Star Trek: Series ?

It all started with The Voyager Coronary, “the parody that caused a thousand heart failures.” After reading Tim’s hilarious stories, Krenim of the Flare Sci-Fi Forums was inspired to try his hand at his own parody, and thus Star Trek: Series ? was born. What’s it about, you might ask? Start with Captain Braxton, two-time Voyager guest star, commander of the 29th-century timeship USS Relativity-G (the seventh or eighth timeship to bear the name), and quite probably the stupidest Starfleet timeship captain in history. Well, this history, anyway. Add in a ragtag crew recruited from throughout the Star Trek timeline. Pit them against the evil crew of the evil Excelsior, commanded by Captain Braxton’s evil temporal clones (Old Captain Braxton, Young Psycho Braxton, and Old Psycho Braxton). Mix in random bizarre alternative timelines, irrelevant (and irreverent) guest characters from a multitude of sci-fi universes, and a few dangling plot threads from previous Trek series. And what do you end up with? A parody that’s quite possibly the funniest and most mind-bending tale in all of Star Trek... in any timeline!

This parody is rated: AH: Absolutely Hysterical!!! Readers are advised to use the restroom before reading this parody.

Disclaimer: Star Trek: Series ? and related stories are copyright © 2000-2018 Krenim, and are reproduced with the permission of the author. Star Trek is a registered trademark of CBS Studios Inc. No copyright infringement is intended. This parody is for noncommercial purposes only. Read the complete legal notice for more information.

Season One

Episode 1: “When Tribbles Attack, Part I”
Captain Braxton, in his infinite stupidity, lets his three temporal clones (Old Captain Braxton, Young Psycho Braxton, and Old Psycho Braxton) escape aboard the timeship Aeon.
Episode 2: “When Tribbles Attack, Part II”
Back in the 23rd Century, Captain Sulu and the Excelsior are assigned to protect the Tribble Homeworld from a Klingon attack, when the timeship Aeon suddenly appears, with the Relativity in hot pursuit.
Episode 3: “When Tribbles Attack, Part III”
In the 24th Century, the Aeon appears in the Delta Quadrant, and the Braxton Bunch set in motion their evil plan to destroy Voyager.
Episode 4: “When Tribbles Attack, Part IV”
While the Excelsior crew waste time waiting for their captain to return, the Braxton Bunch’s evil plan is revealed!
Episode 5: “Whose Series Is It, Anyway?”
While the Braxton Bunch struggle to come up with a new evil plan, Sulu and Braxton argue over whose series it really is.
Episode 6: “A Recruiting We Will Go, Part I”
While the Braxton Bunch still struggle to come up with a new evil plan, the Mysterious Red Button tries to get Sulu to push him. Rand and Valtane decide to find the Braxton Bunch so Old Captain Braxton can be their new captain.
Episode 7: “A Recruiting We Will Go, Part II”
Braxton and Ducane use the temporal transporter to bring their new senior staff aboard, and Old Captain Braxton becomes the new captain of the Excelsior.
Episode 8: “A Recruiting We Will Go, Part III”
