The Third Order and Other Short Stories by Hadrian McKeggan

Introduction by the Author

These stories started on the TrekBBS and are generally not for the light of heart. “Star Trek: Mirror Universe” is a story about Voyager in the mirror universe, abiding by TOS’s “Mirror, Mirror” but not by the DS9 Arc. This is an eight-part epic as each alternate member of this Voyager crew backstabs each other to command. The Third Order stories circle around Gul Elam Darek, a ruthless and morbid tactician, who commands the Third Order of the Cardassian Fleet, and accepts no quarter for insubordination.

The Third Order and An Empire to Build

Gul Elam Darek is commander of the Cardassian Third Order, one of the most famously ruthless commanders in the entire Cardassian Empire.

“Is this the reason you started this brawl? That you see conspiracies everywhere?” Daned asked angrily. Darek sat up, confident in his opinion. “I don’t see conspiracies everywhere, Daned. I see the potential for them. You treat your officers nice, and they get lenient. You give them free berth, and they get ambitious. And then the alliances form and the conspiracies follow. To stay in charge, you cut it off at the roots. It’s all about control, control in every and all aspects. Give them no quarter for error or mistake. Give them no options, and keep them apart, distrustful of each other and afraid of you. Break their self-confidence like you would an eggshell. And then, and only then, are you in control.”

The Third Order

An Empire to Build

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