Site Updates: 2001 Archives

December 31, 2001

The next Renaissance installment, Episode 1x11: “Foreign Territory”, is now available. Stay tuned next week for an episode written by yours truly, entitled “In Sickness and in Health”.

December 25, 2001

Merry Christmas to all!

The next Renaissance installment, Episode 1x10: “Reflections”, is now available.

This past weekend I finally purchased some software that I’ve had my eye on for months: Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks Studio. Expect some updated and improved page layout and design updates in the coming weeks as a learn this new tool. As a preview, check out the updated version of STM’s banner.

December 18, 2001

The next Renaissance installment, Episode 1x09: “Between Two Worlds”, is now available.

December 15, 2001

I’m currently busy writing an upcoming episode of Star Trek: Renaissance, Episode 1x12: “In Sickness and In Health...”, so I won’t have a chance to make some updates for the next week or two.

However, I’ve taken the time to revive an old STM tradition, the Explosive Site Award. Congratulations to this month’s winner, TrekMania!

December 11, 2001

The next Renaissance installment, Episode 1x08: “Clear Blue Sky”, is now available.

December 8, 2001

I’d hoped to finish installing a new poll CGI, but unfortunately I’m still encountering the usual problems. So I’m relying on a script for now. Tell me which section of STM is your favorite!

The banner exchange has been reorganized and updated with some new sites.

December 7, 2001

I’ve finally added a new feature to the Humor Archive— straight from the Trek BBS, I bring you Jason Reichstetter’s Berman and Braga parodies!

I’ve done a revision of some of the website-related files:

You probably already noticed the new links on the main page. All of these will be added over the next few days.

I’ve added an About this Site page that includes some history and background of STM and some other related information and statistics.

The Disclaimer and Copyright Notice has been updated with some new information and a related link.

I’ve added a new website search engine, which is a CGI script hosted right here at STM.

The links page has received a major update. All links are now updated and verified.

More changes to come!

December 3, 2001

Star Trek: Renaissance update— Episode 1x07: “...Day Out” is now available. Also, we have finally released an image of the last main character, Y’lan.

December 2, 2001

‘Krenim’ has written another three episodes of Series ?, Episode 45: “Barcode”, Episode 46: “Silicon Valley Avatar”, and a very special anniversary episode, Episode 47: “Fortyseventhspace”.

I’m working on a number of functional updates to the site, including a new site search engine and a poll, which will hopefully be ready in a day or two.

November 24, 2001

I’ve added two more JavaScript games to the Humor Archive: Falcon Fighter and the Towers of Hanoi.

November 19, 2001

Finally, a long-overdue update to the Humor Archive:

There are four new JavaScript games available: Battleship, Minesweeper, Peg, and Colorball. More to come as soon!

There’s a new page about The Gender of Computers.

Star Trek Minutiae’s Bizarre Search Terms have been updated.

Coming soon: The Berman and Braga series by “Turd Ferguson” of the Trek BBS.

November 17, 2001

The Advanced Starship Design Bureau section has received a big update. Follow the “updated” signs.

The next Series ? episode is out— Episode 44: “For the World is Holo and I Have Touched the Sky”.

November 13, 2001

The Star Trek: Renaissance section has received another small update. Check out the sections for Cross, Talora, Quinlan, and the Enterprise.

The next Series ? episode is out— Episode 43: “We, Evil Braxton”.

The VantageNet site search engine has apparently been disabled. I am currently working on installing a new search program on my site.

October 24, 2001

The Star Trek: Renaissance section has received another update. Episode 1x06: “Day In...” has finally been released. Also, take a look at the newly released images of the crew in the Character Pages.

The next Series ? episode is out— Episode 42: “No, You Can't! Yes, I Khan!”.

October 8, 2001

The Star Trek: Renaissance section has received another update. Check out the new Character Pages and read about The USS Enterprise.

The next Renaissance episode, 1x06: “The Probe”, has unfortunately been delayed due to unexpected difficulties.

The next Series ? episode is out— Episode 41: “I Genics? No, Eugenics!”.

The Bradbury Class at the Advanced Starship Design Bureau has received an update, with images of a new, detailed 3D model.

September 29, 2001

The Star Trek: Renaissance section at “Star Trek Minutiae” is now fully updated! Check out the latest episode, “Unusual Circumstances”.

September 27, 2001

Star Trek: Renaissance has released the fourth episode of the series, “Beggars and Choosers”. Look for the fifth episode, “Unusual Circumstances,” coming this Saturday.