The Braxton Bunch hire a bunch of losers to crew the Excelsior, while Mysterious Red Button once again tries to get Sulu to push him.
Episode 9: “The Beautiful Candy-Like Button”
The Excelsior arrives to battle the Relativity; meanwhile, someone finally pushes the Mysterious Red Button!
Episode 10: “2D, Or Not 2D?”
Gul Dukat and the Mysterious Red Button are thrown in the Relativity’s brig, and it is revealed that the ship is now in the Star Trek animated series universe.
Episode 11: “The Haunting of the Deck the Brig is On”
Gul Dukat and the Mysterious Red Button trick Captain Braxton into freeing them by pretending they are ghosts.
Episode 12: “Who Wants to Be Politically Incorrect?”
The Relativity returns to an altered 29th Century that is overrun by Avon-selling Borg!
Episode 13: “In the Shadow of Earth”
Gul Dukat and the Mysterious Red Button steal the Enterprise-Z, and Young Psycho Braxton and Old Psycho Braxton hatch a plot to seize the Excelsior from Old Captain Braxton.
Episode 14: “Untitled”
The Relativity crew prepares to save the Bounty, and Galvatron discovers Old Psycho Braxton’s plan to flood the Excelsior with clones of himself. (Guest episode by TSN.)
Episode 15: “Send in the Braxtons!”
The Relativity returns to the 20th Century to save the Bounty, while Gul Dukat and Mysterious Red Button set a course for Bajor to release the pah-wraiths.
Episode 16: “A Dish Best Served Stale...”
The Relativity crew finally manages to restore the timeline, and the evil crew of the evil Excelsior is locked in the Federation Maximum Security Prison.
Episode 17: “Buttons and Blithering Buffoons, Part I”
Captain Braxton decides to hunt down Gul Dukat and the Mysterious Red Button, who have now made their way to Bajor.
Episode 18: “Buttons and Blithering Buffoons, Part II”
Gul Dukat and the Mysterious Red Button download the e-Book of the Kosst Amojan to release the pah-wraiths.
Episode 19: “A Pair O’ Docs, Part I”
Future Doctor finds the Relativity, and convinces Captain Braxton to help him set up the time loop that will result in the 31st Century “Living Witness” Doctor becoming the ship’s chief medical officer.
Episode 20: “A Pair O’ Docs, Part II”
The Relativity travels to the 31st Century to pick up the “Living Witness” Doctor; Gul Dukat joins the Excelsior crew.
Episode 21: “Dax Evasion, Part I”
The Doctor reunites Jadzia with the Dax symbiont, but the reunion makes it possible for the Trill IRS to arrest her for failure to pay her taxes 500 years ago.
Episode 22: “Dax Evasion, Part II”
Braxton attempts to pay Dax’s taxes by having Kes use her superpowers to cheat at gambling at Quark’s Bar.
Episode 23: “The Great Recap”
Krenim wastes an entire episode to review the series so far.
Episode 24: “The Fire In Which We Burn, Part I”
Evil Braxton and the crew of the Excelsior trick Captain Braxton into letting them escape... again.
Episode 25: “The Fire In Which We Burn, Part II”
Evil Braxton begins his evil plan to get revenge on Captain Braxton and the crew of the Relativity!
Episode 26: “The Fire In Which We Burn, Part III”
Captain Braxton starts repeating what everyone says again, and the Excelsior sets off every superweapon in their arsenal at the same time!

