Site Updates: 2002 Archives

December 31, 2002

The next Renaissance episode is available— Episode 2x11: “Together We Stand”.

December 24, 2002

It’s a truism recognized by virtually every student in the world, but I’ll reiterate it: final exams suck. That’s why there hasn’t been an update in three weeks...

The next Renaissance episode is available— Episode 2x10: “Right There Behind You, Part II”. The episode schedule has also been revised to reflect the unanticipated hiatus.

“Krenim” has published the next Series ? episode— Episode 75: “The Grapes of Wrath of Khan”.

December 1, 2002

“Krenim” has published the next Series ? episode— Episode 74: “Never Ask About Nimbus III!!!”.

The next Renaissance episode is available will be out this week, but is likely to be delayed until late on Tuesday.

November 25, 2002

The next Renaissance episode is available— Episode 2x09: “Right There Behind You, Part I”.

“Krenim” has published the next Series ? episode— Episode 73: “Yesterday’s Relativity.

November 18, 2002

The next episode of Renaissance has been delayed one week due to several unforseen problems, including a computer virus attack which consumed much of Rob’s original draft. The current schedule has been pushed back one week, and normal releases will resume on Monday, November 25.

More of an administrative update than anything else, but I’ve split the Renaissance Technical Manual into separate pages. The original single file had grown to be quite large!

November 11, 2002

A bunch of updates at once— college life dictates this schedule, not my interest! Though if someone could pursuade my professors not to schedule three midterms all in the same week, it’d be appreciated...

The next Renaissance episode is available— Episode 2x08: “Delfune”.

“Krenim” has published the next Series ? episode— Episode 72: “That's Just Prime”.

I’ve also posted the sample answer to the fourth part of the Sector Gamma scenario. Yeah, I’m answering my own question, but I felt like it. So nyah!

November 3, 2002

The next Renaissance episode is available— Episode 2x07: “Chasing the Dragon”.

The REN staff has also announced a new project— the Renaissance Encyclopedia. It’s open to contributions from the fans, so check the SCN board to find out how to sign up.

October 28, 2002

It seems that I never got around to posting an update to the Sector Gamma scenario recently... The third question is up, along with its sample answer. Also the fourth question is posted— a guest lecture by me!

There’s no Series ? episode just yet, but “Krenim” has posted the titles of all the episodes up through the season finale.

October 21, 2002

Another update that’s technically part of yesterday’s— but it makes the updates look more frequent this way! 😉

I’ve finally started the process of updating the ASDB mirror pages. First up is the Andromeda class, the Antares class, and the size comparison charts.

October 20, 2002

“Krenim” has posted another Series ? story— Episode 71: “Harvey²”. As a Farscape fan, I especially enjoyed this one!

October 18, 2002

I’ve finally updated the second question and my answer of the Sector Gamma scenario, along with a background article that I wrote one boring evening.

October 14, 2002

The next episode of Star Trek: Renaissance has been published— Episode 2x06: “Shores of Elba”. Renaissance is now on hiatus until November 4, 2002— but we hope to have a few additions to the website ready in the mean time.

“Krenim” has written another Series ? parody— Episode 70: “Tuesday”.

October 7, 2002

The next episode of Star Trek: Renaissance has been published— Episode 2x05: “I'm Not Scared”.

October 6, 2002

Mark Nguyen has finally started the next phase of the “You're the Admiral!” game, Sector Gamma. Both the first question and first sample answer are up!

Many thanks to “Cadet Sorak” for spotting a major problem with the links to the first season Renaissance episodes. Everything should be back to normal there now!

October 4, 2002

Just a small update— I’ve finally added a respectable set of images for the Renaissance Features page, and re-uploaded the character bios (with new portraits for Season 2).

October 2, 2002

The latest episode of Star Trek: Renaissance has been published— Episode 2x04: “The Public Eye”.

September 29, 2002

Things have started to get a bit busier lately...

Last Monday was the release of Renaissance Episode 2x03: “Homecoming”. It’s been up since Monday, but I never got around to posting a notice here!

“Krenim” has also posted the next chapter of Series ? in which all of sci-fi suffers the consequences of his twisted imagination, in Episode 69: “Villain Worship”.

September 19, 2002

“Krenim” has posted the conclusion of the latest time-twisting Series ? episode, Episode 68: “Enter: Enterprise, Part II”.

I’ve decided to post a list organizing my current (and neglected) projects for this website. Maybe this will help me get cracking on some of this stuff!