The Advanced Starship Design Bureau section has finally received an update. There's new images and information for the Andromeda Class, the Istanbul Class, the Korolev Class, the Merced Class, the Sequoia Class, and the Surak Class.

“Krenim” is on a roll with another two episodes of Series ?, Episode 39: “A Whale of a Time” and Episode 40: “Free Game”.

September 16, 2001

Yes, “Star Trek Minutiae” has finally returned from the dead!

First, I must apologize for my long absence. Real life and online obligations kept me from devoting much time at all to this site over the last two months, and I never really had a chance to spend some time updating the site. After a while, I began planning one big return event... but that event somehow kept being postponed. Anyway, I’m not here to make excuses. I’m here to make up for my absence!

You may recall that I am a member of the Star Trek: Renaissance fan fiction project. Star Trek: Renaissance is a fanfic project depicting events in the Alpha Quadrant after the Dominion War with an original ship and crew. The series is a mixture of political intrigue, exploration and character-driven drama with a definite story arc running in the background. Like its canon cousins, the series is written in standard script format and divided into seasons, each lasting for 26 episodes. Beginning from the two-hour pilot episode “Aftermath,” we hope to bring you a new episode each week.

For the past eight months, we have labored in secret, working to develop a high-quality series concept that we could all be proud of, and to write the first episodes of that series. On September 8, 2001, Renaissance burst into the open with its impressive premiere episode, “Aftermath”. A week later, we released our second episode, “Confidence in Princes”. Our third episode, “Beggars and Choosers,” is scheduled to be released this coming Saturday. Episodes will be released each week after that on Saturday morning.

I hope you all enjoy this (IMNSHO) high-quality series about the future of the Federation and the entire Alpha Quadrant.

There’s a new article for the Romulan War project: a brief history of the Archer-class and Curran-class system patrol cruisers, by Masao Okazaki.

STM has acquired one of the first images of Captain Archer’s pet dog, Porthos. Many thanks to “Spaceman Spiff” of the TrekBBS!

“Krenim” has written another three chapters of Series ?, Episode 36: “The Mighty Winn”, Episode 37: “Reflective Surface, Reflective Surface”, and Episode 38: “The Search for Hawk”.

Many of STM's visitors have found this site through search engines— I’ve compiled a list of some of the most bizarre search terms that have lead to my site.

New to the Humor Archive: “Kegg” has written a series of DS9 Monologues.

The links page has been updated.

July 19, 2001

I’ve updated the starship comparison chart at the Battle of Wolf 359 Memorial.

“Cureboy” is back with another coronary-inducing parody, “Star Trek X-10-Ten: The Rise of Janeway”. Please support Tim’s petition, asking the writers of Star Trek X to continue their plans for a small role for Captain Janeway in that film. (In recent weeks, a group of Anti-Voyagers have started a petition asking the writers to stop their plans for the cameo for Kate Mulgrew. —Who’d think that anyone would hate Janeway that much? ... So Tim started a pro-Voyager petition of his own!)

July 13, 2001

“The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae” celebrates one year on the web! For this special occasion, I’ve designed a new front page interface that is hopefully more streamlined and quicker to download. Expect some other new features in the days to come!

Added to the History of the Earth-Romulan War— a list of all ships of the UESN which served during the war. I’ve also updated the timeline.

“Krenim” is back with another chapter of Series ?Episode 35: “The Long Arne of the Law”.

June 16, 2001

Congratulations to The Computer Core Dump, winner of this month’s Explosive Site Award!

June 15, 2001

There’s a big update to the Advanced Starship Design Bureau today— many thanks to “drbob” for allowing us to display his excellent models of the ASDB designs!

I’ve finally finished working on a large starship size comparison chart of all Starfleet ships, including those featured in the Starfleet Museum and the ASDB.

“Cureboy” is back with two more chapters of The Weakest Link— the Trek Children Edition and the Vulcan Edition.

June 12, 2001

“Kegg” has added another chapter to his “Third Order” series, “Warfare Concealed”.

“Krenim” is back with another episode of Series ?Chapter 34: “The Al-ternative Factor”.

June 4, 2001

Something special today— there's finally a picture of me online! Check out the Miscellaneous section and scroll towards the bottom.

I’ve added the final section (for now) of my photo album— a few miscellaneous photos of my three cats and from a play I participated in in 2000.

June 3, 2001

“Cureboy” has returned to us with four more parodies, including “The Endgame to End All Endgames”. There’s also three other pages, based on the hit game show The Weakest Link. There’s the Voyager Edition, the Trek Villains Edition, and the Trek Women Edition.

