“Voyager: Mirror Universe”

By Hadrian McKeggan

Published March 14, 2001

Part One

Janeway is sleeping in her quarters. Kim leaves bridge duty. His hand slips down to his knife. No no, He tells himself, not yet. He approaches Janeway’s door. Guarding it is two of her personal guard, Vorik and Hauder. Kim taps his commbadge. Torres, controlling the situation from engineering, acknowledges. Suder and Seska attack a passing Imperial crew member down the hallway. The two of Captain’s Guard race off to deal with it. From behind, Kim enters the code for Janeway’s lock and steps in, and aims his phaser and Janeway’s sleeping body.

Part Two

In seconds, Janeway lurches up and fires at Kim, killing him instantly. Vorik and Hauder rush back to Janeway’s quarters when they hear the phaser fire, dragging Suder and Seska with them. Tuvok, also hearing the noise, rushes up to the quarters. Janeway stands up. “You left your post.” She says, aiming her phaser at both Mr. Vorik and Mr. Hauder. “Captain, Suder and Seska attacked and killed Ensign-” Janeway interrupts. “No excuses Mr. Vorik. Bring Suder and Seska to the agony booth for maximum duration.” Vorik and Hauder turns away, relieved. “Not so fast, Mr. Vorik and Mr. Hauder. You are both to have the agony booth for two hours.” Janeway turned to Tuvok. “Take them away.” Tuvok nodded, and dragged all four away.

“Okay, the room is fully secure. Nothing we say here or do here will be picked up by security sensors.” B’Elanna reports. She turns to the only other person in the room, the one who helped mastermind the recent attempt on Janeway’s life. Commander Chakotay. “We lost nearly everything in that last attempt, Torres. Ensign Kim was too brash, and cost the lives of two of our best operatives.” Chakotay snapped, blunt and too the point. Torres swung her dagger around lopsidedly. “We aren’t out of fodder yet.” She says. “I have been able to ...persuade... Mr. Paris to join our cause. He was easy. I only had to sleep with him once before he revealed his own personal schemes to kill Janeway. He is seeking revenge for when Janeway slept with his father.” Torres smiled at her achievement. Chakotay merely spat. “By the way you put him, he sounds even more gullible than Kim.” Torres shrugged. “Maybe, but he has access to the Conn and he is an easy scapegoat for whatever operations we plan.” Chakotay nodded. “Very well. However, Janeway may be on to us. Though we covered up our tracks well, it is only a matter of time before Janeway discovers that Seska and Suder were working alongside Kim, therefore tracing it to us and discovering the Maquis Conspiracy. So we must act again, and quickly. Here is what I propose we do...”

“You will be able to lower the shields of Voyager when we are in range?” The Hirogen asked. The informant nodded. “I will be able to disable Voyager entirely by the time you arrive.” The skeptical Hirogen asked, “What do you want in return?” “I want immunity from Hirogen hunts, and safe passage through Hirogen space. As well, I want 25,000 Hirogen credits.” The Hirogen nodded. “It is agreed. We shall be at your position in two days.” The informant’s personal screen went blank. The informant turned around and prepared to sabotage the Voyager.

Part Three

The door slid open. Tuvok entered the briefing room. Janeway sat at the Captain’s chair, flanked by four of the fanatically loyal Captain’s Guard. Tuvok himself was flanked with security guards whom he had handpicked and was well paid. “Well?” Janeway queried. Tuvok began his report. “Mr. Suder and Miss Seska, no matter how much I interrogated them, are insistent that they were not collaborating with Ensign Kim, and had acted on a grudge against Ensign Hogan.” Janeway bit her lip. “Unfortunately, there has been incidents recorded previously which point to Seska and Suder’s hostility to Hogan.” Janeway threw her dagger onto the table. It drove right through. “Execute them, now.” She barked. “Already done, Captain.” Tuvok replied. “They were collaborating with Kim. Their timing was too convenient. Tuvok, I want you to kill anyone with any connections to Seska or Suder.” “Unwise, Captain.” Tuvok replied. “This would mean killing many of the Maquis. At the moment, many are sympathize to the Maquis and killing many of them could generate a ship-wide mutiny.” “All right, damn you!” Janeway snapped. “I want you to examine the Maquis very carefully. If you can find any hint of a rebellion, kill them all.” Janeway returned to her good mood, and lounged it her chair, imagining long and painful deaths in the Agony Booth of each member of the Maquis. “Dismissed.” Tuvok and his guards filed out of the room.