Season Two

Episode 27: “The Charge of the Fire Brigade”
The crew of the Relativity struggles to rescue Captain Braxton (why, I have no idea), while the temporal shockwave wreaks havoc throughout the Federation.
Episode 28: “The Episodes of Heck, Part I”
The Federation faces grave danger once again, as one of the galaxy’s most feared temporal criminals eliminates Risa from existence!
Episode 29: “The Episodes of Heck, Part II”
Annorax kidnaps Damar and Sulu from the Relativity, leaving Braxton helpless to stop the weapon/ship!
Episode 30: “The Episodes of Heck, Part III”
Sulu and Damar try to escape from Annorax’s weapon/ship, Braxton rides to the rescue, and Annorax’s wife gets a name.
Episode 31: “Treachery, Faith, and the Great Machine”
The evil crew of the evil Excelsior put in another appearance in the other most fearsome place in existence, and they take on a new crew member!
Episode 32: “The Best of Both First Contacts, Part I”
Five hundred years later, the Borg have suddenly remembered where Earth is and have resumed their attacks on the Federation. There’s only one problem: these are Next Generation Borg attacking!
Episode 33: “The Best of Both First Contacts, Part II”
For once, the UPN promo was accurate — Kes is kidnapped by both Borg Queens, and Captain Braxton comes up with a dastardly way to destroy the Borg ship.
Episode 34: “The Al-ternative Factor”
On a far-away planet, the crew of the Relativity finds none other than Pavel Chekov, who claims that there is an evil alternate version of himself trying to enter our universe.
Episode 35: “The Long Arne of the Law”
Braxton and the Relativity track down another temporal fugitive bent on taking over the Klingon Empire, and two minor characters get to upstage Braxton and Ducane!
Episode 36: “The Mighty Winn”
The Relativity crew lands in a Wizard of Oz parody while chasing down yet another temporal fugitive... and the Mysterious Red Button makes a comeback!
Episode 37: “Reflective Surface, Reflective Surface”
The crew makes its obligatory crossover into the Mirror Universe, and discover that Braxton is a moron in both universes...
Episode 38: “The Search for Hawk”
The evil Excelsior crew are missing a crew member... and Bester, Dark Helmet, and Yoda are planning a mutiny!
Episode 39: “A Whale of a Time”
Another alien probe comes to check on the humpback whales, and the Relativity meets an old “friend.”
Episode 40: “Free Game”
Braxton is finally authorized to arrest his arch-nemesis, Captain Janeway! Except that he’s not...
Episode 41: “I Genics? No, Eugenics!” (Part 1 of 2)
Khan travels back in time to restore his rightful place in history, and Sulu gets an unexpected promotion!
Episode 42: “No, You Can’t! Yes, I Khan!” (Part 2 of 2)
The Relativity crew battles Khan’s supermen, and the proper timeline (whichever that may be) is restored.
Episode 43: “We, Evil Braxton”
The evil Excelsior crew seeks out the Technomages to help them get home... except something goes horribly wrong.
Episode 44: “For the World is Holo and I Have Touched the Sky”
Dax discovers a relic from her past... and one of the most feared beings in existence!
Episode 45: “Barcode”
Braxton decides to open up the Relativity’s Observation Lounge, and hires a familiar face as the bartender.
Episode 46: “Silicon Valley Avatar”
The Relativity crew eagerly awaits the release of the new computer OS upgrade, Damar finally finds a new running joke, and an evil, evil man from Earth’s past returns to threaten the galaxy!
Episode 47: “Fortyseventhspace, Part I”
The Relativity finds the wreck of the evil Excelsior, which has finally escaped from the Babylon 5 universe... only it brought a dangerous alien race with them, in this special Series ? milestone episode!
Episode 48: “Fortyseventhspace, Part II”
The Series ? milestone episode concludes with a battle of epic proportions: Captain Braxton faces off with Evil Braxton, Sulu retakes command of the Excelsior, and Starfleet fights the ultimate battle to save the galaxy!
Episode 49: “Who Mourns for Evil Braxton?”
The Relativity crew must venture into another one of the most feared places in existence... Captain Braxton’s brain.
Episode 50: “Right on Q”
A not-so-surprising guest character shows up to annoy everyone, and might hold the key to Captain Braxton’s temporal paradox.
Episode 51: “The Recap of Khan”
Krenim wastes yet another episode to recap the series since the last recap.
Episode 52: “No Fate...”
When the Excelsior finally returns to Starbase 47, the evil Excelsior former crew is packed off to the Federation Maximum Security Prison, and Braxton makes a stunning announcement!

