Star Trek: Restoration: Character Outlines

Main Characters

I haven’t quite worked out many of the details concerning the crew of the Enterprise, who will be the main characters of the show. Here are the little "idea blurbs" which I have worked out so far:

Captain - Male, Human, Asian/European blend— the races are starting to blend together a bit, but not completely - he will also be the primary ambassador / diplomat. He’s an idealist, but also an experienced warrior. It’s his past experiences which make him try so hard for unity, and he’s hesitant to fight again, but once he’s committed, he’s a formidable adversary. He’s a war hero, but is tired of war, and he’s getting on in years. He banks a lot on his reputation, but he also can back it up. Formerly commander of the USSalwart during the war, he was witness of many of the worst slaughters and battles of the Rebellion.

Romulan, Female - First Officer - the voice of reason, or realism? She’s a bit more militant, tending to argue for an aggressive, but not violent, tactic. But she also understands what is at stake, and knows the value of diplomacy.

Q’tami - Tactical Officer - will also be the "outsider perspective on humanity" as he is not even humanoid - he’s familiar around humanoids, since they fought together in the war, but he often comments on the oddities, and there are some big differences between their cultures and biologies.

Vulcan, Male - Science Officer - victim of a labor camp in the Rebellion, he’s not a strict follower of logic and unemotionalism, a little like Spock in the later movies. But still rubs against Romulan’s frank emotionalism. Definitely dump the Spockian black mop— his hair is mostly black, just a shade of brown, and in a human-style cut that still shows off his ears.

Bajoran, male - doing what? anthropologist for diplomatic purposes? captain of one of the other ships in the squadron?

Ferengi, Female - though not the obsessive profit-minded Ferengi of the 24th century, she’s still a shrewd negotiator and businesswoman - could she be one of the Captain’s aides/assistants in negotiations?

An artificial intelligence (humanoid) - Engineer - android, but almost entirely human-like, fully integrated. He’s an extension of the ship’s computer, sort of, but they’re also kind of seperate. A kind of symbiotic relationship. He’s the engineer. (But artifical intelligence/life is not prevalent on the scale of Data and the Doc— the Dominion had the Jemmies for that.)

Medical officer? PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN HUMANOID, Male - How will the technology compare to that of the 24th century?

PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN HUMANOID, female - A "political advisor" - someone forced on the captain by the Federation gov’t (even now, bureaucracy rules) - she’s tough and spent time in the camps like plenty of humans in the rebellion, and understands Captain’s problems, but she’s got to do her job.

Klingon, Female - one of the extremely few in Starfleet because the Klingon "Empire" is falling apart completely, she’s one of the "modern" Klingons that realizes how desperate things are - a lot like Worf’s philosophy. (Heck, she could be a descendant of Worf’s!)

Recurring Characters

Much of this will depend on the major plots of the series, but here’s what I have already come up with:

Important Places