Paris tapped his commbadge. lightly as he left the bridge, and into the turbolift. Torres received the beep in Engineering, and fed the necessary data into his PADD, which he had in his pocket. Paris checked the PADD. Janeway was in Holodeck One. Paris cracked a smile, and made his way to Holodeck One. Once there, he deactivated the safety protocols he decided to make some ... adjustments ... to Janeway’s program.

The great leaders. Janeway studied them. Genghis Khan, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Tiberius Kirk ... Janeway considered them excellent role models. So here, in Holoprogram Janeway #1, she sought advice from the grand masters. She would discuss endlessly new purges of her crew, new methods of torture and the best way to keep an Iron Rule on her ship. She found their conflicting opinions quite insightful. She was discussing the most dramatic method of public execution with Kirk when suddenly the room was full phaser fire. Janeway dived, but it was too little, too late. A fatal shot flew towards her — but then, all of a sudden, the holoprogram ended. The room was bare. Janeway collapsed onto the floor. And the lights dimmed.

The Hirogen informant was done. The ship was now fully disabled. None too soon, either, it seemed. A heavily armed squad of Hirogen soldiers beamed onto the ship directly behind the informant. The informant hurriedly turned around. The Alpha Hirogen grimly smiled. “The hunt has begun.”

Part Four

Squad after squad of Hirogen poured into Main Engineering. In moments, the room was theirs. The Alpha Hirogen proceeded to the center of the room. “Should I reactivate power, sir?” The informant asked. The Alpha Hirogen waved the suggestion away. “No. The ship isn’t fully in our control yet. The prey could use that power against us.” More Hirogen beamed aboard, and the existing ones split up and delved deeper into the ship. The Alpha Hirogen pulled up a seat, and began to monitor his men’s progress. The informant stood uneasily beside him.

Shouts echoed through the ship as Hirogen task forces marched on towards their prey. On the bridge however, Tuvok remained calm. “Why is all our power offline, Mr. Vorik?” He asked matter-of-factly and to-the-point. Vorik used his Tricorder to pinpoint the problem. “Someone has deactivated the computer core from engineering.” He responded. Tuvok loaded a phaser rifle. “We will have to reactivate it.” Hauder stood to protest. “Sir, Engineering is swarming with Hirogen!” Tuvok fired, hitting Hauder in the chest. The German Security Officer fell to the ground, and a smell of rotting flesh rose from his spot. Tuvok carefully eyed the other bridge crew, who were all members of security. “Any other ... objections?” He intoned harshly. They all straightened.“No sir.” They said in unison. They would rather face the wrath of the Hirogen then the wrath of Tuvok.

B’Elanna Torres raced out of Engineering. Most of the Engineers were dead, and she was one of the few survivors. She fired a few random shots as Hirogen poured out of Engineering as she raced for Chakotay’s quarters. She took a turn and jumped into a Jefferies tube, losing the Hirogen, at least for the moment. Panting and sweating, Torres makes her way to Chakotay’s quarters via the tubes.

Tuvok and his party avoid another force of Hirogen, but not before two men are downed. “At this rate.” Tuvok mutters, “I will loose the entire force in a matter of minutes.” He orders his men into the Jefferies Tubes. The Hirogen catch up and attack. Despite more casualties, Tuvok holds them long enough to escape into the Jefferies Tubes. They make their way to Engineering, crawling though the dimly-lit mazes.

“Surprise.” The EMH sneers and he downs another batch of Hirogen. The fact that their blasts go though him makes it easy. His Mobile Emitter was programmed to transfer his file to itself in case anything went wrong. So he could now roam the ship at his will. He made his way to Engineering. With any luck he thought I’ll be able to control all the ship from there. The ethic-less EMH cracked another smile, as he saw another unsuspecting group of Hirogen...

