Star Trek: Restoration: Timeline

After the First Dominion War (2376-2391)

2376: Most Jem’Hadar units withdraw from the Alpha Quadrant. However, unbeknownst to the Federation and its allies, several squadrons remain hidden inside Breen space, along with a fully functional shipyard concealed in the Rostat Nebula. Many of the Cardassian Union’s outer colonies are partitioned and occupied, and several sectors of Breen space are annexed by the Klingon and Romulan Empires.

Bajor is admitted to the Federation.

2377: The three "Great Powers" (the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Empire) sign the Third Khitomer Accords, abolishing the Neutral Zone and establishing a solid alliance. The people of the Alpha Quadrant believe that finally, peace has come to their part of the galaxy.

The USS Voyager returns after its seven year journey from the distant Delta Quadrant, bringing a great deal of new information and technology with it.

The Federation Council orders the formation of the Starfleet Military Reserves, a division of Starfleet devoted solely to the defense of the Federation.

2378: Elements in the Klingon High Council attempt a coup against Chancellor Martok, claiming that he has betrayed the Empire by joining an alliance with the Romulans. However, the group does not gather much support among the military and they are defeated within two weeks.

2380: The Ferengi Alliance, under the leadership of Grand Nagus Rom, signs the Third Khitomer Accords and joins the "Great Alliance."

2381: Three Borg Cubes are detected heading towards the Federation. Recent technology developments and information gathered by the USS Voyager allows Starfleet to defeat the Cubes handily before they even cross the border, with the loss of only two starships. (This idea comes from the Starfleet Military Reserves.) While the entire Federation rejoices at the relatively easy defeat of its worst enemy, the attack is nevertheless a disquieting reminder that peace is neither total nor permanent.

2383: Doctor Julian Bashir, Head of Starfleet Medical, uncovers solid proof regarding the existence of Section 31, the mysterious "Black Ops" organization. This revelation nearly triggers a civil war. Many officials in the Federation and Starfleet are understandably horrified that such an organization truly exists. However, over its 200+ years of existence, Section 31 has gathered the support of numerous key officers. When the Federation Council officially denounces this rogue organization, Betazed, Benzar, Minos Korva, and several other planets who suffered during the previous war threaten to secede, claiming that the Federation is unwilling to use whatever means necessary to defend its territory.


2384: In an historic gesture, Chancellor Martok and Praetor Neral agree to hold talks aimed at settling their century-old border dispute in the Khitomer Sector. Unfortunately, Martok’s warship explodes en route to the conference. Though it is never proven, it is believed that the ship was sabotaged by anti-peace extremists.

A new coalition of anti-peace Council members elect K’toth as the new Chancellor of the Empire. Though he agrees to hold the talks with Neral, Chancellor K’toth refuses to relinquish the Empire’s claims to the entire Khitomer Sector, and neither side can reach an agreement.

2385: Klingon warships increase their patrols in the Klingon-controlled region of the Khitomer Sector.

Not outright war— but it’s getting close.

The Federation, citing the Klingons’ refusal to negotiate, officially pledges support to the Romulan Empire.

2386: The Klingon Empire withdraws from the Khitomer Accords.

2387: Klingon and Romulan forces are reduced in the occupied Breen territory. The Breen government signs a neutrality pact with the Federation and the other empires, and most occupying forces, aside from a few patrols, are withdrawn to be concentrated on other fronts..

Naturally, the Breen use this opportunity to build up their forces again. The Jem’Hadar too have been steadily building a fleet of almost 15,000 attack fighters. (Surprise!).

2388: War? Not all-out, but a big problem

The Second Dominion War (2391-2410)

2391: The Dominion "comes out of the closet" and officially resumes its control of the Breen Confederacy.

2392: The Federation and the Romulans attempt several invasions of the Dominion. The Dominion denounces these attacks as "assaults against the accepted government of the Breen people." While the Dominion ferociously defends its territories, it does not launch any more invasions, instead focusing on fortifying its position in Breen and Tholian space.

Starfleet ceases its attacks on the Dominion, concentrating instead on building up its own military. Unfortunately, the Dominion still posesses an astounding ability to quickly build ships and breed soldiers, and Starfleet is never able to assemble a large enough force to take on the Jem’Hadar.

2393: The Battle of Bajor. An Dominion transport detonates a chroniton bomb inside the Bajoran Wormhole, killing the inhabitants known as the Prophets. The wormhole itself remains intact Dominion once again invades the Federation, first capturing Bajor, Deep Space Nine, and the Bajoran Wormhole. The Dominion, for the first time over 20 years, once again has a link to the Gamma Quadrant. Although Starfleet and the other powers have greatly improved their strength and technology and mount a formidable resistance, the Dominion still has numbers on its side.