I’ve also decided to officially cancel the “Explosive Site Award” competition, mainly for lack of interest on my part. I have been getting only a couple submissions per month anyway, so it’s no great loss...

September 16, 2002

The next episode of Star Trek: Renaissance has been published— Episode 2x02: “Dead and Buried”.

September 13, 2002

Well, it’s a small change, but it’s site-wide: I’ve added the search field to every single page. Fortunately, this task was made infinitely easier thanks to the use of Dreamweaver’s template features... I only had to change three template files, and the rest was automatically taken care of. Man, I love technology!

September 10, 2002

Well, I’m making slow but steady progress... some of the ASDB files are up, as are most of my Miscellaneous pages. In particular, I’m working on a cross-series Sci-Fi Starship size comparison chart— including Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, and a bunch of others. It’s bigger, more detailed, and more accurate than the one that I made almost two years ago.

(Sort of) Good news on the Farscape front— apparently the standing sets are now going to be dismantled and stored, not destroyed. This is a big boost, because even if the series is not picked up immediately, other networks down the line won’t have to worry about the huge cost of recreating the them. I’ve also read that an online petition has already reached a whopping 15,000 signatures in less than three days! Please keep those letters going...

September 8, 2002

In case you missed the huge banners on the front page...

Today is the 36th anniversary of the broadcast premiere of “The Man Trap”, the first aired episode of Star Trek!

Today also sees the return of Star Trek: Renaissance with the second season premiere, “Living in the Shadows”.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. Friday evening, it was announced that the Sci-Fi Channel had decided to cancel Farscape, one of its most popular series. Fans are already trying to send in letters in hopes of saving Moya from the chain saw— because the show’s sets are due to be dismantled some time next week. Click here to read more about it.

September 7, 2002

Technically, this should be part of the same update for September 6, but since the clock currently says 12:59 AM, I'm going to go ahead and say that this is a separate update.

The Humor Archive is now almost fully online again! The only things missing are the Berman and Braga parodies and The Trek Coronary.

However, I have decided not to put the Javascript games back onto my site, because they required a great deal of bandwidth to run. They were never more than a cool thing to try out, anyway— nothing special.

September 6, 2002

This Sunday, September 8, 2002 is going to be a big day. First and foremost, it’s “Star Trek Day”— the 36th anniversary of the broadcast premiere of the Original Series. It's also the first anniversary of the launch of Star Trek: Renaissance, and we'll be celebrating this occasion with the Season Two premiere, “Living in the Shadows”.

In the mean time, Bob Crosswell has released some astounding model work, showcasing the never-before-seen Recreation Deck of the Enterprise-G. Check it out in the updated REN Technical Manual.

September 3, 2002

Could the timeline possibly get any more muddled? Find out when the NX-01 makes its Series ? debut, in Episode 67: “Enter: Enterprise, Part I”.

September 2, 2002

Well, I’ve got a bit of free time before classes start on Wednesday, so I managed to finish converting all of the episodes of The Voyager Coronary. Other Humor Archive stories are my next priority— they'll be updated as time allows.

Star Trek: Renaissance will be returning in less than one week! Keep an eye out for the highly anticipated season premiere, “Living in the Shadows”, on Sunday, September 8, 2002. (The titles of the first six episodes have also been announced, and are posted on the episode listings page.)

I don’t think I actually called attention to it, but I’ve recently compiled a size comparison chart that displays all Starfleet starships that are canon, developed by the ASDB, or designed by Masao Okazaki for the Starfleet Museum. I’ll be working on an alien starships chart at some point in the next month or so, as well.

September 1, 2002

“Krenim” has made good on his threat to drive every Star Trek fan insane in the latest Series ? episode, Episode 66: “A Wolf 359 in Sheep’s Clothing”. Also check out the brand-new Series ? title graphic. (Well, not brand-new, since it's basically a collage of screenshots. Still, it’s a new arrangement and some new parts. You get the idea...)

August 30, 2002

I’ve updated a few more of the pages for Starfleet Reference Databank... such as it is.

The awards pages are also updated... including a new style for the Explosive Site Award, which will be returning in September!

I’m going to be moving in to college this Sunday morning, and suffering through “Orientation” after that... and so I’m unfortunately not likely to make my goal of updating all the website files by the end of the month. I’ll certainly keep working as I have the time.

August 28, 2002

Most of the articles in the Starfleet Academy section have now been converted. Check out:

The Subspace Cafe has also been updated... not that there was much to update there. I’m hoping to finish a reaction/review article in the next few days.