B’Elanna Torres continued her upward struggle though the dim-lit and claustrophobic Jefferies Tube. “Don’t move!” A familiar voice barked. Torres looked up. “Captain Janeway! Thank god-” Janeway cut her short as she pointed a phaser rifle at Torres. “Paris told me everything. Amazing what information you get out of someone at the end of a phaser rifle. I doubt no-one will cry over his death.” Janeway smiled grimly. “Or yours.” She added. Janeway aimed her phaser. “Or, for that matter, yours, Captain.” The voice was not Torres’s or Janeway’s. Janeway turned around. It was Tuvok’s. “Tuvok!” She said, aghast. “You traitorous pig! You joined the Maquis! I should have killed you long ago.” She spat. Tuvok and all his men pointed their phaser rifles at Janeway and Torres from further up the shaft. “The Maquis Conspiracy would not further my position. It would be illogical to enlist. However, to earn your trust and form an independent conspiracy is far more to my advantage.” Tuvok said not with malice, just the sharp end of logic. However, Janeway knew he was pleased with his victory. Then Tuvok fired.

Part Five

But Tuvok’s phaser shot did not hit Janeway. Vorik pushed Tuvok off target, causing him to hit B’Elanna Torres instead. The Engineer crumpled onto the ground, dead. Janeway took advantage of Tuvok’s momentary confusion, whipped around with her phaser and fired. Tuvok also collapsed, dead. He had underestimated the loyalty of the Captain’s Guard. “We can reactivate the ship’s power from engineering, Captain.” Vorik offered. Janeway picked up Tuvok’s phaser rifle, holstering both phaser rifles with ease. “Let’s get to it, then.” The Captain and members of her Guard and Security where on the move again in the maze of Jefferies Tubes.

The EMH stormed into Engineering. He fired his phaser rifle wildly, gunning down many Hirogen in the process. A few shot at him — and the shots flew harmlessly through him. The Alpha Hirogen ducked, and within moments vanished in a Hirogen transporter beam. The informant cringed and huddled down. Engineering now smelled considerably, with Imperial and Hirogen corpses littering the room. The informant, however, was still alive. Grabbing a Hirogen phaser, the informant looked around. The EMH, oblivious to the informant, was reconnecting the computer. The informant took one shot — and unlike the others, it did not fly harmlessly through the Doctor. The blast hit the EMH’s Mobile Emitter, destroying it, and the Doctor vanished.

It was chaos throughout the ship. Chakotay stormed through the corridors flanked with every Maquis and sympathetic Imperial, finding more and more of both. Slowly but surely, more and more men and women joined him, and they, as one, marched for the Bridge. This time, there would be no stopping the Maquis.

The informant stood around at Engineering, uncertain what to do. The informant stood and looked around Engineering. The informant decided to try to beam over to one of the Hirogen ships. But the informant could find no Hirogen communicators. The only other option, activating the computer core, was out of the question. Imperial personnel would control the ship much quicker and faster than the informant. At that point, a Jefferies panel opened, and a security detail poured out. They trained their phasers on the informant before the informant could react. Janeway moved to the fore. “I should have never let you onboard, Mr. Neelix.” She spat. She then vaporized Neelix, the Voyager’s informant to the Hirogen. Janeway gestured her phaser to a panel. “Mr. Vorik, reactivate the Computer Core.” She barked. Vorik complied. Janeway stationed the security teams at each door and turbolift entrance to Engineering. She would control the ship from here.

On the chief Hirogen ship, the Alpha Hirogen entered the bridge. “The hunt isn’t over.” He snarled. The Hirogen on the bridge flinched slightly at the sound of his raised voice. The Alpha Hirogen calmed quickly. He may have underestimated the prey, but he would not do so again. This time, victory would be his.

“Power is online, Captain.” The warp core started again and everyone took their stations. “Captain! Control has been re-routed!” Vorik gasped. Janeway whipped around, her face filling with venom. “To where?” She snapped. Vorik checked his instruments. “The Bridge, Captain.” Another security officer manning a different console spoke up. “Captain, sensors show four Hirogen ships, the ones that boarded us, on an attack vector!”

Part Six

The bridge shook. “Shields at sixty percent and holding sir!” Chell, a Maquis conspirator, said. “Get us out of here, maximum warp!” Chakotay barked. “Aye.” Chell responded. “The Hirogen are pursuing, and will overtake us in ten minutes.” He reported. Chakotay slammed his hand uselessly on his chair. Things where not going well.

In Sickbay, the EMH rematerialized. His mobile emitter was gone, but no matter. He immediately got to work on the overriding the computer and gaining command. And with his skills, it was only a matter of time.

