Site Updates: 2000 Archives

December 31, 2000

Happy New Year!

The links page has been updated yet again.

“Cureboy” has returned with two new episodes of The Voyager CoronaryChapter 11: “Pray for the Prey” and Chapter 12: “The Killing Game of Scrabble”.

December 8, 2000

There are a couple of new pages available in the Humor Archive, most notably a Creator Con schedule.

The links page has again been updated.

November 27, 2000

Due to an unfortunate instance of plagarism, The Voyager Coronary has been updated with a more precise statement on the same page.

The links page has been updated again.

November 14, 2000

I’ve finished a small project that I’ve been working on recently: a starship size comparison chart. It shows a bunch of starships from Star Trek, Star Wars, and Babylon 5. I hope to add more ships later on as I find more graphics. Beware! This image is nearly 700 kilobytes!

I also updated the links page.

October 30, 2000

Both The Voyager Coronary and The Trek Coronary have been updated with new stories. Now available: The Wrath of Chakotay, Part II, Janeway’s Therapy, Chapter 10: “Basics Training”, and “Wolves in the Folds of Fat”.

October 21, 2000

Now available are the first products of my “Website Weekend.” I am once again working on the History of the Romulan War, and I just uploaded the sketches for all ten chapters, plus a large number of graphics and maps that go along with it.

October 19, 2000

Congratulations to Sean of the LCARS Computer Network, which has received this month’s Explosive Site Award.

“Cureboy” has started writing a sequel movie - The Voyager Coronary II: The Wrath of Chakotay! Also check out the two new movie posters I created here.

October 12, 2000

The first of my new Subspace Cafe articles is now online – a review of a recent Babylon 5 episode, “By Any Means Necessary.” Four stars!

There have been a number of new chapters of The Voyager Coronary recently, including Chapter 9: “Unizero Matrix, Part Two”!

I've also added a few more books to The Bookstore.

September 27, 2000

The Subspace Cafe has been redesigned! Now, it's basically a soapbox for science fiction of any kind, whether it be Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, or any other kind of sci-fi.

A few weeks ago I announced that STM had become an “ Associate.” Now, the Sci-Fi Bookstore is a part of STM.

September 26, 2000

A new chapter of The Voyager Coronary is available – Chapter 7: “The Q Threshold”!

Presenting a new feature in the Humor Archive, a spin-off of the wildly popular The Voyager Coronary... STM presents: The Trek Coronary!

September 21, 2000

In case you didn’t see the announcement on the home page, Babylon 5 will begin airing this Monday on the Sci-Fi Channel. I encourage everyone to watch it!

A new chapter of The Voyager Coronary is available – Chapter 6: “Dreadnought vs. Juggernaut!

September 15, 2000

Congratulations to Philip Blaiklock of You Can't Do That On Star Trek!, the winner of this month’s Explosive Site Award.

A new chapter of The Voyager Coronary is available – this time, “Cureboy” does the story of “Unizero Matrix”!

September 11, 2000


Given the numerous problems that have cropped in the past month, I’ve decided to withdraw from the Captain’s Table Webring. Apparently the entire site has been down for over a week and there’s no sign of it starting up again. On top of that, I was not pleased with the changeover that happened last month (the ring was formerly known as the Quantum Continuum Webring). So I’ve removed the code from my page, and whenever the site comes back online, I’ll take the site off the list.

Now for your reading pleasure, I have posted the timeline of events for my History of the Earth-Romulan War. And this is only a hint of what’s to come! I included a table of contents so you can see the updated sequence of topics that I’ll address in the various chapters. And I think that you’ll agree that this is one huge project!

On a related note, I have rearranged the main Starfleet Academy page somewhat to accomodate some new plans.

You may also have noticed that I have become an “ Associate.” I have plans to retool the Subspace Cafe a bit and turn it into a review and opinion page, rather than a “debate forum.” I thought this would be a good place to provide ideas and recommendations for some of my favorite books.

September 9, 2000

Cureboy has posted another episode of “Janeway's Therapy”— Chapter 3: “The Twisted Elogium”! Also added: Chapter 4: “Moron Maneuvers”

September 6, 2000

Star Trek Day” is fast approaching. Remember to commemorate the anniversary of our favorite television programs. Click here to learn more!

September 5, 2000

Special thanks go to Bernd of Ex Astris Scientia for his Ex Astris Excellentia Award!

September 3, 2000

The links page has been updated and reorganized yet again.

“Cureboy” has posted a new series of stories from The Voyager Coronary: Janeway's therapy sessions!

August 29, 2000

“Cureboy” has posted part four of The Voyager Coronary: The Slow-Motion Picture!

August 28, 2000

I have added a new feature story to the Humor Archive: Star Trek: Voyager - Survivor!

August 27, 2000

A belated congratulations to Graham Kennedy of the Daystrom Institute Technical Library, which is the winner of this month's Explosive Site Award.

“Cureboy” has posted part three of The Voyager Coronary: The Slow-Motion Picture!

