Star Trek: Renaissance Technical Manual, Section 6

Written by Chris Edmonds and Dan Carlson

Images by Robert Crosswell and Chris Edmonds

Section 6.0: Crew Support Systems

6.1: Overview

A crew is needed to support, command, and maintain a starship, but the crew itself also is not a self-sustaining element by itself. A starship requires a large volume of space to adequately care for its crew during the long deep-space voyages it must undertake. Crew accommodations alone, for example, take up over thirty five percent of the Phoenix Class starship’s entire spaceframe volume. Add in medical quarters, recreational space, and even life support and replicator system hardware, and you have almost half of the internal space devoted to supporting the crew.

6.2: Crew Accommodations

Crew accommodations have four distinct tiers of quality: Enlisted, Junior Officer, Senior Officer, and Guest.

6.3: Medical Facilities

The main Sickbay is a large facility in the forward saucer on Deck Eight, equipped with the latest medical hardware available. It is a two-room facility, split between a corridor. One side is the treatment room, containing the CMO’s office, two surgical suites, and several biobeds. The other half is outpatient care, and is equipped with a surgical suite and a medical synthesis lab. This room also contains the Chief Nurse’s office.

In the event that a Phoenix-class starship must take on large numbers of patients, such as in an evacuation, the main shuttlebay and recreational deck can be converted to triage centers to augment the main sickbay.

In addition to the Sickbay, several mini-stations are situated throughout the ship for immediate treatment for minor injuries or other, more serious injuries such as burns.

6.4: Recreational Facilities

The Phoenix-class starship is somewhat of a contradiction, carrying some of the most advanced military hardware available to the Federation, but also containing some of the most lavish recreational facilities on a starship. A massive Recreation Deck spans across the forward sections of Decks Five and Six, and over fifty meters of the front of the ship. This large room is a two-part facility, with one half being a large mess hall/pub type facility, and the other half being an arcade. The arcade portion has several games available, most of which are projected from several holo-emitter tables. Two hoverball courts occupy the center of the room, with the game tables and a few 3D chessboards scattered about as well.

A large plethora of games are available through the game tables, such as a real-time strategic surface game, a dynamic 3D chess game where the game pieces attack each other when a piece is taken, a dungeon fantasy game with swordplay and magic, and a particularly brain-stimulating game called the Universe Simulator. The player can create an entire universe with several of his or her own fundamental physics rules. The player, in essence, plays God over his or her own little universe. The computer system resources needed for the game are demanding enough that only one game of Universe Simulator can be active at any time on the Rec Deck.