“Kegg” has written the tenth chapter of his “Third Order” series, “The Tides of Fortune”.

I’ve added the photos from my hike along the Appalachian Trail (1999) to my photo album.

June 2, 2001

It’s not Star Trek, but after being pestered by a number of family members I’ve finally started posting some of my photos in an online photo album. I decided to stop pretending to write that long story about my trip to Australia, but the pictures are still there, along with the rest of the ones which I hadn’t yet scanned from that trip. If anyone else actually cares, take a look and enjoy!

The links page has been updated.

May 27, 2001

My father and sister are riding in the Tour des Trees, a 600-mile bike trek from Minneapolis, MN to Milwaukee, WI in August 2001. The Tour raises funds for research for the care of trees in our urban forests. Please support the Tour des Trees!

There’s another page added to the Humor Archive, an old e-mail poem which made the rounds a few years ago: “Abort, Retry, Ignore?”.

May 26, 2001

I have added a poll to The Subspace Cafe. Tell us what you think of the new Enterprise concept. I plan to update this poll every two weeks.

“Kegg” has written a new chapter in the “Third Order” series: “The Relentless War”.

I’ve added a new story to the Humor Archive which I found buried deep in my old e-mail files: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Borg.

I’ve also updated a couple of the pages in the History of the Earth-Romulan War section.

The links page has been updated.

May 23, 2001

Congratulations to this month’s winner of the Explosive Site Award, HispaTrek!

In tribute to the conclusion of the inimitable The Voyager Coronary and the upcoming Voyager series finale, I’ve finally written the conclusion of The Voyager Coronary III: The Search For “Cureboy”.

“Kegg” has added another story to his collection, “A Dish Best Served Cold”, part of the “Third Order” series.

The Banner Exchange has been updated.

May 11, 2001

“Kegg” is on a roll, having just published a multi-part story about a Dominion-Borg War.

May 10, 2001

There’s a small update to the Humor Archive, including a couple of new pages.

“Kegg” has added a story to his ”Third Order” series, entitled “Changing Times”.

I’ve updated the search results page— something I forgot to do in the big site reorganization back in March.

May 9, 2001

Today we bid a sad farewell to “Cureboy,” who has decided to retire his keyboard after writing the final three chapters of “The Final Thrombosis” — Chapter 5: “The Afterbirth of the Federation”, Chapter 6: “The Best of Both Borg Queens” and Chapter 7: “Game Over”.

“Kegg” has also written another chapter of his series, “The Third Order” — “Once More Unto the Breach”.

“Krenim” has written the next chapter of Series ?, Chapter 33: ”The Best of Both First Contacts”.

April 29, 2001

Congratulations to Five-Minute Voyager, the winner of this month's Explosive Site Award! (Yes, I know it's woefully late... again.)

The links page has been updated.

“Krenim” has written the next episode of Series ?Episode 32: “The Best of Both First Contacts, Part I”.

“The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae” has just set a new record for itself— 249 visitors in one day! (4/27/2001)

April 27, 2001

There’s a new course at Starfleet Academy— Engineering 102A: Starship Recognition Protocols. The fleet charts are provided by Bernd Schneider of Ex Astris Scientia.

“Krenim” has written the next chapter of Series ?, Chapter 31: “Treachery, Faith, and the Great Machine”.

“Cureboy” has also written two new chapters of “The Final Thrombosis.” Presenting Chapter 3: “The Year of Swell” and Chapter 4: “The Battle of the CGI Starships”.

April 14, 2001

“Kegg” has written a new chapter of “The Third Order,” “Silent Wrath”.

“Krenim” has also written the next chapter of Series ?, Episode 30: “The Episodes of Heck, Part III”.

I’ve updated the search index— sorry for letting it slide for so long.

April 10, 2001

“Cureboy” has written a new chapter of “The Final Thrombosis,” called Chapter 2: “Hope and Fear... and Morons”.

“Krenim” has also written the next chapter of his parody, Chapter 29: “The Episodes of Heck, Part II”.

The Deep Space Nine: Horizons project has been forced to move its petition due to the closing of the website they used. If you haven’t yet signed the petition for a Deep Space Nine movie or miniseries, please click here!

April 2, 2001

I hope you all enjoyed my little April Fools Day joke... <grin>

“Cureboy” has started writing another Coronary series to coincide with the final seven episodes of Voyager. Presenting The Voyager Coronary: The Final Thrombosis!