The Dominion threatens the Cardassians. They end up re-joining the Dominion.

a "planet hopping" strategy

2394-2397: Starfleet and the Romulans valiantly fight the Dominion invasion. In the past 20 years Starfleet developed improved technology and dedicated warships to fight the Dominion, but even their best efforts are not enough. The Dominion slowly gains ground, and although Starfleet is able to delay the advance several times, they are unable to recapture any of their lost territories.

2394: The Battles of Caldik Prime and Portas V. Starfleet and the Romulans gather for a massive strike against Portas V, a major Breen shipyard and Jem’Hadar breeding facility. Unfortunately, Dominion agents learn of the planned attack and send a fleet to ambush the attackers. The two allies not only manage to defeat the Jem’Hadar attackers, but still carry out their assault on Portas V. They manage to severely damage the shipyard but are forced to leave when Breen reinforcements arrive. Despite the 45% casualty loss, both the Federation and the Romulan Empire regard the battle as an important victory.

more in here about dom getting held up a little.

2396: The Dominion attacks Betazed and Bolarus IX, despite heavy fighting, the Fourth Fleet actually manages to repel the assault on Betazed. However, the Dominion quickly masses a second attack force to strike at the wounded Starfleet forces, and after the second battle, Starfleet is forced to retreat.

2397: Andor and Vulcan are conquered. The Jem’Hadar are now in striking range of the capital of the Federation, Earth.

2398: The Battle of Alpha Centauri. The Federation 1st Fleet (which includes more than 4,000 starships at this point) is defeated in a disastrous battle.

The destruction of the Federation Home Fleet leaves Earth undefended. Rather than face orbital bombardment, the planetary government surrenders to the Dominion.

While the Federation Council itself manages to escape, attempts to rally the remaining members of the Federation fail; some planets choose to surrender, while most of the others are invaded and occupied over the next eight months.

2399: Following the defeat of the Federation, the Klingon High Council signs a treaty of full alliance with the Dominion, and begins a series of attacks against the retreating Romulan fleet. The Klingons, in their eagerness to destroy their ancient enemy, recklessly lose a disproportionate portion of their fleet to the Romulan defenses.

2400: The Romulans, now the only independent major power and fighting a war on three fronts, surrender to the Dominion and are occupied.

2401: Remnants of Starfleet and Romulan forces gather outside Dominion-controlled space. They agree to form one single, united force pledged to resist Dominion rule. Only about 120 ships comprise this force, but the fleet selects an uninhabited planet in the Takara System approximately 400 light years beyond Dominion space and settle there to rebuild their forces. By remaining completely out of sight and inactive aside from their home system, they manage to avoid Dominion detection.

2404: The Dominion begins conquering the numerous smaller nations and planets surrounding the Federation, including the Talarians, the Miradorn, the Orions, the Tzenkethi, and Cardassia.

The Klingon Empire, still licking its wounds from the Romulan invasion and dealing with popular discontent regarding the government’s apparent betrayal of the Federation, refuses to support the attacks.

2405: The Dominion, angered that the Klingons basically used their war as an excuse to attack the Romulans, revokes the Empire’s "allied status" and begins attacking its territories. Within months, the Klingon Empire surrenders, and joins the growing number of occupied territories in the Alpha Quadrant.

Some resistance groups spring up.

The Occupation (2410-2594)

2410 - 2480: Relative peace settles among the worlds of the Alpha Quadrant. The Dominion is careful to avoid the mistakes made during the occupation of Cardassia Prime. The Founders allow each planet to handle its own domestic affairs; in theory this gives the people a measure of self-government, but in reality these governments are only a mouthpiece for Dominion policy, and the Vorta supervisors retain iron grips over their territories.

Resistance groups gradually begin to form in the conquered territories. However, the Jem’Hadar are extremely proficient at maintaining the "peace," and the groups are unable to take any major action. Nevertheless, they continue to hurt the Dominion wherever and whenever they can. They also begin stockpiling any weapons and ships that they can get a hold of.

2427: The citizens of Mars riot against the Dominion, protesting the unfair treatment they have received in regard to their colonies. Jem’Hadar soldiers crack down on the rioters; hundreds of thousands are killed as the soldiers use excessive and lethal force against the protesters.

2428: Outraged by the bloodshed on Mars, the resistance groups begin outright attacks against the Dominion, and the populations of numerous worlds riot against the Jem’Hadar. This brief rebellion lasts no more than four months; the resistance fleet is wiped out in the attacks, and the riots are brutally suppressed.

The few remaining resistance cells go deeper underground, realizing that the Dominion is too strong to confront at this time.

