Author’s Note: If you’re planning to read the episodes themselves for the first time, you may want to skip this page. There are tons of SPOILERS here!

Like the Star Trek Encyclopedia, Michael and Denise Okuda’s Star Trek Chronology is an indispensible resource for any serious fan—and for many writers, as well. And like the writers of canon Trek, the REN staff has often found it difficult to keep track of events in the complex and diverse background of the Star Trek universe.

This list originally began prior to the series launch, when several writers put together a rough account of events that affected the Federation between the end of DS9 and the start of REN, twenty-five years later. As time went on and the series began to take off, this timeline was actually forgotten for more than a year, as we spent more energy on the scripts themselves. Individual events were not necessarily forgotten, however, and surprisingly enough, this Chronology has survived almost completely intact. Of course, editing and additions have been done to bring it up to speed, and more detailed descriptions have developed as the series tapestry grows.

The Renaissance Chronology is presented as a supplemental to the official Chronology that has been in print for the past ten years. In a few cases, however, we have chosen to include important events that were listed in the original chronology, due to their importance in the REN universe. For the time being, this list does not include entries for the REN episodes themselves, although they will likely be added as time goes on.


Zefram Cochrane launches the warp drive testbed Phoenix, attracting the attention of a Vulcan survey vessel in the area. This unlikely coincidence results in Earth’s First Contact with nonhuman lifeforms.


Zefram Cochrane first coins the phrase, “ boldly go where no man has gone before,” the motto that becomes eponymous with the starships Enterprise more than one hundred years later. (1x13: “Encounters of Chance”)


The Earth-Romulan War ends. The subsequent peace treaty establishes the Romulan Neutral Zone, which separates the two sides and remains the most heavily fortified region of the known galaxy until 2381. (1x03: “Confidence in Princes”)


The United Federation of Planets is founded at the First Babel Conference.


The Klingon Empire subjugates Golia IV, and begins strip-mining the planet for dilithium and other valuable natural resources. (2x19: “Underneath the Sky”)


The first Federation starship USS Enterprise, Starfleet registry NCC-1701, is launched in orbit over San Francisco, Earth. This vessel goes on to become the most famous starship in history, and the namesake of seven successors that continue to serve into the 25th century.


The Treaty of Armens settles a border dispute between the Federation and the Sheliak Corporate. Several systems along the border are ceded to the Sheliak in the agreement.


Captain James Kirk of the USS Enterprise negotiates a truce between the warring planets of Eminiar and Vendikar. (2x20: “A Minority of One”)


The USS Investigator, under the command of Captain Averhill Banks, is trapped by intense plasma storms within the Banks Drift. A rescue mission mounted by the USS Enterprise under the command of Admiral James Kirk is unsuccessful. (2x13: “Mercy Bay”)

Dialogue specifically states that the Investigator was lost 124 years prior to the episode. However, according to previously-established canon, the Enterprise was already relegated to training duty at Starfleet Academy in 2277. Therefore, I’ve moved the date back one year, assuming the Enterprise’s attempted rescue mission took place just prior to its return to Earth.


A Q’tami scoutship crashes on Coular IV. The pilot, Y’lan, survives by placing himself in stasis to await rescue. It is not realized until much later that Y’lan’s ship was attacked not by the renegade Faction, but by the Hegemony. (1x01/1x02: “Aftermath”, 1x04: “Beggars and Choosers”, 1x21: “Faction Protocols”)


The First Khitomer Accords are signed, ending the seventy-year cold war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.


The Vendikar High Council meets for the last time, before it is removed from power in a military coup. Shortly thereafter, Vendikar declares war against Eminiar, and ultimately conquers its long-time enemy. (2x20: “A Minority of One”)


Elizabeth Delfune is born to Alan and Patricia Delfune. (2x08: “Delfune”)


The Federation starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C, under the command of Captain Rachel Garrett, is destroyed while defending the Klingon colony on Narendra III from an attack by Romulan forces. This heroic sacrifice is an important development in Federation-Klingon relations, beginning a renewed peace process that culminates in the Second Khitomer Accords.


