Site Updates: 2008 Archives

December 13, 2008

Fair notice for anyone trying to contact me by e-mail: I've had to tighten the SpamAssassin settings on my mail server, because more spam has been getting through to my inbox lately. My apologies if your messages are getting junked; try sending a longer, more coherent message; those are less likely to get caught in the filters by mistake.

December 7, 2008

Sorry for the outage yesterday evening. Some freak glitch (apparently while my site was being moved between servers) caused a whole bunch of files to disappear. Fortunately, I’ve got a backup for all my static files on my own computer, and the guys at midPhase were helpful in getting my server-side apps back up and running. There should be no further problems.

Browser Distribution pie chart, December 2008: Internet Explorer, 45%; Firefox, 40%; Safari, 7%; Opera, 3%; Chrome, 3%; Other, 2%.

Now please excuse me while I do a little bit of gloating....

Earlier this week, a lovely bit of news came out: Internet Explorer hit another milestone, dropping below 70% usage. Hooray for people making intelligent choices! So I decided to do a little bit of digging into my stats and see what kind of visitors STM has been getting these days. The results were interesting, compared to the last time I took a look.

No, not the part about IE shares being even lower. I imagine that a lot of you who visit my site tend to be more technologically aware, and so I’m not surprised to see fewer people using that bane of the web. What surprised me (in a good way) was how there seem to be more people visiting with “alternative” browsers; that is, browsers other than IE and Firefox. —Not that I don’t like Firefox, it’s a good browser. I just think that greater browser diversity is a good thing. That, and I’m partial to WebKit myself. 😀

Here’s hoping these trends continue!

December 4, 2008

I’ve done some minor clearing out of old, outdated links to other websites. Most of them just point to a saved version in the Wayback Machine, but a few of them either got removed completely or updated to point to a newer, equivalent page. (The ship comparisons page was a big offender here.)

November 15, 2008

How’s this for a blast from the past? From deep in the darkest corners of the Internet, I have miraculously stumbled across a lost episode of “The Weakest Link” series by “Cureboy”, forgotten for over seven years: The Trek Captains Edition! Have the defibrillator standing by!

October 24, 2008

Hold on to your hats, folks: I’ve got an actual content update!

...Well, a small one, anyway. I’ve been slowly collecting a few extra images that I could find scattered around the ’Net for the starship comparison charts. All four charts have a couple of extra items listed on them. (Most are from Stargate.)

October 18, 2008

Yeah yeah, no updates, nothing new.... Well, not much, anyway. I took a little time to correct a few omissions in the Series ? Dramatis Personae.

June 20, 2008

“I’m not dead yet!”

While doing some housecleaning, I found a whole raftload of new logos by Kris that have been sitting on my hard drive for forever. They’ve been uploaded and added to the list.

As for anything else interesting... well, I’m still so busy with my actual job — the learning never ends, and I love it! — that I’ve not had time to work on much actual content. Well, aside from this one project I’ve been working on, though it’s not directly related to this site.