2436: Dominion scientists develop a practical Quantum Slipstream Drive. The entire Jem’Hadar fleet is refitted within 5 years, and the Founders begin expanding their territory throughout the next decade by conquering numerous smaller races beyond the territory of the old Great Powers.

2444: In an effort to promote "peace and prosperity," the Dominion makes the Slipstream Drive available for civilian use.

2450’s: Using freighters equipped with Slipstream Drive, large groups of refugees escape Dominion-occupied territory towards the Delta Quadrant.

2461: What would have been the 300th anniversary of the foundation of the Federation. The milestone passes nearly unnoticed.

Fortunately for the Dominion, the Borg attack. The return of this feared enemy unites the races of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants with the Dominion against the Borg.

2463: Jem’Hadar respond, and destroy the Collective. The removal of this grave threat to the galaxy greatly softens the people’s view of the Dominion.

2465-2580: An unprecedented period of quiet throughout the quadrants. There are no major conflicts; the Dominion begins to focus more on securing and "winning over" the races which it already controls. With the Borg defeated, many of the races now begin to at least tolerate the Dominion.

The Resistance also remains quiet during this time, realizing that few would welcome an interruption to the longest period of peace in the known galaxy.

2583: The Dominion first encounters the Q’tami, a group of extragalactic beings who settled in the distant Beta Quadrant. The Q’tami are the first major interstellar power which the Dominion encountered since the ending of the War. Early intelligence reports indicate that the Q’tami may posess technology beyond that of the Dominion.

The Founders begin a massive effort to bring the Q’tami under control, a task made more difficult by the fact that the Q’tami are different from every other race of "Solids" which the Founders have encountered.

2587: The Dominion openly invades the Q’tami Union. The Q’tami mount a formidable resistance, and the Dominion drains considerable resources from the Alpha Quadrant worlds to continue the fight.

2593: The Dominion conquers New Tamor, the Q’tami capital. The new occupation of a major power revives the memories of the old Alpha Quadrant worlds, and many people begin to consider the Dominion again as conquerors, not protectors.

The Rebellion (2594-2619)

2594: A Jem’Hadar patrol stumbles upon a small group of ships orbiting the agricultural colony on Bekiran II. Most of the vessels are unarmed transports, but they are escorted by several fighters belonging to the Resistance. After wiping out the ships in orbit, the Jem’Hadar attack the colony, which had been providing the ships with medical supplies and food to be taken to refugees living in "The Alley." Over six hundred thousand people are killed. The Resistance conducts a number of raids against outlying Jem’Hadar outposts and patrols in revenge.

2594: The populace of the Alpha Quadrant reacts strongly to the massacre at Bekiran II. There are riots on a number of worlds, including Earth, Romulus, and Andor. The disturbances are violently crushed by the Jem’Hadar.

2595: Jem’Hadar attack the mining colony on Janus VI, claiming that it is an important staging area for the Resistance. While a few ships attempt to defend the colony, there are no real military resources on the planet, and no Resistance ships at all. Almost 150,000 people are killed in the assault.

2596: Earth, Romulus, and Bolarus IX declare independence from the Dominion. Ferenginar and New Tamor soon follow. The Dominion sends a fleet to Earth to quell resistance, but they have been caught by surprise by the sudden, radical move, and the small force of Jem’Hadar is defeated by Resistance ships in Earth orbit. A few cities suffer damage, but it is nothing compared to Cardassia or Bekiran II.

2597: While pursuing a small rebel force in the Topakin System, the Jem’Hadar fire a subspace distortion explosive. The subsequent subspace tear not only destroys all of the rebel vessels, but continues expanding and causes severe damage to the biosphere of Topakin III, one of the major Derlan civilian colonies before collapsing in on itself. Several thousand people are killed, and the survivors are forced to abandon the colony because the subspace shock wave caused the atmosphere to begin transforming into a class-H environment. While the Dominion claims that this "unfortunate accident" was caused by undetected gravimetric distortions in the region, popular opinion turns ever more against the occupation.

The inhabitants of numerous planets, including Derl, Bajor, and Andor rise up against the Dominion.

2598: T

2599: The Allied Council is formed to coordinate military forces among the rebelling Alpha Quadrant powers.

2600-2610: The Allied fleet makes continuous gains among the occupied worlds, and by 2610, Ferenginar, Cardassia, Qo’noS, and Tholia have all been liberated, though vast regions of the planets have been devastated during the struggle. Earth in particular loses over 350 million citizens when the Jem’Hadar adopt a "scorched Earth" policy while abandoning the planet.