In Engineering Janeway spat out an order. “I want ship’s systems Vorik, and I want them now!” Vorik nodded. “Already underway, Captain.” Vorik motioned for different officers to take different consoles and they began trying to override. Janeway gripped her two phaser rifles and stood at the turbolift entrance to Engineering. She wasn’t going to give up now, not when she was so close.

“Evasive Pattern Delta!” Chakotay shouted over the particularly harsh Terran Klaxons. “Aye.” Chell said, barely audible. The bridge shook again, more violently this time. Chell was tossed onto the ground by the shock, dead. Chakotay made a desperate lunge for the Conn, and tried to maneuver Voyager out of the crossfire. But his console wasn’t operating.

“We now have control of the ship Captain.” Vorik reported. “About time. Status, Mr. Vorik?” Janeway barked. “Shields at thirty-nine percent and failing. Four Hirogen ships on attack course.” Janeway already had a plan forming in her mind. “Can you tell which ship is leading the Hirogen?” She asked. Vorik looked up. “One of the vessels has more advanced weaponry from the other three but there is no other differences.” The ship shook, and Janeway restrained herself, but many of her security team was less lucky, being thrown about the room into certain death. “Shields at twenty-three percent, Captain.” “Hard about, Mr. Vorik, lock all weapons on lead Hirogen ship and fire.” Janeway said as she gripped a console. The I.S.S. Voyager veered about. The four Hirogen ships were caught by surprise, but bared down on the vessel, smashing through its shields with their weaponry power. But the Voyager held its ground long enough to fire its fatal barrage at the lead Hirogen ship, tearing it to pieces. The other Hirogen ships, with no one to co-ordinate their efforts, withdrew to decide on a new Alpha. Janeway inwardly cursed the fact she was not able to pursue, but the Voyager was bad enough damaged as it was. “It’s over.” Janeway said, somewhat distastefully as she forced herself fully upright. She picked up her phaser rifles, with had been scattered across the floor. “We have got to get to the bridge.” Janeway grimly smiled. “Phasers on stun. We don’t want to deprive them of life without the proper torture, now do we?” At that point, Vorik’s hands desperately flew across the panel he was at. Janeway pointed one of her phaser rifles at him. “Now what?” She barked, her glare piercing Vorik’s Vulcan stoicism. Vorik faltered slightly. “Control is being re-routed through sickbay.” He managed to utter. “Well that’s were we’re going.” Janeway responded.

The Maquis Conspiracy was far from dead. Though they no longer had control of the ship, they had the best co-ordination room in the ship — the bridge. Chakotay and the conspirators monitored the ship, and sent armed patrols through her, and each patrol returned with more allies to the cause. They would master the ship again, and this time it would be decisive.

The EMH was no fool. Already he was making thousands of backups and fail-safes to ensure his survival. Now only the total destruction of every mechanical instrument would kill him. With computer precision, he now began work on the most possible complex command codes to decisively control the entire ship. Artificial Intelligence had finally outgrown its creators. And both the Maquis and the Imperials were doomed.

Part Seven

Janeway and some of her security team recklessly charged through the ship towards Sickbay. So far, she had encountered no resistance, for Chakotay’s heavily armed recruiting groups had not penetrated into this area of the ship. The frenzied Captain snapped a look at each person she found on the corridor, a look which told them to come or die, and which few dared to refuse. Her paranoid grip on control had been loosened, but Janeway was equally paranoid at getting it back.

The bridge was dead. Stations abandoned. Chakotay still sat in the First Officer’s chair, monitoring the situation from his PADD. Maquis Conspirators stood at every entrance point onto the bridge, and from time to time the armed recruiters would return with more conspirators, which Chakotay subsequently assigned to tasks. At this time, an attack on Sickbay was too risky. Though the Maquis dominated over half the ship, Sickbay was not among the areas they had a footing in, and could well be swarming with loyal Imperialists. But it was still only a matter of time.

The EMH monitored it all from Sickbay. The last of his fail-safes had been implemented. He deactivated the artificial gravity. He then changed life support to high concentrations of methane gas. Being a hologram, this would not affect him, but it would be lethal to his shipmates. What was needed to be done was done. Now all he needed to do was wait.

