Episode 19: “A Pair O’ Docs, Part I”

Written by “Krenim”

Published February 24, 2001

Out in deep space, a mysterious rift in the fabric of time appears, spitting out a small yet mysterious ship. The ship’s computer confirmed its position to its occupant. 4D position confirmed. 29th Century. UTS Relativity 1.5 light-years away, bearing 035 mark 34.

The occupant, shrouded in shadow, was none too pleased. “This isn’t the galaxy’s largest ball of twine! Oh well, this was the next place I had to go... Set course for the Relativity!”

Meanwhile, on the Relativity’s bridge, the Doctor exited the turbolift. “You wanted to see me, Captain?”

Braxton got up and turned to face the Doctor. “Yes, Doctor, I did. I’ve decided that I’ve decided to grant your request to have you modified into a ECH.”

The Doctor’s face lit up. “Yay! I’m going to be an Emergency Command Hologram!”

Braxton shook his head. “Emergency Command Hologram? No, I meant Emergency Cook Hologram! I haven’t eaten a bite since we were on Voyager at the beginning of the series!”

The Doctor rolled his eyes. “We have replicators, you know...”

“Yes, well, every time someone uses one of those things, someone gets trapped in them with the safeties off.”

“You’re thinking of holodecks, you moron!”

“Oh... Well, in that case, your request is denied. Dismissed! That’s Starfleet for ‘get out’! And it’s Bolian for ‘brain tumor’!”

Just as the Doctor was about to go back to Sickbay, the ship went to red alert and the warning klaxon went off. Braxton got back in his chair. “It’s just one thing after another around here, isn’t it? What’s wrong now?”

Ducane checked the sensors. “There’s a small ship heading towards us at Warp 9.9999999999999999999!”

“How long until it gets here?”

“It’s already here, sir. It was going so fast, it got here before I could finish telling you it was heading towards us.”

“Wow, that’s fast! Hail the ship, Ducane!”

The bridge of the other ship came onscreen. It was dark, and no one on the Relativity could see the occupant well at all. A voice came over the comm. “So, Captain Braxton, we meet again!”

“Yes, we do! Uh, we do?”

“Yes, we do! Let me turn on the light, which just happens to be turned off right now as a plot device...”

The mysterious figure got up and went over to a light switch. The lights went on revealing... The Doctor!

Braxton got a really confused look on his face. “Wait a minute... How can you be over there and over here at the same time? How can this be happening?”

Ducane rolled his eyes again. “Sir, he’s no doubt from another time. Remember how we just managed to resolve the plot line of your evil temporal clones?”

“Oh yeah... I had forgotten about them. Or him. Whichever. Anyway, what do you want, you other Doctor, you?”

The other Doctor grinned. “Just as moronic as ever, eh, Captain Braxton? Anyway, you may call me Future Doctor, because I am here from the future, and I am here to make sure all that has happened will happen!”

Braxton clapped his hands in excitement. “Oh goody, is this where we finally get to find out how the 31st Century Doctor from ‘Living Witness’ is here in our time?”

“Yes, it is!”

“Alright then, get on with it!”

“First, we travel back to the 24th Century Delta Quadrant, where we will set the beginnings of this time loop into motion!”

“Back to Voyager again? Do we have to? I really hate those guys...”

“Yes, we have to! You and I will use your temporal transporter to go back in time!”

“Temporal transporter? I completely forgot about that thing... Wait a minute, if we have the ability to transport across time and space, what am I paying you for, Sulu?”

Sulu starting crying. “I don’t know! I just wanted to be in the new series! And besides, I don’t get paid!”

Back in the 24th Century Delta Quadrant, Captain Janeway was once again annoying Tom Paris with her impatience...

“Are we there yet?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Are we there yet?”


“Are we there yet?”

“No, we’re not there yet! We won’t get back to Earth for another 60 years!”

“Wait a minute, aren’t we only 30 years away?”

“This is early in the fourth season, when we’re 60 years away, we pretend Kes never existed, and Seven saves the ship in every episode with her nanoprobes.”

“Ah... Are we there yet?”

Just when Tom was about to get up and beat Janeway senseless, Captain Braxton and Future Doctor beamed onto the bridge.

Janeway got up and whipped out her phaser. “Alright, who are you and what are you doing on my bridge?”

The Doctor stepped forward. “Don’t you recognize me, Captain? It’s me, the Doctor! I’ve come back from the future!”

“That must be why I didn’t recognize you. You sure have aged a lot.”

“I’m a hologram! I don’t age! I look exactly the same as the day I was first brought online!”

“Well, if you say so... Who’s your friend?”

Braxton stepped forward as well. “Don’t you recognize me, Captain? It’s me, Captain Braxton!”

“You’re not Captain Braxton! I’ve met Captain Braxton, and you’re not him!”

“You won’t believe how often people tell me that. You’d almost think I looked completely different at one point in time...”

Janeway put her phaser away and sat back down. “Alright, now that we’ve established who you are, tell me what you’re doing on my bridge.”

The Doctor handed Janeway a small boxlike object. “I’m here to give you this. I’m sure you’ll find it quite useful.”

Janeway studied the device. “Ooh, it’s just what I always wanted! What is it?”

“It’s a holomatrix storage device. You can use it to make a backup of the Doctor from your timeline.”

“Hey, we could really use one of these things! Thanks a lot!”

“You’re welcome, Captain. Come on, Captain Braxton, we’ve got to go back to the Relativity to set up the next part of the time loop.”

So, Braxton and Future Doctor beamed away, leaving Janeway with the holomatrix storage device...

To Be Continued...

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