Season Three

Episode 53: “...But What We Make”
Ducane and the rest of the former Relativity crew join Braxton on his crusade to find the Plah D’viz, but they find that they’re without transportation!
Episode 54: “There Are Four Lights of Zetar!”
The Excelsior travels to Memory Alpha to search the great library for records of the Plah D’viz, and encounter a familiar race along the way...
Episode 55: “Double-Click on the Iconians”
Guess what happens? The Excelsior crew runs into yet another familiar face while searching for the Plah D’viz, and Braxton finds his opinion in the minority, with disastrous results.
Episode 56: “Way Out With Weyoun”
On the way into the Dominion, the Excelsior crew discovers what has happened to this mysterious empire since the 24th Century... and Braxton questions his worthiness for a very good reason.
Episode 57: “Clotho” (Part 1 of 3)
Braxton must explore his own past when the Excelsior finally finds the Plah D’viz... but time is running out with a fleet of Happy Fun Dominion ships on their trail.
Episode 58: “Lachesis” (Part 2 of 3)
While Braxton meets the next holographic manifestation of the Plah D’viz, the Excelsior crew plays a not-so-friendly card game, and something goes horribly wrong with the next clone of Weyoun!
Episode 59: “Atropos” (Part 3 of 3)
The final “ghost” makes his horrifying appearance, and Braxton’s fate is finally decided!
Episode 60: “It’s About Time!”
Some mysterious being hits an extra-large reset button... and Admiral Picard gets a very nasty surprise from Ducane.
Episode 61: “sdrawroF dna sdrawkcaB”
The Doctor tries the same trick twice, but it doesn’t work—and Kes is once again sent traveling backwards in time!
Episode 62: “Everything is Shipshape”
Work on the new Relativity-H is proceeding apace... but of course someone manages to screw things up. Damar tries to get a chance to speak to the schoolchildren.
Episode 63: “Yggdrasil, Part I”
Braxton and his crew finally set off in search of the evil crew of the evil Excelsior once again... but a old, forgotten plot threatens to complicate things for everyone!
Episode 64: “Yggdrasil, Part II”
With all the exposition out of the way, the stage is set for the latest battle between the Relativity and the Excelsior, and Braxton gets to make a really, really bad pun.
Episode 65: “Take Me Out to the Holomatrix”
The Relativity crew wastes time with a bottle show after the special effects extravaganza of the previous two episodes. Braxton gets a nasty surprise. (Guest episode by MinutiaeMan.)
Episode 66: “A Wolf 359 in Sheep’s Clothing”
The Excelsior crew sets out to drive every Star Trek fan insane. Krenim earns the wrath of his fellow Flare-ites.
Episode 67: “Enter: Enterprise, Part I”
Could the timeline get even more muddled than it already has? Find out as the NX-01 makes its Series ? debut!
Episode 68: “Enter: Enterprise, Part II”
For once, sanity prevails... Braxton, Daniels, Picard, and Kirk team up to take on the Suliban and Future Guy. Braxton finds a long-lost furry friend.
Episode 69: “Villain Worship”
The evil crew of the evil Excelsior is up for an evil award, and the four representatives sent to judge them bring chaos and mayhem — as usual.
Episode 70: “Tuesday”
The worst timeship captain in history is sent to save the worst starship captain in history. Tuesday can’t come soon enough!
Episode 71: “Harvey²”
Scorpius sets a new record for a guest star spending time aboard the Relativity, and offers Braxton a way to capture the evil crew of the evil Excelsior.
Episode 72: “That’s Just Prime”
A Galvatron episode. If you can’t tell what’s going on by the episode title, shame on you. You should watch more 80’s cartoons.
Episode 73: “Yesterday’s Relativity
What happens when Krenim devotes an entire episode to explaining something from TSN’s Season 1 guest episode? This.
Episode 74: “Never Ask About Nimbus III!”
Why not? I can’t say without giving it all away.
Episode 75: “The Grapes of Wrath of Khan”
For the crimes he committed the previous season, the Federation Council sentences Khan to be dropped off at Ceti Alpha V... literally! Of course, havoc ensues.
Episode 76: “No Big LoSSS”
Star Trek’s own past comes back to haunt the Federation. Babylon 5 in-jokes make a comeback.
Episode 77: “Recap III: The Search For Recap”
Like any of you didn’t see yet another recap coming.
Episode 78: “In Like a Lion”
The Vaadwaur try to end the Vaad War by launching an attack against Earth, a move that surprises absolutely no one. Can you tell it’s the season finale?