August 12, 2002

It’s a special guest episode of Series ?— penned by yours truly! Check out Episode 65: “Take Me Out to the Holomatrix”.

August 2, 2002

First off, I’ve finally (almost) caught up with my colleagues running the other Renaissance website. The REN Technical Manual is now completely up-to-date. Y’lan’s bio page has also been updated.

I lost all of my previous CGI scripts when I moved to a new server, and so I’ve been trying to get some of the old programs reinstalled. The first one was easy— the search engine— because the creators of that program offered an automated installation feature. Many thanks to Fluid Dynamics Software!

I’ve made a bit of progress in updating the old pages— all of the Star Trek: Series ? episodes are now available.

July 26, 2002

Well, most of you probably didn't even realize it, but I never got around to celebrating STM’s second anniversary on July 13th! I originally planned to have some surprises ready for the “celebration”, but I didn't have enough time to complete my work.

As you've probably already noticed, “Star Trek Minutiae” is boasting a brand-new design, with fancier graphics and a sleek new home page. Under the hood, I’ve also reformatted the site to provide squeaky-clean, industry-standard XHTML code, which should ensure that all pages are properly viewed in almost all browsers. This is all made possible by Macromedia Studio MX, which I purchased in late June. I've been busy redesigning and updating STM since then, but the process has been slow so far because I’ve been taking some college courses over the summer. However, with final exams behind me I hope to get things wrapped up before the end of August.

In the mean time, some pages may have “disappeared” because STM has also moved to a new server. Instead of simply transferring the old pages to the new server only to take them down again in a few weeks (and greatly complicating my attempts to organize the site) I’ve decided to simply upload pages as they're updated with the new code. If you can’t find something, check the Site Index and see if there’s a link to it. If it’s listed but not linked, then it’s not up yet, but should be soon.

July 9, 2002

The Renaissance character biographies have been updated. Please also participate in our new poll (found on the main page) which asks about your favorite episode from the first part of season one.

“Krenim” concludes the latest Series ? cliffhanger with some rather nasty puns, in Episode 64: “Yggdrasil, Part II”.

June 25, 2002

The Renaissance season finale has finally been published! Check out Episode 1x26: “Shadows of a New Dawn”. REN is now on hiatus until September 8, 2002... and I may finally get a chance to do some work on other projects!

June 20, 2002

“Krenim” has graced us with back-to-back Series ? stories! Check out his latest, Episode 63: “Yggdrasil, Part I”.

June 19, 2002

I’ve been extremely preoccupied with Renaissance and Real Life for the past few weeks, so my own episode of Series ? has been delayed. But “Krenim” is back with the next installment, Episode 62: “Everything is Shipshape”.

June 18, 2002

The next Renaissance episode is now available— Episode 1x25: “Hidden Agendas”. Check back next week for the explosive season finale, “Shadows of a New Dawn”!

June 10, 2002

The next Renaissance episode is now available— Episode 1x24: “Paintings on a Wall”.

June 4, 2002

The next Renaissance episode is now available— Episode 1x23: “Land of the Free”.

May 27, 2002

The next Renaissance episode is now available— Episode 1x22: “Men of War and Science”.

The next Series ? episode is now available— Episode 61: “sdrawroF dna sdrawkcaB”.

May 20, 2002

The next Renaissance episode is now available— Episode 1x21: “Faction Protocols”.

May 13, 2002

Star Trek: Renaissance has returned from hiatus with a double feature! Please read Episode 1x19: “Dance” (written partially by Yours Truly), and Episode 1x20: “When on Pakled...”.

May 11, 2002

The Subspace Comms Network has moved to a new location! Check out the new digs.

“Krenim” has posted another chapter of Series ?Episode 60: “It's About Time!”.

April 29, 2002

“Krenim” has posted two more chapters of Series ?Episode 58: “Lachesis” and Episode 59: “Atropos”.

April 20, 2002

“Krenim” has posted another chapter of Series ?Episode 57: “Clotho”.

“Kegg” has published a new double-length “An Empire to Build” story: “Eyes and Ears”.

April 14, 2002

“Krenim” has posted two more chapters of Series ?Episode 55: “Double-Click on the Iconians” and Episode 56: “Way Out With Weyoun”.

April 3, 2002

“Kegg” has written another chapter of “An Empire to Build”— “Do Unto Others”.

The links page has received a minor update.

March 28, 2002

There’s another Series ? adventure up already— Episode 54: “There Are Four Lights of Zetar!”.