Talora is born on Romulus, daughter of Ammanius and Mayli. (2x04: “The Public Eye”)

The Second Khitomer Accords are signed, strengthening Federation-Klingon relations and establishing an official military alliance.

Conjecture, based on the mention of the second treaty in Star Trek: Insurrection, and the warming relations with the Empire that are attributed to the actions of the Enterprise-C.


The Zefram Cochrane High School Parrises Squares team wins a championship game. Elizabeth Delfune was a member of the team. One week afterward, Alan Delfune dies of a heart attack. (2x08: “Delfune”)


Elizabeth Delfune enters Starfleet Academy. (2x08: “Delfune”)


Elris Lea is born on Bajor.


Elizabeth Delfune graduates from Starfleet Academy. (2x08: “Delfune”)


Neil Cross is born. (1x01/1x02: “Aftermath”)

Elris Lea’s mother is killed by Cardassian soldiers on Bajor. (2x21: “The Ground Beneath Her Feet”)


Jennifer Quinlan is born.


Erik Grey is born.

Assumes he was fresh out of the Academy in 2388, for “A Friend.”

A conflict nearly erupts between the Federation and the Sheliak Corporate over a previously-unknown Federation colony on Tau Cygna V, a planet under Sheliak jurisdiction.


The Battle of Wolf 359. A single Borg Cube destroys an armada of forty Starfleet ships. More than 11,000 lives are lost in the battle. It is considered one of the worst disasters to ever befall Starfleet.

Gril Dojar is born on Cardassia Prime.


The Klingon Empire is torn by a brief civil war. Forces loyal to the House of Duras contest the succession of Gowron as leader of the High Council. The rebellion is defeated with the assistance of Starfleet vessels, which blockade the Klingon-Romulan border and expose Romulan supply ships which were covertly providing aid to the Duras fleet.


The Cardassian Union ends its forty-year occupation of Bajor. The Federation offers Bajor assistance in rebuilding its society and infrastructure. Bajor applies for Federation membership.

Starfleet discovers the first known stable wormhole, which leads from the Bajoran system to the Gamma Quadrant, 70,000 light-years away.


The Federation makes First Contact with the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant. The incident is a disaster.


The USS Voyager is stranded in the Delta Quadrant, over 75,000 light-years away, by an extragalactic lifeform called the “Caretaker.”


The Klingon Empire invades the Cardassian Union, conquering a large swath of territory. When the Federation condemns the attack, the Empire unilaterally withdraws from the Khitomer Accords, ending the Federation-Klingon Alliance.


The Borg launch a second invasion of Federation space. The cube ship is destroyed by a Starfleet task force in Earth orbit.

The Dominion annexes the Cardassian Union, gaining a crucial foothold in the Alpha Quadrant.

The Dominion War begins when Dominion and Cardassian forces attack Federation station Deep Space Nine.

During one of the first battles of the war, Alice Cross and her son Neil are captured by the Jem’Hadar; Neil’s father and sister are both killed in the attack. Alice and Neil are confined in a Cardassian internment camp. (1x01/1x02: “Aftermath”, 1x03: “Confidence in Princes”, 3x06: “Nor Bid the Stars Farewell”)


The starship USS Antietam inexplicably disappears for forty-eight hours following a fierce battle at the Bremin Pass. Starfleet conducts a full inquiry into the incident, but no findings are revealed. Antietam Captain Farnam and the entire crew, including Ensign Elizabeth Delfune, refuse to discuss the matter afterward. (2x08: “Delfune”)

After discovering a Dominion plot to launch a sneak attack against them, the Romulan Empire joins the military alliance against the Dominion, and enters into dètente negotiations with the Federation. (2x04: “The Public Eye”)

Gul Dojar is executed by Dominion authorities on Cardassia. His son, Gril Dojar, later observes that the elder Dojar “truly believed” in the Dominion-Cardassia alliance. (1x01/1x02: “Aftermath”, 3x06: “Nor Bid the Stars Farewell”)


The Breen Confederacy allies with the Dominion. In their first attack, they launch a devastating assault on Starfleet Command on Earth.