The Hirogen ships had at last chosen a leader. Reassembling their twice-beaten force, but more determined than ever, they prepared to assault the Voyager again, to seize their rightful prey. But the thing that stood between them and that ship, the thing that was preparing to bear down on the Voyager, was so horrifying that suddenly the Hirogen lost their appetite for hunting and veered off.

On the bridge, Chakotay heard his commbadge. beep. “Chakotay here.” He said. Soon he heard the voice of someone he identified as Mariah Henley, one of the first people to join the Maquis Conspiracy. “We have detected a change in the environmental systems. They are going to spout methane gas ship-wide any minute now!” Chakotay picked out the nearest three conspirators. “We are going to Sickbay. Now.” He said.

They were there, at Sickbay. The security team split into two halves, and both flanked the doors at Sickbay from a distance. Janeway stood in the middle, took a few steps back, and loaded her phaser to disintegration. Suddenly, they where weightless. The sudden jolt threw Janeway’s shot off course, it slicing through the roof of the corridor instead. And lethal methane gas vented through the air filters, and the suffocation began ship wide.

Part Eight

Janeway dropped to the floor, and lights dimmed. The methane disappeared, and gravity returned. But why? Janeway lurched up, and signaling to her scattered force, they burst into Sickbay, phasers firing. But there was nothing there to fire at, expect equipment and bulkheads. Janeway tapped her commbadge.“Janeway to Main Engineering.” She snapped. It was not long until she heard “Vorik here, Captain. We have finally been able to reroute control to Main Engineering. Wait —” he said, and Janeway dearly wished she was there to administer pain from Vorik’s Agonizer. “Control has been rerouted to the Bridge, Captain, compensating —” Janeway severed the channel. She waved her phaser rifle in the general direction of the doorway to Sickbay. “We have got to get to the bridge.” She murmured, and they cleared out.

“Regeneration cycle incomplete.” the computer said as Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One disconnected herself from her regeneration chamber. Three years ago, Captain Janeway had attempted to snap her from the Borg Collective and seize as many tactical secrets as she could from Seven’s neural processor. Seven instead pretended to be a willing participant, and indulged information to Janeway. But Seven was, and had never been, such a participant. The link to the Borg Collective was never broken. She was a drone under the careful manipulation by the Queen herself as to seize Voyager. It was an experiment, a whole new way of assimilation. The Borg would implant a drone inside the ranks of a target, to gather surveillance for the attack. With ease Seven disabled Voyager’s systems, wiping her computer core, ending the Doctor’s scheme and his existence. She then counter-vented the methane gas into normal air, restored gravity, and signaled for the Borg Sphere that had stealthily chased the Voyager to proceed.

At last, control of the ship returned to the Maquis. The uneasy Maquis who were standing around on the bridge jumped to the nearest console and in moments the ship was at their command. “Chakotay.” Jarvin said, and he looked up to Chakotay, paler, with multiple droplets of sweat trickling down his face. His lower lip shook lightly as he made his announcement. “One Borg sphere, attack vector sir.” Chakotay hit the railings hard as if it would somehow magically change this. “Red Alert.” He ordered. The lights dimmed and the familiar harshness of Terran klaxons resounded. “Jarvin, plot a course out of here, maximum warp.” Jarvin lurched to the until now unmanned CONN station and swerved the I.S.S. Voyager about on her new vector. The bridge rocked again, slightly. “Sir, they have locked a tractor beam.” Chakotay cursed. “Shake it off, fire at the tractor emitter, anything dammit, just get us out of here.” Suddenly, Borg drones materialized on the Voyager’s bridge.

The Engineer shook his head. “Sir, it isn’t working. We can’t restore main power.” Vorik responded with “Reroute power through the-” Suddenly, Borg Drones materialized in Engineering. One of them grabbed Vorik and injected nanoprobes into his veins. The other Engineer took a shot at one Borg, killing him. The other Engineers whipped up their guns and opened fire. But after a few Borg dead the shots hit the Borg bodily shield harmlessly. In a few more moments, all the Engineering personnel were Borg.

Janeway and her team continued to race through the corridors. There was crew members hectically racing in the opposite direction, and as Janeway turned the corner she realized why. Squads and Squads of Borg where approaching. Janeway lifted up her phaser. “Hold your ground.” She ordered. “No ma’am!” one of the security team interrupted. “We-” Janeway vaporized him. “Hold your ground.” She ordered again. This time, there were no objections. The security team fired valiantly at the advancing Borg, and with continually changing frequencies, they knocked down the entire squadron of Borg. But Borg materialized behind them, and grabbed them. Janeway kicked the Borg attacking her and lunged into the nearest Jefferies tube, leaving her loyal team for to a fate worse than death. Mechanical sounds assured her even the Jefferies Tubes were not empty of Borg, so she weaved through those cramped spaces quickly.

