Star Trek: Restoration

In the fall of 1999, as I started to come up with ideas for my own website, one of the possibilities I toyed with was writing my own fan fiction series. I had been inspired by reading John Burke’s excellent Star Trek: Renegade series and some other stories I’d read about. The recent conclusion of Deep Space Nine had left me unsatisfied in a way — although the series had been adequately wrapped up, I felt there was plenty more to hear. And I was never happy with the seemingly too-convenient solution of having Odo decide to Link with the Female Changeling and then allow her to spontaneously end the war. I felt that there was plenty more to come from the Dominion...

Unfortunately, I greatly underestimated the amount of work that is required to create a decent fanfic series, and overestimated the time I had available for a project. Although I occasionally tinkered with my notes which are on the following pages, the series never took off. Instead, some of the basic concepts and character profiles were adapted to the new fanfic project I joined in late January 2001 — Star Trek: Renaissance. The character of Talora, the Q’tami species, the starship Enterprise-G... all of these had their start with Restoration — although all of them also developed far beyond what I ever expected.

The following pages are kept available for those curious readers who are just browsing around for the heck of it. I have absolutely no intention of developing the Restoration concept any further. If someone out there has some interest in developing the story, I’d love to know that my ideas bore some fruit after all. However, please, please contact me before taking it! This is still my work!

Dan Carlson (March 30, 2003)

The Dominion: the greatest threat the Federation ever faced. Controlled by the xenophobic Founders, the Dominion sought to impose "order" on the entire galaxy through their fearsome warriors, the Jem’Hadar. Only the cooperation of almost every race in the Alpha Quadrant managed to defeat the Jem’Hadar invasion, and the Dominion was forced to return to the Gamma Quadrant. The Allies believed that they had won a great victory, and that a new era of peace had begun.

They were wrong.

Fifteen years later, the Dominion returned, stronger than ever. They had learned from their mistakes, and in the space of a few short years, hordes of unstoppable Jem’Hadar warriors overran the Alpha Quadrant. Every race across half the galaxy was now subject to the will of the Founders.

So things remained for nearly two centuries. The Dominion thrived and expanded, but always kept its iron grip on the worlds of the Alpha Quadrant. The people lived, for the most part, peacefully. Civilization prospered, technology advanced to new heights. Even the Borg were defeated.

Yet no tyrant or army, no matter how powerful, can hold half a galaxy enslaved forever.

Resentments festered for nearly two centuries, as those who hated the Dominion waited for the proper time to rise up. Quietly, they gathered their strength and prepared to take back the worlds which the Founders had stolen from them.

By the end of the 26th century, the Dominion had suffered from its own success. It had become complacent in its occupation of the quadrant, and with its attention focused on its ever-expanding border, they failed to notice the growing dissent within. The Resistance, which for years had remained hidden from the overwhelming might of the Dominion, finally began to take action. Starting on the small colony worlds, the Rebellion slowly reclaimed those planets from the Dominion. It was a long and bloody fight, and billions of lives were lost in the struggle. But eventually, the Dominion was expelled from the Alpha Quadrant.

The year is 2631. The Rebellion has succeeded, but the daunting task of rebuilding the thousands of ravaged worlds which suffered at the hands of the Founders remains. Unfortunately, two centuries of invasion, occupation, and rebellion have left many of the races at each other’s throats. Petty wars have begun to flare up between those races which once stood united against a common foe. And the Dominion still exists, lurking in the depths of the Gamma Quadrant, waiting for the right time to return.

A few worlds have banded together to form a new United Federation of Planets, but its position is precarious. Few trust another galactic power, fearing that the Federation will become another dictatorship. Others plot to form their own small empires build on the ruins of their neighbors. Without support from the other worlds, the dream of uniting the Quadrant in peace may fail.

The hope for this future lies with the crew of a single starship, the USS Enterprise. Standing against a galaxy of chaos and fear, they sow the seeds of peace and coexistence. Opposed by many, they travel across the galaxy, trying to revive a nearly forgotten dream — a dream known as the United Federation of Planets.

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