Resenting the Dominion’s treatment of Cardassians as second-class citizens, Legate Damar forms a rebellion against Dominion authority. Though the movement sustains heavy losses in its first few battles, the cause gains massive support from the civilian population. The Dominion responds by launching a systematic campaign of genocide on Cardassia Prime.

The Dominion War ends after the Battle of Cardassia Prime, when Dominion forces surrender and agree to return to the Gamma Quadrant.

Neil Cross and the other prisoners of the Dominion POW camp on Lazon II are liberated by Starfleet. Neil meets Henry Portman for the first time. (3x06: “Nor Bid the Stars Farewell”)


With the Treaty of Bajor, the Dominion War is officially concluded. All planets in the Cardassian Union with a majority population of non-Cardassians are declared independent states. The Cardassian colonies are given the right to self-determination whether or not they wish to remain in the Cardassian state, and with its capital destroyed and territory reduced, Cardassia ceases to be a major power.

Elris Lea enters Starfleet Medical School.


The USS Voyager returns to Earth after being stranded for seven years in the Delta Quadrant. The ship brings with it a wealth of advanced technology, including quantum slipstream drive, transphasic torpedoes, ablative hull armor, and nanotechnology.


Nearly the entire Romulan Senate is assassinated during a coup led by Reman-backed soldier Shinzon. The only surviving Senators are those fortuitously absent that day, including Ammanius, father of Talora.

Since Ammanius was established to have been a Senator since before the Dominion War (see “The Public Eye”), we must assume that Ammanius was for some reason not in the Senate chambers at the beginning of Nemesis.

Following a planet-wide referendum, Bajor finally becomes a member of the Federation. Vedek Nimella Rosai is instrumental in securing support for the membership. (3x03: “The Case of the Vedek’s Lost Robes”)

A second attempt to assassinate Martok and a mutiny of a portion of the Klingon fleet threatens civil war. Martok is able to mitigate the latter problem by promising to expand Klingon territory into the Beta Quadrant, and the mutiny ends soon after. The news gets a cool reception at Earth, which had never favored the Empire returning to its old ways of military expansion.


The Treaty of Tarsus IV officially partitions the planet Benzar (divided since its liberation from the Dominion) into Federation and Romulan sections after disputes concerning its ownership. (1x19: “Dance”)

The Klingon Reform Party is founded, after the passing of the election motion, and puts forward candidates for the High Council. The Party’s founder, Kroleth, also has the more sweeping vision of the Klingon Government becoming ultimately democratized.

The Klingon fleet sent to the Beta Quadrant, numbering some 300 in total, investigates mysterious ships passing through nebulae and never returns. No more attempts at expansion are made.


Federation-Romulan ties are cemented in the Treaty of Remus, which promises a lasting peace between the two states and the gradual dismantlement, in phases, of the Neutral Zone.

The Orion Syndicate subjugates the pre-warp planet Zelos Prime and establishes a massive strip-mining operation. (2x25: “The Last Temptation”)

Neil Cross enters Starfleet Academy.


Emperor Kahless, titular ruler of the Klingon Empire, dies of a rare and virulent strain of rop’ngor. Suspicions that Kahless was assassinated are investigated, but never proven.


Napoch, the Chairman of the Klingon Reform Party, begins to purchase weapons, ships, and other military equipment from the Cardassian black market and begins to hire mercenaries and disgruntled Imperial soldiers. This is later considered the end of the political Reform Party and the birth of the terrorist Reformist movement.

Erik Grey enters the Starfleet Marine Academy. One of his most influential professors is Sarah Cage, a Professor of Engineering. (2x19: “Underneath the Sky”)


Enkidor, a planet with a primarily Cardassian population in the former Demilitarized Zone which opted to join the Federation after the Dominion War, rebels. Although this rebellion is primarily supported by anti-Federation, Cardassian terrorist organizations and is supported by a minority of the population (the majority truly being content with Federation authority), it is the first instance of an uprising against the Federation in its entire history.


Neil Cross graduates from Starfleet Academy.