Season Four

Episode 79: “Out Like a Lamb”
Krenim experiments with some marketing, the Vaadwaur head for the Lost and Found, and the evil crew of the evil Excelsior consider their employment options.
Episode 80: “The Federation Strikes Back”
Braxton has an idea. Not only that, but a decent idea. One that involves a really really large sign. Yes, it’s actually a decent idea.
Episode 81: “Never Talk to Rangers”
Crossovers and forgotten plot threads always come in groups of 47. And Babylon 5 in-jokes never die...
Episode 82: “Satan’s Robot Conquers the Alpha Quadrant”
The name says it all.
Episode 83: “When on Romulus...”
You all didn’t think Krenim was going to end the show without doing a Nemesis spoof, did you?
Episode 84: “Tuvok and Roll”
The tables turn when Admiral Janeway finds an old yet young friend hidden away on the evil Excelsior.
Episode 85: “Year of Frell”
Scorpius returns with a brand-new subspace drive to help the Federation find Earth... but this being a parody, something goes horribly wrong — of course.
Episode 86: “Losers, Guns, and Money, Part I”
Krenim gives up on ripping off of Babylon 5 and starts ripping off of Farscape instead. Another Braxton clone is added to the list! (That makes, what... five? Six?)
Episode 87: “Losers, Guns, and Money, Part II”
The evil Peacekeeper Captain Steve makes some baseless assumptions, one of Sulu’s biggest wishes comes true, and Captain Braxton makes an incredibly intelligent decision — really!
Episode 88: “Seeing Red, Part I”
If you can’t figure out who this episode is about based on the title, shame on you! Go back and read the series from the beginning.
Episode 89: “Seeing Red, Part II”
The evil crew of the evil Excelsior try to remember how not to be evil, and the Mysterious Red Button discovers that “bottomless” doesn’t mean what it used to...
Episode 90: “May I Borrow a Cup of Flower?”
The Relativity crew tries to rescue Sulu from the evil Scarrans. Braxton’s luck stays with him.
Episode 91: “Home Again”
This should be self-explanatory. If not, suffice to say Admiral Picard will not be pleased...
Episode 92: “Desperate Times, Part I”
The evil crew of the evil Excelsior must stop the crew of the Relativity from altering history! Yes, you read that right. No, it’s not a mirror universe episode, either.
Episode 93: “Desperate Times, Part II”
Braxton tries to get Captain Janeway to help save the galaxy in exchange for a big sack of coffee. Everyone discovers the danger of keeping ratings ploys around.
Episode 94: “Smorgasborg”
The last Borg episode of the series. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Episode 95: “By Inferno’s Pale Moonlight”
Braxton and company try to trick the Happy Fun Dominion into joining the Vaad War.
Episode 96: “Best Case Scenario”
The return of Evil Braxton! (Yes, he’s still dead.)
Episode 97: “Loose Ends”
Remember those temporal fugitives from Season 2? Remember how there were still a bunch that hadn’t been caught yet? Yeah, that plot line is getting wrapped up.
Episode 98: “The Episode of No Return”
There are only six episodes after this one, so everyone takes a break before the mass chaos begins.
Episode 99: “The Final Excelsior Battle (Really), Part I”
Read the episode title. Yes, really. Really really! Need I say more?
Episode 100: “The Final Excelsior Battle (Really), Part II”
Braxton vs. Janeway! Ducane vs. Dark Helmet! Sulu vs. Harvey the Wonder Hamster! Yar vs. Hawk! Damar vs. Dukat! Dax vs. Valtane! The Doctor vs. Frankenstein! Kes vs. Yoda! Xaronna vs. Rand! (Yes, we really really mean it!)
Episode 101: “Recap IV: The Recap Home”
The last recap. Are you getting nostalgic yet?
Episode 102: “The Road to Hell” (Part 1 of 3)
Gorei finds out why he’s got such bad help, just as he makes a fortuitous discovery. Braxton makes a gamble that pays off.
Episode 103: “Hell on Earth” (Part 2 of 3)
In a development that shocks everyone, Braxton asks an intelligent question. Kes recharges. Gorei fulfills his obligations as an evil villain.
Episode 104: “Tempus Fugit (Part 3 of 3)
Everything gets wrapped up. And yes, the big question on everyone’s mind will be answered.

The Undiscovered Continuity (A Miniseries)