“Krenim” has also posted the next episode of his own parody, Series ?Episode 28: “The Episodes of Heck, Part I”.

I’d make more excuses, but I’m sure you’re tired of reading them. So I’ll just tell you that I hope to have more of the Earth-Romulan War project finished up sometime soon.

April 1, 2001


March 27, 2001

It’s a good day for parodies! First, there is the final “Janeway’s Therapy” chapter: Chapter 25: “All Good Therapies...” He’s going to start something new soon, though!

There’s also the first chapter of the new season of Star Trek: Series ?Episode 27: “The Charge of the Fire Brigade”.

March 25, 2001

“The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae” has set a new record: more than 1,000 visitors in a month — and the month isn’t over yet! Thanks to all the people who visit!

There’s a new story by Hadrian McKeggan in the Academy Literature section— The Third Order: “The Conventions of War”.

An update on the Star Trek: Renaissance project— we have a first draft of the pilot in the works, and suffice to say we’re very excited at how this project is coming together! Expect more updates and some background info on the series to appear in the coming weeks.

The links page has received a small update.

March 19, 2001

There’s a new story by Hadrian McKeggan in the Academy Literature section— The Third Order: “The Art of War”.

March 18, 2001

“Cureboy” has another parody — Chapter 24: “Flesh and Blood and Those Bloody Holograms” — plus a surprise up his sleeve, which will be revealed in a few days!

March 15, 2001

Massive update today!

First, congratulations to Hobbes, webmaster of the Federation Starship Datalink, the winner of this month’s Explosive Site Award!

An images update to the Earth-Romulan War articles — I’ve got a page on the San Francisco-class patrol cruiser, an article on an ion storm which nearly destroyed a UE task force, and two after-action reports, along with a bunch of new maps and images. It’s not Chapters 2 and 3 like I promised, but I think you’ll enjoy this stuff!

There’s a whole new course at the Starfleet Academy. Literature 215: Short Stories - Fantasy is now available, featuring a selection of narratives by Hadrian McKeggan.

March 11, 2001

Just a small update today — Krenim has the next two episodes of Star Trek: Series ? up, including the Season 1 Finale!

“Cureboy” is back again with another chapter of Janeway’s Therapy: Chapter 23: “Little House on the Dark Frontier”.

March 8, 2001

Presenting a new feature in the Humor Archive — Star Trek: Series ? by Krenim!

A new addition to the Interstellar Treaties database: Convention on the Prohibition of Subspace Weapons. This was the document alluded to in Star Trek: Insurrection — the one that the Son’a had refused to sign.

March 4, 2001

There’s a new episode of The Voyager Coronary today— Chapter 22: “May the Workforce Be With You”.

I have extraordinary news for the Crusade for Crusade! I can't believe I forgot to mention this here earlier— a week or so ago, the Sci-Fi Channel announced that it will be airing the thirteen original episodes of J. Michael Straczynski's Crusade starting in April.

March 3, 2001

A new feature at the Starfleet Academy today: a small database on Interstellar Laws and Treaties. So far I have the documents new to the site include the Organian Peace Treaty (which you can be sure I will revise soon) and the Documents of Surrender which ended the Dominion War.

March 2, 2001

“The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae” celebrates its 5,000th visitor!!!

Just a follow-up update for the Advanced Starship Design Bureau. All files are now up and running. I’m currently working on my own massive size comparison chart to add to the site.

Thanks to “The Void” (VGR), we now have a canon title for an important historical document: The Charter of the United Federation of Planets. The affected documents have been updated accordingly.

March 1, 2001

An enormous update tonight! Mainly it has to do with some important restructuring and related editing. Details below:

I have officially abandoned the Star Trek: Restoration project. I haven't done anything with it in more than six months, and with the official launch of the Star Trek: Renaissance project coming up in the next few weeks (we hope), there's no need for two fan fic series here. The old notes for Restoration can still be accessed through the Miscellaneous section, or via this link.

I’m also working on adding a mirror site for the Advanced Starship Design Bureau. Thanks to Bernd for providing the files and support!

I’ve updated the Starfleet Reference Databank page again to describe my current efforts to make my ultimate database system available to the public.

February 28, 2001

I know it’s pitifully late, but the Explosive Site Award for February goes to Voyager: Lower Decks. Congratulations!

The Links Page has received another major update.

