Star Trek: Restoration: The Races

Written by Dan Carlson

The Klingons slowly crumbled in the years after the First War...... they pulled out of the alliance when the Dominion attacked...

The Romulans are humanity’s greatest allies at this point. The Klingons’ betrayal of the Alpha Quadrant drove them even further into the alliance with the Federation. They were the first of the old "Great Powers" to join the Federation, despite their continuing ideaological differences with the Vulcans. The Romulans represent the more militant side of the Federation.

The Andorians suffered greatly during the Rebellion. Its strategic position between all of the major races of the area made it an ideal focal point for the rebels. Unfortunately, during the Dominion’s retaliation, several major cities were destroyed in a bloodbath which had not been seen since the fall of Cardassia Prime. Many Andorians distrust the Federation, the successors of the Rebellion, and oppose any attempts at reunification. They remember the last unified power to rule the Quadrant, and believe that numerous individual governments will be better able to prevent another great war.

Many races also try to exclude the Cardassians from the new alliance, because they were the first to join the Dominion. Cardassia later was an important supporter of the Rebellion, and lent a great deal of aid to the cause. However, the many battles which Cardassia has suffered have severely hurt the Cardassians’ pride, and there is a strong faction in the Cardassian government which advocates isolationism.

The Bajorans were likewise important allies of the resistance. The Bajoran culture was thrown into chaos, though, when allied forces closed the Bajoran Wormhole in 2612. While most agree that the closure was necessary, the Bajorans’ severance from the Prophets caused a great deal of uncertainty and confusion.

The Ferengi have changed a great deal over the past 250 years. No longer the "clowns" of the Alpha Quadrant, cultural and sociological reforms which had begun before the Occupation have transformed the culture. While still renowned as businessmen and known for their "Rules of Acquisition," they no longer use the unscrupulous business practices which their ancestors were known for. The Ferengi provided the largest amount of support to the rebellion, behind the humans and the Romulans.

Despite the fact that the Tholians signed a non-aggression pact with the Dominion in 2373, the Tholian Assembly was invaded in 2385. They later lent some aid to the rebellion, but the Tholians’ ingrained xenophobia remains a major barrier to their entry into the Federation.

Even now, little is known about the Breen. They remained stalwart allies of the Dominion throughout most of the Occupation, though some believe that they may have remaine allies out of fear. During the Occupation, the races of the Alpha Quadrant learned a bit more about the Breen and their culture. Despite rumors to the contrary, their planet is indeed a frozen wasteland.

Many were surprised to learn that the majority of Breen culture is pacifist, but an elite "caste" of warriors maintain control of the society. The warriors get their support from the guise of "protection" from

They maintained at least the illusion of being allies of the Dominion, and managed to avoid much of the destruction which other worlds suffered. Many races distrust the Breen for their collaboration with the Dominion, despite the defection by much of the Breen military which helped turn the tide of the Rebellion. Officially, they are friendly towards the growing alliance, but many question whether their support will continue. Many of their policies over the years

The Derlan were barely emerging as a spacefaring race when the Dominion developed Transwarp Drive. While the resource-rich Derlan homeworld is over a thousand light-years beyond Cardassian territory, it was conquered during the Dominion’s expansion in the 2440’s. Much of the homeworld was devastated during the initial invasion. Many of the Derlan refugees joined the rebellion to avenge the destruction which the Dominion loosed on their home.

The Q’tami (pronounced "ka-TAA-mee") are a race of non-humanoid travelers from the Andromeda Galaxy who fled the oppressive Kelvan Empire over 500 years before. They arrived in the Milky Way in the late 23th century with old, worn out ships. They have since rebuilt their fleet and technology and settled on a few worlds in the Beta Quadrant, several hundred light years beyond the Klingon Empire. Unfortunately, their new home was attacked by the Dominion in the late 2580’s. Some left to find a more peaceful area of the galaxy, but many chose to remain and defend the worlds they called home. The Q’tami had only been recently conquered at the beginning of the Rebellion, and therefore were able to provide most of the base technology which the rebels used during the opening days of the war.

The Orion Raiders are currently taking advantage of the disunity in the quadrant. They are the descendants of the old Orion Syndicate, which was suppressed during the Occupation. They provided some support to the rebellion (for a price), but now have separated and seem intent on their own gains. Many packs of raiders roam space, looking for easy targets and weak planets to plunder. Some commanders suspect that a few remaining Vorta may be organizing the raiders to cause chaos in the Federation.

We should not forget the millions of refugees who fled the battles of the Rebellion. There are camps spread all across the Quadrant,filled with those who lost their homes to Dominion retaliation or who simply left to escape the war. Many of the refugees fled toward the Delta Quadrant, and a region near the Galactic Core dubbed "The Alley" is populated by many who settled there.

The Krenim live far away from the tumult of the Alpha Quadrant. They were first contacted by the USS Voyager in 2374, and during the Occupation and Rebellion, fear of possible galactic conquest by the Dominion convinced them to lend some technological support to the resistance.

The Borg Collective was largely destroyed approximately 150 years ago. After the Dominion conquered the Alpha Quadrant, several Borg attacks on the area drew the Dominion’s attention. Armed with detailed knowledge gained by the crew of the USS Voyager 100 years before, the Jem’Hadar attacked and destroyed the Borg Collective mind. However, it is not certain that all linked Borg were eliminated, and some small sections ("Unimatrices") of the Collective may still exist in the extreme distant Delta Quadrant. Additionally, while the Collective mind was destroyed, many of the drones remain, existing in chaos and warring on each other. Much of the territory formerly controlled by the collective remains in a state of anarchy.

The Dominion is still a threat in the far reaches of the Gamma Quadrant. While they pose no immediate military danger, the Founders still remain, plotting to regain all the territory they have lost.