August 14, 2000

After coming back from vacation, I made the unpleasant discovery that there were a number of links broken due to my URL change. I was sure that I set the links properly, but my HTML editor messed it up for me. Argh. Please let me know if there are any more broken links.

From now on, I will never announce the next feature to come. At this point, the History of the Romulan War has been so delayed that I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed with the result. 😀 The article should be up sometime before Labor Day weekend (first week of September), which is when I head back to college.

August 9, 2000

There’s a whole slew of updates tonight!

First, I have done a major-minor update to the format of this site. I have reduced the font size on most of the pages to make it a bit more presentable on Windows browsers. I hope it looks better for you.

I have also changed the URLs of several main pages, namely the intro pages for Starfleet Reference Databank, Starfleet Academy, and the Humor Archive. If you have bookmarks to any of these pages, be sure to update them.

I’m still working on the History of the Romulan War. I have updated the page to show you the notes I have typed so far and the new graphics I've added. Special thanks go to Masao Okazaki for his help!

“The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae” passed a major milestone yesterday– STM has had more than 1,000 visits in less than a month!

Finally, the Quantum Continuum Webring has changed hands, and is now renamed the Captain's Table Webring. I don't know how I feel about this new style – it seems like it's a ripoff (even the image) of copyrighted books published by Pocket Books. However, I think I'll remain a member for now.

August 1, 2000

Bernd Schneider, the administrator of the Subspace Comms Network, has created a special Star Trek Day 2000 forum to commemorate the 34th anniversary of Star Trek, coming up this September 8th. Support Star Trek Day!

July 30, 2000

I really, honestly, and truly am working on the History of the Romulan War now. I’ve got the basic outline for the first few chapters, but I need to flesh it out. It’s more work than I realized!

I’ve also uploaded the photos to complement the first part of my Australia Tour story. If anyone cares, that is...

July 28, 2000

I’ve changed the layout of Star Trek: Restoration a bit, mainly just to make the font a bit smaller. This way I can fit a bit more information on a page.

The submissions script for The Subspace Cafe is now fully armed and operational. (Armed? Never mind...) 😀

July 26, 2000

I’ve updated the links to make them a bit easier to read (I hope).

July 24, 2000

Given my recent time management difficulties (see below), the “History of the Romulan War” will be delayed for a few days.

In the meantime, I’ve fiddled a bit with Star Trek: Restoration. I’ve updated some of the maps and character data.

There's also a basic size comparison chart added to the Wolf 359 Memorial.

I’ve also updated the Site Updates page yet again to make it a bit more user-friendly.

July 21, 2000

I've decided to make this page into my own little “Hello World!” page as well as the site updates. From time to time I'll need to kvetch and vent or just plain make excuses– so here are mine for why there was no update yesterday.

I'm currently working on the rewrite of the first few chapters of the History of the Romulan War. Hopefully it will be up either late tonight or tomorrow.

July 19, 2000

Bernd has added my site to the member list on The Subspace Comms Network Forum. I hope that this discussion board becomes an integral part of my site.

July 18, 2000

There are still some problems with the CGI script. (Naturally!) But the actual submission process works now, it just won't return you to the main page. I want to compliment my host here,, which has provided excellent tech support regarding these bugs. They even helped me edit the code and the script! If you see this, thanks, guys!

I suppose I need to add some substance, so I'm adding a page and some scanned photos from my Australia Tour. (I know it's not Trek, but my family has been bugging me about it for the past 3 months, so here it is!

July 17, 2000

Currently I'm working on installing the CGI script for submissions to The Subspace Cafe. However, I can't get the “Submit” button to run the script properly. Hopefully it will be ready by this time tomorrow. 😀

I've also changed the headers in the Starfleet Academy section so the insignia look a little better.

July 16, 2000

I've submitted my site to the Intrasearch engine, which provides a search of all the content of this site. I hope you find this useful!

“Cureboy” has also posted part two of The Voyager Coronary: The Slow-Motion Picture.

July 15, 2000

The first Explosive Site Award has been presented to Ex Astris Scientia. Congratulations, Bernd!

You may also have noticed that I have joined two webrings, the Quantum Continuum Webring and the Final Frontier Webring.

July 14, 2000

On the advice of some of the first visitors, I have added a navigation bar to the bottom of each page. I hope this makes viewing this site a lot easier!

July 13, 2000

“The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae” goes up today– finally! All files are included except for the Starfleet Reference Databank, which will not be available for some time– I need to find a special server for it. Read my about my problems regarding SFRD here.

I had hoped to get this site up in late January, but delay after delay, miscommunications, and other problems (mainly dealing with money) kept this thing from getting started for months. At least, it gave me more time to add material. I'll be continually expanding many sections of this site. “Starfleet Reference Databank” still needs some work, I'll be developing my Restoration series, and I can put pretty much anything I want into the “Starfleet Academy” section.

So here it is. I hope you like it.