Chapter 2: “Warbirds and Warp Particles”

Written by Tim Mohr, aka “Cureboy”

“Captain’s Log and Captain’s Vitamins: Supplemental... I have forged an alliance with the World Wrestling Federation. Some of them will work in Engineering, others in Security, and Stone Cold Steve Austin will be working with Seven of Nine in Astrometrics. (the collapsing begins) After our encounter with the Talaxian Birds of Prey, we ended up losing 9 decks, 4 shuttlecraft, our port nacelle, our warp core, our computer core... Hell, we lost all the cores. The damage to Voyager has been extreme. But we should have it all fixed up by morning.” (collapse)

Suddenly, 47 (see, I even found a way to include the number 47) Vulcan Warbirds decloak off the port bow. Janeway exclaims, “Those are Vulcan Warbirds, no doubt.” Tuvok replies, “Indeed.”

The Vulcans start firing on Voyager and Janeway screams, “Mr. Kim, I need you to get me some really good technobabble, and I need it now!!” Kim replies, “I think if we reverse polarity on the Subspace Quantum Auxiliary Recursion Matrix Nanoprobes, we should be able to zap them with our Tri-Quadric Antimatter Plasma Coil Warp Particles.” (collapse collapse) Janeway says, “Make it so... er... I mean, do it, no doubt.”

Unfortunately it’s not successful, the Vulcans are closing in. Janeway turns to Chakotay and says, “We have no choice Commander, we must activate the Reset Button.” (serious collapsing) Chakotay complies and soon all 47 Vulcan Warbirds are erased from existence.

Then Kim makes a stunning announcement, “I just received a message from Starfleet, they’ve sent us some new uniforms.” Janeway says with an excited tone, “The ones from Deep Space Nine???? Very cool!!”

Kim continues, “Unfortunately, they sent the uniforms to the wrong time frame, we must travel back in time to retrieve them.” Kim shows Janeway his findings and Janeway says, “We have no choice, we must travel 4 years back in time to retrieve them. As much as it will hurt, we must travel to that moment in time.... Mr. Paris, set a course for the ‘Threshold’ episode.”

(I haven’t seen this much collapsing since World War II)