February 25, 2001

Apologies for the long delay between updates again— I've been busy with schoolwork. You know... the stuff you do in Real Life. 😉

There’s a bunch of Coronaries waiting in the wings. First, “Cureboy” has parodies of the latest episodes: Chapter 20: “The Night of the Living Void” and Chapter 21: “The Year of Chell”. Also, “8 of 12” has written another story, “A Simple Glass of Water”.

Geocities recently stopped allowing external image linking... idiots. Therefore, I had to remove a couple of banners and the webring image since they were missing anyway...

We're making good progress on the Star Trek: Renaissance project. Expect a new website to come online in the coming week or two...

February 10, 2001

“Cureboy” has graced us with his presence again, for his demented parody of this week’s Voyager episode: Chapter 19: “The False Profit Prophecy”.

February 9, 2001

A couple of small additions to the Romulan War page: first, a pair of documents pertaining to Earth’s Declaration of War against the Romulan Empire. Second, I removed that huge map from the first chapter of the article — I didn't realize just how big it was before this. My apologies to anyone who had trouble downloading it.

The Links Page has received a major update.

February 6, 2001

“Cureboy” has returned! Now presenting the parody of the two latest Voyager episodes: Chapter 18: “The Lineage-Repentance Combo”.

And finally, yet another plug for the new “Series VI” project. We’ve tentatively decided on a name— Star Trek: Renaissance. New contributors are still welcome! Visit the Star Trek: Renaissance Message Board.

February 1, 2001

The “Series VI” project is coming along nicely, but we’re still in the preliminary stages and anyone’s welcome to contribute!

“Cureboy” has temporarily left us for personal reasons. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to write the next installment of The Voyager Coronary in his honor: The Voyager Coronary III: The Search for Cureboy!

January 30, 2001

Just a tiny update tonight to let you know I haven’t disappeared again...

I’m currently working more on behind-the-scenes projects at the moment, but they have the promise of a big payoff when they're ready. Working with a number of people from the TrekBBS, we are starting serious work on a full-fledged, fan-written “Series VI” project. Anyone is welcome to pitch in! Just visit our new forum at the Subspace Comms Network.

January 26, 2001

Support the Deep Space Nine: Horizons Campaign! This is the official campaign which is petitioning Paramount for a DS9 movie. They have more than 4,000 signatures so far. I’m one of them, and I hope you will be too! Bring back DS9!

January 24, 2001

There are a bunch of new stories for the Humor Archive.

The links page has been updated.

I’ve removed a bunch of the images from the Explosive Site Award page, so it should load a lot faster now.

January 22, 2001

Support the Deep Space Nine: Horizons Campaign! This is the official campaign which is petitioning Paramount for a DS9 movie. They have nearly 4,000 signatures so far. I’m one of them, and I hope you will be too! Bring back DS9!

One more little addition to the History of the Earth-Romulan War page: a copy of the Federation’s Guarantees of Sentient Rights.

There is also another chapter of The Voyager CoronaryChapter 17: “Joe Carey - The REAL Living Witness!”

The Humor Archive has been updated with three new stories.

Finally, I've updated the search mode again. I hope this is helpful.

January 20, 2001

The History of the Earth-Romulan War page has been updated with the full text of the Treaty of Peace. This is not the same treaty as shown in the original Star Trek Technical Manual, but rather an original document written by yours truly.

Also available is an annotated copy of the Articles of Federation.

January 19, 2001

Cureboy is on a roll! Today, we get the Coronary treatment of the latest Voyager episode — Chapter 16: “Shattered, Scattered, and Splattered”!

There’s a huge update to STM’s Font Archive. There are six new Star Trek fonts as well as nine fonts from Babylon 5. The display page has also been redesigned to get rid of those slow-loading graphics.

For your convenience, I have added a search form to the main index page.

The links page has been updated yet again.

January 18, 2001

Congratulations to Star Trek Dimension, the winner of this month’s Explosive Site Award!

A big update to The Voyager Coronary today. First, there’s Janeway’s latest therapy sessions: Chapter 14: “The Imperfection Repression” and Chapter 15: “Someone to Watch Over My Coda”. Also, I found a number of other Voyager-related stories written by “Cureboy” that are sure to send you into heart failure! These are presented in the Voyager Coronary Special Features section.

The links page has been updated yet again.

Finally, I’ve tidied up the History of the Earth-Romulan War section. Yes, I am still working on it!

January 8, 2001

“Cureboy” has written yet another new psychotic episode of The Voyager CoronaryChapter 13: “The Dreaded B’Elanna Depression Arc”.

I’ve also updated the Miscellaneous section, now that the new millennium is upon us.