A promotional-style movie poster for “Star Trek: Series ?: The Undiscovered Continuity”, featuring the faces of Captain Braxton and Commander Ducane, the silhouette of Future Guy inside of a bright shining column, and the Relativity flying across the view leaving a motion trail. The tagline reads, “The battle for the past has begun.”
Part I: “Some Assembly Required”
After months of sitting around doing squat, a fearsome new admiral takes command of Starbase 47. Something falls through Ducane’s promotion. Future Guy plots revenge.
Part II: “Daniels Ex Machina”
Robo-Nechayev makes a chilling decree concerning the Relativity’s crew, and a totally unsurprising character gives Braxton a clue.
Part III: “The Wrath of... Nah, Too Easy”
The Relativity crew prepares to travel back in time, only to discover that their computer has issues. Gowron’s bulging eyes fail to frighten. A Star Wars joke makes a comeback.
Part IV: “Unfair Trade”
The Relativity crew runs into a moral dilemma, only to have it conveniently solved for them. Xaronna discovers the perks of taking over Sulu’s job.
Part V: “Powderkeg”
The Relativity faces off against the evil Klingons and their ultra-high-tech warship, while the fate of the Tkon Empire, as well as Earth and Vulcan, hangs in the balance.

Season Five

Episode 105: “Adrasteia, Part I”
Admiral Crusher orders the party of the century for his promotion to commander of Starbase 47, but one unexpected guest shows up. Fortunately for the Relativity crew, a mysterious ship attacks the starbase.
Episode 106: “Adrasteia, Part II”
Braxton overdoes the bold italics when the aliens’ sinister plot is revealed. Chakotay gets a cameo to explain the cryptic episode title.
Episode 107: “Adrasteia, Part III”
Can the Relativity crew find a way to rescue their idiotic captain from the clutches of the super-powerful Progeny? Yar’s solution is a really, really big explosion.
Episode 108: “The Changing Face of Idiocy, Part I”
The evil Admiral Janeway and her lame sidekick Zo’or plot to escape from the inescapable Rura Penthe. (You know, Rura Penthe’s reputation isn’t what it used to be...)
Episode 109: “The Changing Face of Idiocy, Part II”
Because any ship named Voyager is bound to be lame, Janeway and Zo’or ditch their stolen shuttle and try to steal the Excelsior once again.
Episode 110: “The Changing Face of Idiocy, Part III”
Because no wacky evil leader would be complete without wacky evil minions, Janeway and Zo’or try to reunite the evil crew of the evil Excelsior.
Episode 111: “The Changing Face of Idiocy, Part IV”
The recently-reunited evil crew of the evil Excelsior returns to the Babylon 5 universe to find Zathras, but ends up hiring someone else instead!
Episode 112: “Bride of Galvatron, Part I”
It’s the Wedding of the (29th) Century! But who’s getting hitched? And who’s out to crash the party?
Episode 113: “Bride of Galvatron, Part II”
With the wedding approaching, the evil crew of the evil Excelsior arrive to wreak havoc! But are they the only ones bent on stopping the ceremony?
Episode 114: “S10K, Part I”
The discovery of a six-hundred-year-old message initiates a chain of events that could destroy the Federation!
Episode 115: “S10K, Part II”
Can the Federation be saved by averting the dreaded S10K?
Episode 116: “Second Verse, Same as the First”
Musicians from across time have disappeared! You get three guesses as to who’s responsible, and the first two don’t count.
Episode 117: “Yar Is Pirate Talk for Yes”
After five years, Yar finally gets her very own episode, along with a great opportunity to blow stuff up.
Episode 118: “Desk Jockeys, Part I”
A sign of the Apocalypse appears: Braxton gets promoted! No Horsemen spotted so far.
Episode 119: “Desk Jockeys, Part II”
Another sign of the Apocalypse appears: Braxton and Janeway must work together to escape the clutches of the Progeny! Still no Horsemen spotted...
Episode 120: “Big Bad Bugs”
Pest control is important. Especially when the pests happen to be highly advanced metal roaches bent on devouring the galaxy.
Episode 121: “Nobody Expects the Ferengi Acquisition!”
Their chief weapon is greed! Greed and... uh... Well, okay, just greed.
Episode 122: “Just Kidding”
The Gorgan returns! No, not the one from Greek mythology. The other one. Yes, that one.
Episode 123: “Cold Shoulder, Part I”
Because you just knew “Storm Front” had to be Braxton’s fault somehow.
Episode 124: “Cold Shoulder, Part II”
Braxton gets in trouble with Daniels for trying to help the NASCAR... er, the Na’kuhl. Vosk’s maniacal laughter comes back to haunt him.
Episode 125: “Cold Shoulder, Part III”
Silik stops being a whiny loser—finally. Someone on the Relativity has an important destiny... sort of. (If you can call being Daniels’ ancestor “important,” that is. I wouldn’t.)
Episode 126: “Flipside, Part I”
Ever wonder what would have happened to the Braxton Time Loop had Q never intervened? No? Too bad. You’re going to find out anyway.
Episode 127: “Flipside, Part II”
Continuing the flashback, many unnecessary questions from the past five years are answered. The cost will be a massive headache.
Episode 128: “Recap V: [Subtitle Censored by Section 31]”
Who didn’t see this coming?
Episode 129: “Hitting the Road, Part I”
The Progeny have come for Captain Braxton! In the finest tradition of TNG, Wesley “The Boy” Crusher singlehandedly comes up with the solution.
Episode 130: “Hitting the Road, Part II”
Go into your mind and find your happy place. Found it? Good. You’re gonna want to go back there after reading this cliffhanger.