Neil Cross and Elris Lea meet for the first time, at Cross’s first posting out of the Academy. (1x06: “Day In...”, 1x07: “...Day Out”)

The Reformists destroy a Klingon space station in the Gamma Eridon system. Although the station was weakly defended and of little tactical importance (chosen because it was the weakest target the Reformists could yet attack), it was effectively the opening shot of the early Klingon Civil War—often called Napoch’s War, because of the dominance of his personality during this early stage.

Nev Hadl challenges his brother, Narv Hadl, for leadership of the clan. After Narv is defeated in ritual combat, he chooses to leave home and join Starfleet. (1x17: “The Call of Duty”)


A mining accident at the Dyson Corporation-run colony on Horunis III kills more than 5,000 people, and propels Horunis IV into interstellar space. (2x17: “Heat Rising”)

The Sheliak Corporate claims ownership of the Tellar System, citing the movement of the Tellarite star into Sheliak territory due to stellar drift. The Sheliak demand that the Federation remove the population from the planet and cede control. (1x17: “The Call of Duty”, 1x22: “Men of War and Science”, 2x08: “Delfune”)

The Sheliak War begins. Despite fervent diplomatic efforts, the Sheliak refuse to consider any alternative. As their fleet threatens to attack Tellar, the Federation is forced to declare war.

The Sheliak launch a series of lightning thrusts into Federation territory, seizing several colonies along the border and laying siege to the Tellar System. The first known use of the biological agent Tu’nahcangla is documented during the Battle of New Quebec.


Erik Grey graduates from the Starfleet Marine Academy. (2x19: “Underneath the Sky”)

Neil Cross and Elris Lea are married on Bajor. (3x02: “Regression”)

The Battle of Boreth. The Reformist-incited disturbances explode into a full-scale guerrilla war when the Reformists, intent on crippling Imperial morale, defeat a small fleet stationed there and seize the planet. The attackers are quickly driven out of the system, but not before the Reformists take many historical artifacts related to Emperor Kahless with them. Reformist propaganda declares that this act has proven Napoch to be selected by Kahless to rule the Empire, and Reformist documents concerning Napoch start to refer to him as “heir to Kahless.”

Erik Grey and Karl Schann first meet in the Marine barracks on Ipsus. (3x04: “A Friend”)

The Federation suceeds in driving the Sheliak assault fleet from the Tellar System. A subsequent attempt to invade Sheliak territory is swiftly defeated.


A brilliant Sheliak general, Snhol, leads his infamous and embarrassing raid through Federation territory, leaving widespread destruction on seven planets behind the front lines.

Federation President Oliver Kahn pledges to commit Federation resources to the full and to halt the Sheliak menace.

Shortly after Snhol’s lightning campaign, which passed not that far from Trill, the Trill Planetary Defense Navy is formed, with the purpose of defending the planet from the Sheliak.

Starfleet launches the Phoenix Class Starship Development Project, which is charged with designing a next-generation heavy cruiser for Federation defense.

Napoch continues his guerrilla campaign of destruction and devastation throughout the Empire and proves to be nearly unstoppable. Numerous colonies in the Empire are forced to break away, as Reformist forces seize control of various local governments.


The Federation colonies of New Istanbul and Minzara fall to the Sheliak, still under the command of General Snhol. (1x17: “The Call of Duty”, 1x22: “Men of War and Science”)

The Battle of Marcus Base finally turns back the Sheliak invasion. The defense of Marcus Base, under the command of Captain Henry Portman, is mounted by a joint operation between Starfleet forces and Marine units. Lt. Commander Neil Cross and Marine Lieutenant Erik Grey are among the participants in the battle. (1x22: “Men of War and Science”)

The Battle of Praxis. Napoch’s Reformist forces defeat a large portion of the Imperial Defense forces. This battle is the high-water mark of Napoch’s achievements.