Chakotay and Jarvin, the only of the Maquis Conspirators on the bridge to survive, crawled through the Jefferies tubes. Suddenly, someone grabbed Jarvin by the leg — it was Mariah Henley, another of the Maquis Conspirators. Jarvin turned to her, relived. But his revilement vanished when he noticed her cybernetic implants. The being that was once Henley grabbed Jarvin and forced him upwards, so she could get to his neck, and she injected the nanoprobes. But Chakotay was already long gone. The ship was doomed as far as Chakotay was concerned. His only hope was to get to the shuttle bay and use the Delta Flyer to escape.

One of the spare Borg Drones oversaw the return of Seven to her full Borg form in the sickbay, which had been converted into an assimilation chamber. Re-implanting her ocular implant and doing away with her regenerated hair, re-entering the drone into standard duty parameters now that it’s advanced test function was complete. The Borg could just have easily overcome Voyager with a direct assault, but they had wanted to see if this new form of assimilation was more effective, and the I.S.S. Voyager had seemed to them to be the wisest choice for such a test bed. But it was not necessary for Seven of Nine to put up that human facade any longer.

Chakotay, as he crawled through the Jefferies Tubes, heard a familiar voice. “Stop right there.” Chakotay turned to see Captain Janeway, brandishing a phaser rifle. “Captain!” He said. “I need your help.” Janeway didn’t flicker from her position. “You betrayed me. You and your Maquis Conspiracy. I should have killed you the very moment you came onboard.” Chakotay shimmered slightly. “Look around you, Janeway! This isn’t about internal Imperial matters anymore, the Borg have taken over the ship! If we don’t escape we will die here!” Janeway moved a step closer to Chakotay, phaser still pointing at him. “Escape? Yes, that’s what you’d do, that’s what the Maquis would do, but we don’t. I haven’t lost this battle yet and I am not going to lose it. The Voyager will be mi-” a Borg Drone burst out of a hatch. Chakotay knew he could not convince the Captain to help, for she had gone completely mad over the loss of her ship, and he raced off. Janeway backed up against a wall, and fired, killing the Borg Drone. Another Borg Drone came out of that hatch. Seven of Nine. “You!” Janeway shouted, in disgust at this Borg betraying her too, and fired. The shot hit Seven of Nine’s Borg shielding. Seven of Nine grabbed Janeway with a lethal grip and injected nanoprobes into Janeway’s bloodstream. But Janeway, simultaneously, slapped her rifle over Seven of Nine’s head, terminating the drone’s existence. As Janeway lost her individuality and joined to the Borg Collective, she discovered how they worked and their goals. They both were obsessed with supremacy, and their ideas of human rights and virtues where virtually identical. Janeway saw that there was no need to resist because the Borg where just like her, but with a higher goal and grander scale. Her last independent thoughts where: “I’m going to like being a drone.”

Chakotay dropped out of the Jefferies tube into the Shuttle bay and ran towards the Delta Flyer. He opened her up, and strapped in, and prepared to fire his way out of the docking bay. But behind him the wall collapsed with the efficiently only the Collective had. The individual once known as Janeway entered the Delta Flyer, followed by several other Borg drones. Chakotay looked left, right, any direction that would lead to an escape. There was none. They were all blocked by Borg. He decided then, if he were to die, he’d go down fighting. So he shot past them to the Delta Flyer’s warp core, and the ship, and the entire shuttle bay exploded.

At last, the I.S.S. Voyager was in the control of the Borg Collective. The complete lack of cooperation between the crew, shadowed with corruptions and conspiracies, had led to the downfall of all of them when they had failed to consider the outside elements, such as the Borg. At last the I.S.S. Voyager veered off from its pointless journey home, opting for the more logical destination of deep inside Borg territory. Soon she would approach the Borg Central Ship to be dismantled for parts and equipment, and the many technologies the I.S.S. Voyager encountered, acquired, and had from the start would be Borg. Any attempt of Resistance had indeed been futile.