Episode 103: “Hell on Earth” (Part 2 of 3)

Written by “Krenim”

Published December 19, 2003

In the middle of Starfleet Command, thousands of engineers were at work constructing a gigantic device. In addition, important resources and materials were being beamed to the location from all over the planet.

Next to the device was Scorpius, who was standing in front of a giant screen. Seated in front of Scorpius were the Relativity crew, the Federation President, and several more engineers. Scorpius pushed a few buttons and a large schematic appeared on the screen. “What we are constructing here is basically an extremely powerful version of the subspace drive onboard the Relativity. Energy will be channeled from planetary power reserves through the device. This device will then send out the energy to subspace relay stations also being constructed at regular intervals along the planet’s surface. This will allow the planet to make the transit back to normal space.”

He punched a few more buttons, bring up a map of the galaxy. Superimposed upon the map was a network of orange lines. “During the Earth’s time in subspace, sensors have mapped a great deal of the corridor network. If these readings are correct, the Earth will fortunately arrive at the proper location necessary to make the transit back into the Sol system in only 47 minutes.”

The Federation President interrupted. “Will the device be ready by then?”

“Yes, it will be. But that’s not the major problem.”

Scorpius zoomed in on the Earth’s current location in the subspace corridors. Trailing behind the planet was a gigantic swarm consisting of an uncountable number of red dots. “The Vaadwaur fleet will be within weapons range in only 37 minutes. The Relativity will have to slow the fleet down by performing the Sisko Suicide Maneuver: Engaging an impossibly huge enemy fleet in a tightly constricted subspace phenomenon. Only you won’t have any Prophets to perform a deus ex machina.”

This time Braxton interrupted. “There’s just one problem with all of this. Assuming everything does go to plan and the Vaadwaur fleet is stalled long enough for the Earth to transit to normal space, what’s to stop the fleet from also transiting to normal space and conquering the Earth there?”

Everyone stared at Braxton with their jaws hanging wide open.

Braxton looked back at them. “What? It’s a perfectly valid question.”

Scorpius quickly recovered from the shock of Braxton’s tactical savvy. “Yes, it is a perfectly valid question. Fortunately, I have already taken this into account. As the Earth is transiting to normal space, I will switch polarity on the gigantic subspace drive. With sufficient power, this will seal the subspace corridor network permanantly, trapping the Vaadwaur in their corridors forever. The Relativity will need to jump to normal space at the same time as the Earth or risk being trapped as well.”

Damar asked, “How much power are we talking about?”

“A nearly infinite amount.”

“A nearly infinite amount. I think we can manage that.”

Everyone turned to Kes, who was trying to sneak away. “Oh no you don’t! I told you all several episodes ago that you’d need my power and that I wouldn’t use it for you! So there! And you’re not hooking me up to some crazy untested machine, either!”

Some distance behind the Earth, Gorei chuckled. “Soon the Earth will be mine, and the Federation will bow down before me! Bwahahaha!”

One of Gorei’s nameless lackeys interrupted. “Sir, we’re getting some strange readings from the Earth. It looks like they might be trying to construct some sort of planetary subspace drive...”

What?!?! We’ve got to stop them! Can’t we go any faster?”

“Didn’t you ask that same question last episode?”

“Yes, but nobody answered me!”

“Oh. Well, no, we can’t go any faster. The Earth’s massive gravimetric disruptions are affecting our drives. If we go any faster, we’ll get ripped to shreds.”

“Stupid gravimetric disruptions! The first thing I’m doing once I become all-powerful ruler of the galaxy is outlawing gravimetric disruptions!”

“I don’t think you can do...”

“I said I’m outlawing gravimetric disruptions!”

After much begging, pleading, and blatant humiliation, Kes was finally convinced to be the device’s power source. Ducane, Sulu, and Yar stood in front of the Relativity. The rest of the Relativity crew and the Federation President came out to bid them farewell.

Braxton shook Ducane’s hand. “Good luck out there.”

“You won’t come with us, sir?”

“Nah. My contract says I only have to do one ultimate battle, and I already had that with Janeway.”

The three boarded the Relativity. Those remaining made their way back to where the device was being built. They watched as their ship took off to do ultimate battle with the Vaadwaur fleet...

Gorei’s lackey approached his leader again. “Sir, sensors are reporting a ship leaving the Earth and approaching our position. It’s the Relativity.”

“The Relativity? Open a channel!”

Ducane, Sulu, and Yar appeared onscreen. Gorei smiled evilly. “Well, well, well... Look at who’s shown up to defend their little planet. You have no chance at beating us, you know.”

Ducane smiled back. “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.”

“Oh? And how do you intend to defeat my entire fleet?”

“I don’t need to defeat your entire fleet. You’ll see in a minute...”

With that, the channel closed. Gorei pondered, “What do you think he meant by that?”

Back on Earth, the device was finally finished. Kes asked, “So where do I fit?”

Scorpius pointed to a booth near the base of the machine. At the top was a plus sign, and at the bottom was a minus sign. Kes rolled her eyes. “Of course. Why don’t I just wear a sign that says ‘Energizer’ while I’m at it?”

Damar quickly hid the sign that said “Energizer.”

Kes stepped into the booth. Scorpius took readings. “That’s odd. It’s not working.”

Dax looked at the readings too. “Hmm... What if her feet should be at the plus sign and her head at the minus sign?”

Scorpius nodded. “I think you’re right. Put her back in upside-down.”

Kes was furious. “What? Can’t you just turn the booth upside-down?”

“There’s no time. We’re almost at the transit point.”

Kes got back in upside-down. Scorpius took the readings again. “That’s better.”

Gorei’s command ship shook. One of the generals shouted, “They’ve opened fire!”

Gorei scowled. “Evasive manuevers!”

“And how are we supposed to do that? Our ships are packed in this corridor like sardines!”

“Then raise shields!”

“We’ll have to divert power from the engines for that!”

“Fine! All ships open fire! Destroy that ship!”

“All ships can’t open fire! They’ll hit the ships in front of them!”

“All ships in front open fire, then!”

The Vaadwaur ships leading the fleet opened fire, but the Relativity was able to dodge all incoming fire. It continued to fire its own weapons at the fleet, and the damage they were doing was causing the entire fleet to slow down...

Scorpius shouted, “Transit in one minute! Fifty-nine... Fifty-eight...”

Braxton tapped on the booth. “How are you doing in there?”

Kes’ face was as red as a beet. “All the blood has rushed to my head! Can we possibly speed this up!”

“No can do. We have to time this exactly right.”

Scorpius continued to count down. “Ten... Nine... Eight...”

Ducane shouted, “Earth is preparing to transit! Standby subspace drive!”

“Three... Two... One... Transit!”

The device activated, and Earth began to vanish from the subspace corridors...


The Relativity vanished.

Gorei shouted, “They’re not getting away that easily! Prepare to transit!”

Scorpius flipped a switch on the device. “Reversing polarity. Full power!”

A nearly infinite amount of power surged through the machine. The area began to shake.

Dax shouted, “This thing’s about to overload!”

Damar crossed his fingers. “Just a little while longer... Just a little while longer...”

The device started throwing off huge bolts of energy. Everyone dove for cover.

Unfortunately, not everyone made it. Braxton, who had been right next to the device, got struck dead on and vanished in a blue flash...

Earth and the Relativity completely disappeared. Gorei shouted, “Transit now!”

The Vaadwaur fleet powered up their subspace drives. Instead of disappearing, however, the ships just made sputtering sounds as their drives failed.

Gorei, realizing what had happened, shouted, “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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