Napoch makes an audacious proposal for ending the Klingon Civil War, in which Martok would be granted safe passage out of the Empire and all authority passed to him. General Lor, Martok’s chief of staff, flatly rejects the proposal, and summarily executes any member of the High Council who objects. Later, Reformist propaganda portrays those killed as peace loving “martyrs” who hoped to see the masses of the Klingon people liberated from the tyranny of the Empire—something which conveniently forgets that many of them were the same ones responsible for executing the first “martyrs” of the Reformist movement. (see above)


The Klingon Civil War nearly ends at the Battle of Krisina. Loyalist forces decisively defeat the Reformist fleet, but are unable to pursue when remnants flee after the battle. Napoch himself disappears; although he is presumed killed in the battle, no body is ever found, and the Empire denies any knowledge of his fate. Despite all hope of successfully creating a democratic Klingon government, a significant number of small guerrilla cells continue the fight in distant regions of the Empire. This guerrilla war will continue for the next ten years.

The Battle of Iotia Beta is the bloodiest battle of the Sheliak War for the Federation. The Marine 113th Infantry Battalion suffers some of the worst casualties. The battle is ultimately a success, and the planet is retaken from the Sheliak. (1x17: “The Call of Duty”)

An unarmed Federation science vessel is accidentally destroyed by Romulan Warbird Dornok. The ship’s weapons officer, Sublieutenant Talora, holds herself responsible for the accident. (1x17: “The Call of Duty”)

The Sheliak launch a devastating ground assault on Leonnatus Province, on Ipsus, employing destructive biological and chemical weapons which make it impossible for unprotected humanoids to enter the region for more than three years. (3x07: “Collateral Damage”)


With Starfleet slowly increasing pressure against the Sheliak lines, General Snhol launches a desperate attack against Tellar with a large portion of his fleet. The Second Siege of Tellar begins, and is ultimately much more destructive than the first.

Drell is elected President of the Federation Council. (3x03: “The Case of the Vedek’s Lost Robes”

Carter stated that Drell had already served two terms as President. We assume that the term of office is five years. There is also likely no term limit, since Drell is apparently running for a third term (as of 3x03).


Starfleet launches a multi-pronged assault on the Sheliak lines, seeking to capitalize on the three recent victories. Eighteen Federation worlds are retaken from Sheliak hands, including Iotia Alpha, New Quebec, Tau Cygna, and Minzara. (2x08: “Delfune”)

The Sheliak command, ignoring General Snhol’s protests, withdraws their forces from Tellar and attempts to establish a last-ditch defense at New Istanbul. (2x08: “Delfune”)


Neil Cross is promoted to Captain of the USS Wilmington.

The USS Nightingale is nearly destroyed during a survey mission in the Argolis Cluster. The ship only escapes after separating and deliberately destroying the ship’s engineering section. Following the incident, the Nightingale’s first officer, Lt. Commander Jennifer Quinlan resigns her commission rather than face court-martial for her actions. (1x01/1x02: “Aftermath”, 2x07: “Chasing the Dragon”, 3x05: “Whispers from the Other Room”)

The Sheliak War effectively ends with the Battle of New Istanbul. General Snhol is killed in this action, eliminating all hope of another reversal for the Sheliak. (2x08: “Delfune”)


The Second Treaty of Armens is signed. The Federation offers generous peace terms, allowing the Sheliak Corporate to remain completely intact, with the sole exception of the Tellar System. Captain Elizabeth Delfune is instrumental in negotiating the treaty. (2x08: “Delfune”)

The Federation Council passes the Reconstruction Act of 2395, allotting massive resources to rebuild the dozens of worlds devastated by the Sheliak War. However, this rebuilding program creates a serious drain on resources elsewhere in the Federation, particularly as more and more assets are dedicated to strengthening Starfleet.

The Federation Council also passes the Trill Armed Forces Act, making the ad hoc Trill Navy a permanent organization and granting it authority to patrol its own territory separate from Starfleet.

The USS Enterprise-F disappears without a trace somewhere beyond the Typhon Expanse.

