Star Trek: Restoration: The Enterprise

Written by Dan Carlson

Technical Specifications

Length: 984 meters

Beam: 551 meters

Height: 112 meters

Decks: 32

Mass: 4,850,000 tons

Crew Complement: 155 officers, 920 enlisted, capable of carrying 4,000 troops

Speed: Quantum Slipstream Drive - Maximum Speed: Slipstream Factor 4

Armaments: 50 Type-1 subatomic disruptors, 6 torpedo launchers (2 each forward & aft, 1 each port & starboard), 600 xxxxx torpedoes, 1 missile launcher (forward), 30 Lancer-class Missiles, 4 Artificial Quantum Singularity Missiles

Defenses: Enhanced multi-spatial shield grid, static subspace shell generator, organic hull plating, interphasic cloaking device

Power Source: Quantum Induction Core, auxiliary fusion generators

Ship’s History

The Enterprise was officially launched in 2614, and was the product of almost 10 years of frenzied work by the Rebellion. When the war began in 2596, the rebels had only converted civilian ships, a few captured Jem’Hadar fighters, and a number of custom-built fighters and small warships which were constructed at the secret Resistance headquarters in the Takara System. While these ships were certainly sufficed their role, by 2602 the Resistance was engaging in larger and larger battles. Moreover, the time had come to begin freeing planets from the Dominion. The Resistance only had a few vessels capable of carrying large numbers of troops or weapons. While what they had was fine for small engagements with the Jem’Hadar, in larger battles they had great difficulty defeating the larger cruisers. The fleet needed to diversify.

To this end, the Allied Council authorized the development of the Resolute Class, intended to be a symbol of their fight for freedom. This would be the largest vessel constructed by an Alpha Quadrant power in over 250 years, and therefore was a major undertaking. The final approved design was intentionally reminiscent of the old Federation starships, to call to mind the freedom for which they were fighting.

However, the design also incorporated many other races’ technologies. The development of the Quantum Slipstream Drive in 2436 had revolutionized interstellar travel. Also, as the Q’Tami had the most recent experience in shipbuilding, the design included many elements derived from their starships as well.

The ship is powered by the most advanced engine core in existence, the Quantum Induction Core.

Obviously, the ship was loaded with the most powerful weapons in existence: subatomic disruptors, XXXXX torpedoes, XXXXX long-range missiles, and four artificial quantum singularity missiles.

Some people questioned whether the Rebellion should be building such massive and expensive vessels. At the beginning, the rebels were at a clear disadvantage and couldn’t afford to put so many eggs in one basket. However, the need for heavy fighting ships and a symbol of their fight won out.

In 2613, the Enterprise, was taken for an unexpected combat test when the Jem’Hadar attacked the shipyard in the Forden System. The initial attack destroyed several outlying repair docks and crippled the prototype USS Resolute, only two months away from launch. While the few active ships at the yard attempted to defend the station, the engineers and construction workers on board quickly brought the Enterprise online and took her out of drydock almost six months early.

The Enterprise performed beyond all expectations, even considering that the ship was barely functioning at 50% capacity. The Dominion had sent only two wings of attack fighters; while this would normally be enough to demolish an underdefended shipyard, they clearly hadn’t counted on an operational heavy cruiser in the system. The Jem’Hadar fighters converged on the Enterprise, and her first shots proved that all of the resources poured into the Resolute Class project were worth it. Within 10 minutes, the Enterprise had destroyed 11 fighters; the twelfth had been crippled when it ejected its Induction Core, and the ship was captured.

The Enterprise was repaired after the battle and was launched only one month behind schedule. It participated in many of the most important battles of the Rebellion, including the defense of Ferenginar, the Battle of Galorndon Core, and the attack on Breen.

organic hull

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Original Design by Dan Carlson
Model and Renders by Paul van Garderen of Star Trek Avalanche