Star Trek: Renaissance Technical Manual

Written by Chris Edmonds and Dan Carlson

Images by Robert Crosswell and Chris Edmonds

One of the greatest aspects of Star Trek has always been its portrayal of fantastic technology, beautiful spaceships, and the incredible possibilities which they offer. Though the stories certainly address the Human condition in the end, the eye candy provided never hurts. Franz Joseph, Rick Sternbach, Michael Okuda, and so many others helped to pioneer the field of esoteric details that is sometimes called “Treknology”.

Two years ago, when a group of eager fans began to develop the story that would become Star Trek: Renaissance, several of them considered attention to technological detail to be one of the highest priorities of the writing process. Over time and as everyone gained experience writing, that focus became less important. But it certainly never went away.

This document is intended to place the Starship Enterprise-G into the spotlight, to learn about her background and her inner workings. However, it assumes at least a passing familiarity with the basic technologies described in previous documents, especially the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual (We have no desire to spout the same stuff all over again!). The information all pertains directly to Renaissance—anything that has already been described in other, official works is left out for the most part.

This document is also a continuous work-in-progress; as the story of Renaissance unfolds, some of the pages may be expanded or updated to reflect the latest episode developments.

Table of Contents