Marine Lieutenant Karl Schann resigns his commission and drops out of public view. It is not learned until later that Schann begins working for Breen interests, running a covert terrorist campaign against the Federation. (1x17: “The Call of Duty”, 3x04: “A Friend”)

Erik Grey transfers from the Marine Division to Starfleet proper, seeking a non-combat Engineering post. (3x07: “Collateral Damage”)


Richard Erwin, Federation governor of the former Cardassian colony Elrakenor, is removed and imprisoned for gross abuse of power. (1x17: “The Call of Duty”)

The Benzar Incident. Following years of mismanagement, the government in the Romulan-controlled half of Benzar is overthrown, and the rebels declare themselves united with the rest of Benzar—and consequently, under Federation control. Seeking to preserve peaceful relations with the Romulans, Federation President Drell orders Starfleet to assist Romulan forces in retaking their sector of the planet. In a surprising and shocking move, Admiral Asante Mkrumah orders an orbital bombardment of Benzar to subdue the rebel factions, killing over twelve million people. The territory is subsequently returned to Romulan control. (1x17: “The Call of Duty”, 2x06: “Shores of Elba”)

For his actions in retaking control of Benzar, Asante Nkrumah is convicted of crimes against sentience. He is stripped of his Starfleet rank and sentenced to life in the New Zealand Penal Colony. (2x06: “Shores of Elba”)

Jennifer Quinlan joins the crew of a non-aligned freighter, led by Devon Kalhoun. The gang is frequently involved in illegal activities, including scavenging, drug trafficking, and weapons smuggling. Later, Jennifer Quinlan and Devon Kalhoun begin a romantic relationship. (1x13: “Encounters of Chance”, 2x07: “Chasing the Dragon”, 2x18: “Outstanding Questions”)

Jennifer Quinlan and Maxwell Coombs (known as “Mac") hijack a Starfleet transport ferrying a load of the toxic chemical Thorium arkenide. (2x21: “The Ground Beneath Her Feet”)

The Trill host of the Ozran symbiont is killed in a shuttle accident. The only available replacement is Narv Hadl, a Gorn serving in Starfleet as a shuttlecraft pilot. The incident is later covered up by Admiral Thel. (1x05: “Unusual Circumstances”, 3x07: “Collateral Damage”)


Following two bloody and destructive ground campaigns, both Klingon Imperialist and Reformists withdraw from the planet Dukhta. (2x23: “Aithalian Lessons”)

Neil Cross and Elris Lea separate. (1x01/1x02: “Aftermath”, 1x06: “Day In...”, 1x07: “...Day Out”, 1x12: “In Sickness and in Health”, 1x26: “Shadows of a New Dawn”, 3x02: “Regression”)

Devon Kalhoun’s gang salvages a derelict Jem’Hadar warship. While on board, Mac ingests a quantity of the drug Ketracel White. Over the next several months, Mac begins to consume ever-larger doses of the White. (2x07: “Chasing the Dragon”)

The Federation organization code-named “Janus” first contacts a Reformist faction, beginning at least five years of manipulation of the Klingon Civil War. (2x18: “Outstanding Questions”, 3x01: “The Lost”)


Neil Cross is transferred to Deep Space Nine, to work on the Voyager Advanced Technologies Project. (1x03: “Confidence in Princes”)

Mac begins to exhibit dangerously violent tendencies, even attacking his crew mates. Fearful of Mac’s increasing aggression, Jennifer Quinlan tricks Mac into raiding a spaceport where a shipment of weapons was said to be located. Instead, he unwittingly attacks Klingon Chancellor Martok and his entourage. The Klingons sentence Mac to life in the Rura Penthe penal colony. (2x07: “Chasing the Dragon”)

The Federation Council passes the Immigration Act of 2398, which severely restricts the movement of civilians from other civilizations into Federation territory. (1x23: “Land of the Free”)


A Bajoran Vedek called Toris Niro claims to have seen the Emissary in a vision, urging him to liberate the Bajorans from the Federation, and anointing Niro as Kai. The extremist Emissarian faction is found, which struggles for Bajoran independence.


The experimental ship USS Phoenix is destroyed during a test of its quantum slipstream drive. (1x01/1x02: “Aftermath”)


The Phoenix-class USS Enterprise is launched under the command of Captain Neil Cross. (1x01/1x02: “Aftermath”)

“Star Trek: Renaissance” begins.