March 27, 2002

Renaissance Episode 1x18: “Changing Symphony” is now available. Our apologies for the delay.

“Krenim” has returned with a new Series ? season! Enjoy Episode 53: “...But What We Make”.

“Turd Ferguson” has concluded his Berman and Braga series with the last two chapters: Chapter 9: “Back to the Future” and Chapter 10: “Endgame – The Ultimate Showdown”.

March 23, 2002

“Kegg” has written the next chapter of “An Empire to Build”, “Whisperings of Annihilation”.

Bernd Schneider has updated his Federation Fleet Chart.

March 19, 2002

The seventh (and final) question and sample answer are now available for the “You’re the Admiral!” – Sector Beta scenario.

March 18, 2002

Renaissance Episode 1x17: “The Call of Duty” is now available.

The next chapter of “An Empire to Build”, “Getting to Know the Enemy” is now available.

March 13, 2002

Renaissance Episode 1x16: “Absence of Innocence” is now available.

The next chapter of ”An Empire to Build”, “The River of Blood” is now available.

The sixth question and sample answer are now available for the “You’re the Admiral!” – Sector Beta scenario.

March 4, 2002

Renaissance Episode 1x15: “One of Our Ambassadors is Missing” is now available.

“Kegg” has begun a new series in the Literature section: “An Empire to Build” is a new weekly series based around Elam Darek, from “The Third Order” series. The first episode, “The Final Contingency” is now available.

February 25, 2002

Renaissance Episode 1x14: “Pandora’s Last Gift” is now available.

“Kegg” has published a new story in the Literature section: “Star Trek: First Conflict” is a story about the Mirror Universe crew of the Enterprise-E.

Check out the next chapter of “Berman and Braga”— Chapter 8: “The Wrath of Mr. Mathers”.

February 18, 2002

The fifth question and sample answer are now available for the “You're the Admiral!” – Sector Beta scenario.

The next Renaissance installment, Episode 1x13: “Encounters of Chance”, is now available.

February 7, 2002

“Star Trek Minutiae” now has its opinion polls again! After weeks of fiddling with CGI scripts that I really didn’t understand, I’ve figured out how to get the program to work. So head on over to the polls page and let me know what your favorite section of STM is.

There’s a new chapter of “Berman and Braga Unemployed”— Chapter 7: “Berman's Creek”.

January 27, 2002

The Renaissance Caption Contest has been updated with a new picture. Congratulations to “Balinese Terror” for last week’s winning entry!

“Krenim” has been busy with the final three Series ? episodes of the season— Episode 50: “Right on Q”, Episode 51: “The Recap of Khan”, and Episode 52: “No Fate...”.

There’s also a new chapter for “Berman and Braga Unemployed”— Chapter 6: “The Wrath of Temporal Vortex”.

January 21, 2002

Another addition to the Starfleet Academy section: Command 419: Fleet Asset Management. It’s based on the “You're the Admiral!” threads from the Flare Sci-Fi Forum’s Treknology section. Join in the fun!

January 20, 2002

The Renaissance Caption Contest is now open! This is your chance to ridicule our work and make witty jokes about the REN characters.

Check out a new Voyager Parody in the Humor Archive!

January 18, 2002

New to the Starfleet Academy section: Engineering 102B: Basic Starship Design. It’s an article about the basic principles of Starfleet starship design, and a few technical details like the shape of a ship’s warp coils. Find out why Starfleet ships look the way they do!

There’s another Series ? episode up— Episode 49: “Who Mourns for Evil Braxton?”.

Also published is the next “Berman and Braga Unemployed” episode— Chapter 5: “A Revelation is Revealed”.

January 17, 2002

“Krenim” has returned with the gripping (and annoying) conclusion to the special Series ? anniversary episode— Episode 48: “Fortyseventhspace, Part II”.

There's also a new “Berman and Braga Unemployed” parody— Chapter 4: “George Luca$ Meets Rick Berman”.

The poll has been removed until further notice. I recently discovered that VantageNet discontinued its services totally without notice. I am currently attempting to install a poll script here at STM that won't rely on an external provider. Stay tuned!

January 8, 2002

Happy New Year!

The next Renaissance installment, Episode 1x12: “In Sickness and in Health”, is now available. It's a story written by myself and staff co-member Rob Jelley.

There are two new Berman and Braga parodies written: first, there's Chapter 3 of the “Berman and Braga Unemployed” series, and there's also A Rick Berman Christmas Carol.

Also new to the Humor Archive: “Ode to the Antares Class” by “CaptainMike”.