Many of the liberated planets form provisional governments to manage domestic needs while the Alliance fights the Dominion. Among these new governments is the Earth Confederation, the Romulan Sovereignty, and the Q’Tami Union. Each of these establishes a network of planets which share domestic needs and establish the foundation of a united government.

2603: The Jem’Hadar bomb Andor, one of the key organization points of the rebellion. Many Andorian cities are totally destroyed, and almost 900 million citizens are killed. The Dominion, it seems, has forgotten the lesson it learned from its defeat on Cardassia over two centuries before.

The Allied Council approves design and production of the Resolute Class, a heavy battleship intended to take on the largest Dominion warships and to be a symbol of the Rebellion.

2612: An allied attack force closes the Bajoran Wormhole using an advanced quantum singularity warhead. This cuts off the Dominion from any quick reinforcements or escape.

2612-2616: Numerous battles continuously whittle down the Dominion fleet. The Resistance’s hit-and-run tactics are highly successful in keeping the Jem’Hadar off balance and causing disproportionate damage to the enemy while taking relatively few casualties for themselves. With the Dominion’s attention drawn in too many directions at once, the Alliance begins systematically destroying the Jem’Hadar breeding facilities and shipyards. By 2616 less than 15,000 Jem’Hadar ships remain, compared to the 55,000 which the Dominion maintained during the Occupation and the 20,000 warships during the First Dominion War.

2613: The USS Enterprise, first battleship of the Resolute Class, is launched and becomes flagship of the Allied Fleet.

2616: A fleet of Jem’Hadar reinforcements from the Gamma Quadrant approaches Ferenginar. However, "wear ’n tear" on the Dominion fleet from the four year journey, combined with early warning of the attack, allows the Allied forces to gather a large force and destroy a large portion of the Jem’Hadar reinforcements before the others manage to escape.

2617: A faction of the Breen military defects from the Dominion, and joins the growing forces of the Rebellion. This fundamentally shifts the odds of the war, as this is the first time in the history of the conflict with the Dominion that the Alpha Quadrant powers ever enjoyed superiority in numbers. Almost every race of the Alpha Quadrant has made a contribution to the ever-growing Allied Fleet.

2618: The Battle of Galorndon Core. Allied forces attack a large Jem’Hadar fleet in orbit of the planet, which was preparing for a massive retaliation against Romulus. Fighting against overwhelming odds, the fleet valiantly attacks the Dominion, and towards the end of the battle is aided by the sudden appearance of the "renegade" Breen fleet.

2619: Allied forces attack Breen, where the last remaining Dominion forces have taken refuge. In a situation similar to the final days of the First Dominion War, the Jem’Hadar fight to the last, but many lives are saved by the when supposedly "loyal" Breen warships turn on their Dominion allies.

The Restoration (2620-Present)

2620: With the threat of the Dominion gone, Andor withdraws from the alliance. Despite impassioned pleas from Earth, Romulus, and Ferenginar, the Tholian Assembly, the Klingon Empire, and numerous smaller governments also withdraw to focus on rebuilding their own worlds.

2621: The Earth Government suggests a conference to plan a joint rebuilding effort. However, most of the worlds don’t even have the necessary resources to help themselves, let alone work with others. Only a few governments attend the meeting, but those who do (including the Romulan Sovereignty, the Q’Tami Union, the Cardassian Union, and a few individual planets) manage to establish some common ground. These governments agree to share what technology they have which is needed but emphasize that no planet should sacrifice their own people for another’s.

Little is actually accomplished at the Earth Conference, but it is an important symbol of interstellar cooperation which will become crucial in the coming years.

2623: a revenge attack on Andor by the Jem’Hadar. Some ships try to help but are disorganized. Several million are killed.

2626: A rare strain of the Telurian Plague breaks out on numerous worlds, including Bajor, Qo’noS, and Vulcan. A few planetary governments attempt to send aid, but working seperately, they can do very little to help. After over 15 months of disorganized research, a cure is found, but over 1 billion people have died on the 50+ worlds hit by the plague.

2629: In the aftermath of the plague, the Earth Government invites representatives from numerous planets to convene a summit to discuss a plan for unification. Relatively few governments send representatives, but it is a start.

2630: After much debate, the representatives at the conference agree to adopt the Articles of Federation after making a few minor modifications to its wording. Seventeen out of the twenty-one planets represented there sign the Articles. The others, Andor included, refuse to join for several reasons. First, they claim that the Federation failed over two hundred years before, and would not survive long this time either. Many are also hesitant to join another interstellar organization, reluctant to give up their hard-won independence. However, despite the objections it is a monumental event, and many hope that it is the beginning of a new era of peace for the region. List of Members of the Federation

2631: The series begins - the official founding of the United Federation of Planets.