


Shattered (Dates: 2371, 2373, 2374, 2377, 2396)

“Shattered” [VGR]


Voyager’s Return (Dates: 2377, 2404)

“Endgame” [VGR]