Season Six

Episode 131: “Absolute Power”
Things go from bad to worse to most worstest. Yes, the situation becomes so grave that it can only be described with the power of improper grammar!
Episode 132: “How the Mighty Have Fallen”
The aftermath. How’s that for vague?
Episode 133: “Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere with You”
Because it wouldn’t be Series ? without pointless guest stars. Improbable pointless guest stars.
Episode 134: “Home Again (Again)”
This should be self-explanatory. If not, suffice to say Admiral Crusher will not be pleased... (Woah... déjà vu!) The last person you thought you’d see again returns.
Episode 135: “Not-So-Average Joe”
Voyager’s Doctor finally gets around to making an appearance.
Episode 136: “Muddslide”
Harcourt Fenton Mudd. ‘Nuff said.
Episode 137: “A Renaissance of Parody”
The overuse of obscure references and pointless guest stars is taken to new heights when the Relativity discovers another ripoff of the “Yesterday’s Enterprise” temporal anomaly. (Guest episode by MinutiaeMan.)
Episode 138: “The Stupidity Syndrome”
Think TNG’s “Genesis,” except worse.
Episode 139: “Opposites Attack”
The Relativity crew’s evil opposites from the Mirror Universe return!
Episode 140: “Tuckered Out, Part I”
After Yar watches the travesty that is “These Are the Voyages...”, she decides to bring Trip into the 29th Century! But does this mean Damar is out of a job?
Episode 141: “Tuckered Out, Part II”
Is it possible for someone to be even less mentally stable than Captain Braxton? And what will Damar find waiting for him on Cardassia?
Episode 142: “Large and In Charge, Part I”
Ducane doesn’t wake up, the Progeny don’t attack, and the evil crew of the evil Excelsior don’t escape! So why’s it such an important episode? Well, if you’d been paying attention to all the clues scattered through Season 6, you’d know why...
Episode 143: “Large and In Charge, Part II”
Changes are afoot for the Relativity crew. Changes that are funny, because they’re not funny. Meanwhile, the Romulans are about to conquer the galaxy!
Episode 144: “Dead Horse”
Evil Excelsior crew super-happy fun time variety show hour! (Run for your lives.)
Episode 145: “Revenge of the Singh”
Khan finally returns, and he’s running for Emperor Supreme Chancellor Senator Federation President!
Episode 146: “Gary 007”
Gary Seven, the galaxy’s most boring secret agent, arrives on the Relativity. But will his secret mission spell doom for a member of the crew?
Episode 147: “The Parody Cares Not for the Source Material’s Cry, Part I”
Could the timeline get even more muddled than it already has? Find out as the Discovery makes its Series ? debut! (Is anyone else getting déjà vu?)

Special Features

Dramatis Personae
Have you ever had trouble keeping all the various incarnations of Captain Braxton straight? Have you forgotten just how Xaronna came to be serving aboard the Relativity, or who the original chief engineer of the Excelsior was? Wonder no longer.
Map of the Series ? Galaxy
Can you believe that the artist actually took the time to research Star Trek: Star Charts for this map? Find out the locations of your favorite wacky obscure locations, from the galaxy’s largest ball of twine to Crazy Khan’s House of Shields!